8 Best Boarding Schools in Washington State 2022-2023

Boarding Schools in Washington DC
Boarding Schools in Washington DC

Boarding Schools in Washington: Are you thinking of sending your children to a boarding school in Washington? well, it’s crucial to think about the social environment in which they’ll be placed.

Boarding schools in Washington provide you with a safe setting in which to educate your child.

In Washington, high school boarding school students can take advantage of the state’s Running Start program.

The program, which was started by the state government in 1990, allows students to attend public higher education institutions while also receiving high school and college credit.

Washington boarding schools provide top-notch education and personal development, ensuring that boarding school students have a bright future.

More so, the Washington State Board of Education envisions a system of education in which students follow personalized learning paths that prepare them for civic engagement, careers, postsecondary education, and lifelong learning.

In order to accomplish this vision, the strategic plan also lays forth a set of goals and priorities.

In Washington, there are about 80,000 students enrolled in over 500 private and boarding schools.

The objective of the Washington State Board of Education is to offer transparent K-12 education leadership, effective monitoring of schools serving Washington K-12 children, and vigorous advocacy for student personal growth and success.

These three responsibilities will help to support a school system that personalizes learning for each student and values a variety of cultures, skills, and learning styles.

Hence, without further ado; let’s dive in, explaining what a boarding school really entails and list out the best boarding schools in Washington state.

What exactly is a boarding school?

Anyone interested in applying to a boarding school will definitely want to know what a boarding school is; By definition, a boarding school is a type of secondary school where the students live and attend school in the same vicinity, a boarding school differs from any other style of education in the United States.

A boarding school has a significantly smaller student-to-teacher ratio than a traditional school, and students are expected to work much harder.

There are usually much fewer students in boarding schools than in a large public school. Some boarding schools are gender-segregated, however, there are numerous boarding schools that house both boys and girls.

Boarding Schools in Washington

The few boarding schools that exist are top-tier educational institutions that provide elite-level education and self-development, which boarding schools are specially equipped for.

Washington State is known for its distinctive beauty, which draws a wide range of visitors, from adventurers to millionaires seeking solitude.

The economy of Washington is built on traditional sectors such as fishing and shipping, as well as technology and economics (think Microsoft and Starbucks). This diversity in climate and culture is reflected in the two residential schools in Washington.

The Annie Wright Schools are a pillar of conventional episcopal education, while the Northwest School provides a challenging but advanced education.

Many foreigners and wealthy American families flock to Washington, expecting top-notch instructors and the variety that the city is known for.

Teachers and students from these two exceptional institutions should uphold these high standards.

How do I pay for Boarding School in Washington?

If you are asking What is the best way to pay for boarding school in Washington? you are not alone.

Many parents realize the benefits of sending their children to boarding school, but they are unsure how to pay for it.

The good news is that many boarding schools in Washington provide scholarships and financial aid packages to a wide range of students.

In the end, the decision is based on the expense of education vs the value received by students.

Why should I consider attending a boarding school?

The numerous activities, programs, and difficulties that boarding students undergo each day offer them an advantage over day students.

Anyone who can afford boarding school will want to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to learn and grow as a person.

Furthermore, boarding schools have other good benefits for the students, and until you visit one yourself, you may not really understand the depth of these effects.

#1. Independence

One of the benefits of becoming a boarding school student is that the student soon learns to manage their time and become self-sufficient.

They stick to their schedules, do their own housework, and complete their homework. This aids in their rapid maturation and learning to handle any work without supervision.

#2. There are less distractions.

The boarding school curriculum is set up in such a way that students can focus better on their studies. You won’t be distracted by TVs, video games, or other distracting elements like day school students.

Alternatives to traditional activities

Boarding students participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, games, and music. This allows them to broaden their knowledge. They stay in shape by participating in sports.

What are the costs of boarding schools in Washington?

The average boarding school in Washington costs $50,875 per year, according to the Boarding School Review. There are, however, additional costs associated with a child’s education, such as nutrition, books, and so on.

If you really want to send your child to boarding school but can’t afford it, always inquire if the school offers financial aid or payment plans.

The costs of attending boarding schools vary depending on the level of your education and the quality of your amenities.

What Age Can a Child Go to Boarding School?

According to developmental psychologists, the best age for a child to go to boarding school is between 12 and 18 years old. It is believed that students between these ages can positively understand their parents’ plans for them without harsh feelings.

Best Boarding Schools in Washington

Here are the available Best boarding schools in Washington state for you to explore more and get more information.

  • The Northwest School (Washington)
  • Annie Wright Schools (Washington)
  • Master’s Ranch – West (Washington)
  • Spring Street International School (Washington)
  • Upper Columbia Academy
  • St. Michael’s Academy
  • Kennedy Catholic High School
  • Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, Bellevue, Washington

#1. The Northwest School (Washington)

The Northwest School (Washington)
Creator: Benjamin Benschneide- The Northwest School (Washington)

The Northwest School is a mixed-age private school with 6 to 12 classes for middle and high school students. By teaching kids a diversified curriculum, the Seattle school has earned a reputation for exceptional academic accomplishment.

The number of students enrolled in school has increased to 700 as of 2015. More than 70 overseas students from 12 nations are among them. The Northwest School is the only international boarding school in Washington that welcomes students from all over the world by offering comparable tuition and financial aid to students from other countries and states.

The Northwest School has a well-rounded sports program that includes both standard and unusual activities such as ultimate frisbee and curling.

Classes are a little less expensive (for full entry) and expose your youngster to a varied mix of future entrepreneurs and leaders.

  • Tuition (Boarding Students): $55,830 per year
  • Tuition (Day Students): $39,630 per year
  • Acceptance Rate (%): 48%
  • Average 16 students per class

#2. Annie Wright Schools (Washington)

Annie Wright Schools (Washington)
Annie Wright Schools (Washington)

Annie Wright Schools is a private boarding school in Washington that is located in the city of Tacoma. Pierce County has 46 private schools, including these. In terms of ecclesiastical affiliation, Annie Wright Schools is an episcopal school.

Students spend 6 hours in class every day during the academic school year, which lasts 174 calendar days. In 2011, all senior citizens received their bachelor’s degrees from four-year universities.

There are 63.4 full-time equivalent teachers on staff to educate the 403 pupils in the PK-12 class. This is a 6.36 student-to-teacher ratio.

Annie Wright Schools have low tuition for a school that has a 100% matriculation rate and offers a famous worldwide bachelorette program. It also has a strong sports program as well as a diverse selection of art and music. The school is episcopal, but pupils of all faiths are welcome.

  • Tuition (Boarding Students): $63,270 per year
  • Tuition (Day Students): $29,920 per year
  • The school has a 58 percent acceptance rate.
  • Class size averages 12 students.

#3. Master’s Ranch – West (Washington)

Master’s Ranch – West (Washington)
Master’s Ranch – West (Washington)

Master’s Ranch – West is a Christian military school and ranch for troubled boys between the ages of nine and seventeen.

On the Snake River in eastern Washington, Master’s Ranch – West is a structured Christian housing program. The school’s relational program is specifically designed to meet the needs of students and their families who are dealing with severe problems and living situations.

Most military-style boarding schools won’t accept boys who are having problems at home, at school, or with the law, but that’s exactly what Master’s Ranch – West is for (MRW). MRW provides boys with 24-hour mentorship, mentoring, and a structured military-style curriculum to help them grow into responsible, loving, and respected young men who are ready for a better future.

Master’s Ranch – West has an academic program that includes college preparatory and preparatory courses.

Soccer, basketball, and baseball are available to Master’s Ranch – West students. Students who have worked hard in the program and have earned the opportunity to have a strong academic reputation are eligible to participate in sports.

  • Tuition (Boarding Students): $51,270 per year
  • Tuition (Day Students): $29,000 per year
  • The school has a 62 percent acceptance rate.
  • Average 16 students per class

#4. Spring Street International School (Washington)

Spring Street International School (Washington)
Spring Street International School (Washington)

Spring Street is a multicultural, independent day and boarding school in the heart of Friday Harbor, on the San Juan Islands. It offers children a vibrant academic atmosphere in a safe, rural location. Students develop a passion for learning while preparing for college success.

Personal development is facilitated by challenging excursions and travel experiences. Empathy, humility, and the significance of teamwork are all taught via service in many areas. Students learn to be committed, thoughtful, and ethical members of their communities, both locally and globally.

Students at Spring Street consider themselves, their families, and their communities as part of a much bigger world. Championships in science, humanities, and the arts are fueled by an elite academic program that includes 5 APs.

Building relationships that motivate effort and mastery is central to Spring Street education.

  • Boarding students pay $42,600 per year in tuition.
  • Annual Tuition: $17,400 (Day Students)
  • The school has 90% acceptance rate.
  • 14 pupils on average in a class.

#5. Upper Columbia Academy

Upper Columbia Academy
Upper Columbia Academy

The Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) is a boarding school for students in grades 9 through 12 located in Spangle, Washington, about 20 miles south of Spokane. The Seventh-day Adventist Church owns and operates it. It is a component of the world’s second-largest Christian school system, the Seventh-day Adventist education system.

The Yakima Valley Academy was the Upper Columbia Academy’s forerunner. Due to a lack of space and physical plant issues, the first school was closed in 1945. The walls were held together by metal cables attached to both sides of the chamber.

  • $9,847 per year in tuition
  • Percentage of people that is being accepted is 90%
  • Average 25 students per class

#6. St. Michael’s Academy

St. Michael’s Academy
St. Michael’s Academy

Saint Michael’s Academy is a conservative Catholic day boarding school for boys and girls in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade in Spokane, Washington, United States. It is run by the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen.

The Academia de San Miguel is a place where parents and students must make a commitment to Catholic education and participate in the Christian development process. The academy is a vibrant institution dedicated to the never-ending task of knowing, loving, and serving God.

  • Number of students: 150
  • $4,600 per year in tuition
  • Class size averages 12 students.

#7. Kennedy Catholic High School

Kennedy Catholic High School
Kennedy Catholic High School

Kennedy Catholic School, formerly known as John F. Kennedy Catholic High School, is a private Catholic high school in Burien, Washington, in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle.

Kennedy Catholic was founded in 1966 and is one of three diocese high schools in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle. Kennedy Catholic was originally known as John F. Kennedy Memorial High School but changed its name at the beginning of the 2009/2010 school year to reflect its Catholic roots.

  • Students: 852 students
  • Yearly Tuition: $15,576
  • Average Class size: 18 students

#8. Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, Bellevue, Washington

Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, Bellevue, Washington
Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, Bellevue, Washington

The Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart educates young women to think critically, embrace obstacles, model resilience, confront injustices, seek equality, and lead in the spirit of our founder’s global pioneering spirit.

At Forest Ridge Summer Experience, you can create, collaborate, learn new skills, and meet new people. The week-long camps for boys and girls in grades 2 through 8 provide concentrated, hands-on learning opportunities for students to find new passions while having fun.

There is something for everyone, whether you want a half-day of handicrafts or a full day of science.

Tuition (Boarding Students): $64,000 per year
Yearly Tuition: $34,900 (Day Students)
Class size averages 12 students.

What are some of the drawbacks of boarding schools?

If you’re thinking of sending your child to boarding school, you’ve made a wise choice. As a result, you must carefully assess both the potential disadvantages and the potential benefits for your child.

Remember that a boarding school student spends far more time there than a day school student. As a result, their social and psychological development, as well as their intellectual advancement, are affected.

#1. Anxiety

If a child spends all of their time in school, they may experience acute times of stress. These types of stress can leave a child vulnerable to eating problems or panic attacks.

#2. More Rules and Less Free Time

Children may have less time alone with their personal ideas and interests as a result of the boarding school’s added academic and extracurricular options.

This may imply less time for reading, part-time work for older kids, or any of the other vital developmental activities that can be provided to children who live at home.

#3. Life Outside of the Home

When your child attends boarding school, it will undoubtedly have an impact on her home life. It can be challenging for your child to adjust to vacationing at home. Children at a certain age can quarrel with their parents over their lack of independence at home.

You will not see your child as frequently as if she lived with you at home during the semester. This has an impact on your relationship with your child, as well as your other children.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Boarding Schools in Washington DC

What age is best for boarding school?

Psychologists and child specialists advise that children aged 12 and up are the best candidates for boarding school. This is the age when children have reached a degree of maturity where they can accept their parents’ plans for them without resentment.

Is there any free boarding schools?

Many parents who are planning to send their children to boarding school are surprised by the costs. In reality, there aren’t many free boarding schools in the United States. The ones that are free, in general, are quite difficult to get into.

Are you allowed phones at boarding school?

Because you are living in a community at boarding school, you will need to adjust if you are used to a more isolated lifestyle. Wi-Fi is available in many boarding houses for students who have laptops. Mobile phones are permitted, though most schools control when they can be used (no texting in class!).

What is the average price for boarding schools?

How much does it cost to go to boarding school? The average cost of a boarding school education is $35,000 to $60,000. The total investment amount is influenced by various factors such as Tuition and also room and board, which covers dorm amenities and meals.


Boarding Schools in Washington state can provide you with a good enabling environment that will help your child become a better person while learning.

So, take advantage of these Washington boarding schools and provide your child with the best possible education.



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