Carnegie Mellon Acceptance Rate 2023| Admission Requirements

carnegie mellon acceptance rate 2025
carnegie mellon acceptance rate 2025

Carnegie Mellon University Acceptance Rate: Are you considering applying to Carnegie Mellon University? You need to consider what the acceptance rate is before you go ahead with your application.

Why is that important?

For what it’s worth, you don’t want to be unprepared, when applying to a school like CMU.

One of the important considerations when applying to any international school has always been the acceptance rate. By definition, the acceptance rate is the rate at which universities accept students into a particular course of choice at a particular time.

so I have seen questions like;

  • Is Carnegie Mellon hard to get into?
  • What GPA is required for Carnegie Mellon?
  • Is Carnegie Mellon a prestigious university?
  • Is Carnegie Mellon an Ivy League?
  • What kind of students attend Carnegie Mellon?

To get a response to these questions, you will have to stick around to the end of this article. Thus, if you’re applying to Carnegie Mellon University, you should know that Carnegie Mellon University currently ranks #25 in the 2022 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities according to the US News & World Report.

That being said, are you the right kind of student for CMU?

Content Summary

What kind of students attend Carnegie Mellon?

Carnegie Mellon University, or CMU for short, has a rich history of technological advancement, theatrical performance, and design. However, the university has a lot more to offer, including a very selective undergraduate business degree.

CMU is a creative powerhouse with a gorgeous campus just outside of downtown Pittsburgh. The world-renowned School of Computer Science at the university has generated some of the world’s most distinguished academics and business executives, allowing the establishment of blossoming digital startups like DuoLingo.

Its vast graduate research programs frequently provide possibilities for undergraduates to participate in advanced projects that they would be unlikely to find elsewhere.

Carnegie Mellon University’s Cohon University Center is located in Pittsburgh.

The entrepreneurial spirit also has an impact on the business curriculum, with hotspots such as the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship well-known for bringing together future CIO and CEO teams.

Despite the university’s reputation for being very intellectual, CMU students are proud of their eccentricities and eager to participate in unusual traditions like Buggy. The Tartans take pleasure in their unapologetic geekiness as well as their close teamwork.

But how difficult is it to gain access to this Pittsburgh’s crown jewel? It’s incredibly difficult. its high profile makes it very difficult for students to gain admission.

Is Carnegie Mellon worth it?

After our research on the school, I must say it is; Extremely valuable. Carnegie Mellon University is a very high-value school, ranking in the top 10% of colleges based on its reputation and cost. This is determined by two key elements. For starters, Carnegie Mellon has a good academic reputation and is one of the more prestigious colleges in the country.

To get admitted to Carnegie Mellon University, you must be two steps ahead keeping abreast with the admission requirements as well as the university’s acceptance rate.

To help you lace up your shoes to get you ready for your application to Carnegie, we have come up with this article to let you know how Carnegie Mellon University accepts its undergraduate and graduate students. 

We have also outlined the acceptance rate of the various colleges such as Tepper and the musical theatre school.

This will help you prepare yourself according to the application requirements so you can have a competitive advantage compared to other applicants.

Ready?Welcome Aboard Scholar!!!

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A Brief Overview Carnegie Mellon University

  • Founded: 1900
  • School Status: Private
  • ACT Score: 33 and 35.
  • SAT Score: 1460 – 1560  
  • Avg cost after aid: $37K
  • Academic Calendar: Semester
  • Average Graduation rate: 89%
  • Average Tuition and Fees:  $58,924
  • Location: 5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, United States

Carnegie Mellon University is an institution founded as a merger of the Carnegie Institute of Technology and the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research. 

This merger was done by Andrew Mellon and Richard B. Mellon.

Since then, Carnegie Mellon University has operated as a single institution.

Carnegie Mellon is known for its advances in research and novel ideas in computer science, machine learning, and robotics departments.

The university is classified among “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very High Research Activity”.

Currently, the school has seven colleges and independent schools namely;

  • College of Fine Arts
  • College of Engineering
  • Mellon College of Science
  • Tepper School of Business
  • School of Computer Science.
  • Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy.

Besides these independent colleges, Carnegie Mellon University has over a dozen degree-granting locations on six continents.

This also includes degree-granting campuses in Qatar and Silicon Valley.

Currently, Carnegie Mellon has a student enrollment of 15,818 students across its many campuses from 117 countries.

It employs over 1,400 faculty members and has an active alumni base of over 112,000.

Is Carnegie Mellon University A Good Place To Study?

Having existed for 122 years and ranking #25 in the 2022 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities according to the US News & World Report simply says that Carnegie is doing a good job in academics.

Carnegie Mellon University has an outstanding academic excellence record which has consistently stood over the years.

There are many reasons beyond the acceptance rate why studying in the university or its independent colleges such as Carnegie Mellon University Tepper college and the musical theatre school is a good idea.

Here are some valid reasons to take that decision;

#1. Carnegie Mellon University Has An Outstanding History in Education.

Since 1900, Carnegie Mellon University has remained consistent in delivering quality education to students from all walks of life.

As a top private institution in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, Carnegie attracts students from beyond it.

Its academic prowess has grown it into an international university with over a dozen degree-granting locations on six continents.

Also, Carnegie has campuses in Qatar and Silicon Valley.

In addition to those, Carnegie boasts of more than 20 research partnerships.

#2. Carnegie Offers Students Great On-campus Experience

The student experience at Carnegie Mellon University is top-notch.

All campus activities embrace all aspects of a student’s life including the classroom, dinner table, the playing fields, or stage making it a great place for students to thrive.

Students have the time, activities, and opportunities to pursue their curiosities, passions, and aspirations. 

#3. Carnegie Mellon University Is Well Structured

You wouldn’t be confused scouting for your way in Carnegie because of its great structure of courses and departments.

Carnegie Mellon University has seven independent colleges which makes it easy to scout for the course you want to study.

As the structure is, all independent schools of Carnegie Mellon University have their acceptance rate.

That means the acceptance rate at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business will differ from that of the College of Fine Arts musical theatre course.

#4. Carnegie Mellon University Ranks High Amongst Other Schools in The US

According to Times Higher Education Rankings, Carnegie Mellon University currently ranks in the following positions;

  • #27 – THE World University Ranking
  • #25 – THE Best private universities in the United States 2022

According to US News & World Report Rankings, Carnegie Mellon University ranks;

  • #25 in National Universities 
  • #25 – THE Best private universities in the United States 2022

And the list goes on and on. 

#5. Students A Well Catered For All Round At Carnegie

At CMU, students are trained to become skilled and passionate scholars who can embrace challenges across disciplines and find creative solutions to complex issues.

Some programs will train students socially, physically, mentally, and spiritually so they can thrive. 

There are hundreds of student organizations, recreation programs, and community engagements that encourage comprehensive, holistic, and forward-thinking. 

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What Are The Requirements To Apply For Admission Into Carnegie Mellon University?

Before we let you know about the Carnegie Mellon University acceptance rate, it’s best if you know what the admission requirements are.

Carnegie just like any other school has its specific admission requirements that all prospective students must fulfill to stand a chance to gain admission.

Every year Carnegie gets numerous admission applications and they select their first-year class from this group if they fulfill these admission requirements.

So let’s start with that, here are the general admission requirements you need to get accepted at Carnegie Mellon University:

  • Standardized Tests
  • High School Performance
  • Teacher, and Counselor Recommendations
  • Non-academic information includes the following:
    • Passion and Perseverance
    • Extracurricular Contributions
    • The Common Application Essay
    • Leadership and Community Engagement
    • Carnegie Mellon Short Answer Questions

Additional General Admission Requirements For Carnegie Mellon University

  • Submitted the Carnegie Mellon Common Application Writing Supplement, which contains three short answer questions.
  • All fine arts applicants are to arrange the required pre-screen, audition, or portfolio review.
  • If you’re homeschooled, you should submit an academic portfolio/transcript consistent with their state guidelines and a list of all textbooks used.
  • All applications to the Schools of Architecture, Art, and Design are to submit with the required portfolio and creative materials.
  • Also, all applicants must provide proof of meeting all requirements for an official high school diploma, by the end of May of the year of graduation. 
  • Applicants must also submit an official final transcript, GED, or certificate of completion from your local school district or state board of education by the end of July of the year of matriculation.

Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate Admission Requirements

To apply for an undergraduate program at Carnegie Mellon University, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Pay a $75 application fee
  • Get teacher recommendations.
  • Send in a common application.
  • An official high school transcript.
  • Write a common application essay.
  • Submit a secondary school counselor evaluation
  • Submit all required standardized testing official score reports, such as TOEFL or IELTS if English is not your native language.

What Are The Requirements To Apply For an MBA In The Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business?

To apply to the Carnegie Mellon’s MBA program in the Tepper School of Business, an applicant must provide the following information:

  • Average GPA
  • GMAT scores
  • Current resume
  • Industry expertise
  • One required essay
  • $200 application fee
  • Online application form
  • Years of work experience
  • One professional recommendation
  • Unofficial transcripts of all academic work
  • Official TOEFL or IELTS score (if applicable)
  • Official GMAT score (preferred) or GRE (accepted)

If you pass the following requirements then you are one step past the stringent Carnegie Mellon application procedure.

Let’s now worry about the Carnegie Mellon Acceptance Rate

What Is Carnegie Mellon Acceptance Rate?

Currently, in 2022, Carnegie Mellon University’s acceptance rate is at 17% which gives students a higher chance of studying their course of choice at Carnegie.

As we stated earlier, Carnegie Mellon University is a very selective university. Its admission process is very competitive compared to other universities in the United States.

At the moment, the acceptance rate at Carnegie is not specific because each of its independent colleges has its acceptance rate, and this changes every year.

However, from the previous school enrollment, we see that in 2019, Carnegie Mellon University received 44,159 applications and only 1,587 students were admitted. 

This showed an acceptance rate of 15% in 2019. 

Here are the independent college acceptance rates at Carnegie.

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What Is the Acceptance Rate Of Carnegie Mellon Musical Theatre?

The Carnegie Mellon musical theatre acceptance rate is at 21% as of 2022 

This is open to all those who want to enroll in Carnegie’s school of music.

What Is the Acceptance Rate Of Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business?

The Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business acceptance rate is 19%.

This is open to all prospective students who want to enroll to study any business-related course at Carnegie.

What Is Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Acceptance Rate?

Each year Carnegie Mellon Computer Science school receives tons of applications however its acceptance rate as of 2019 reads 7%.

The School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon is one of the first and best computer science programs in the world. 

At Carnegie Mellon Computer Science school, they offer eight undergraduate minors which train the next generation of cyber minds to solve real-world problems and improve the way people live and work.  

What Is The Carnegie Mellon Engineering Acceptance Rate?

The Carnegie College of Engineering is a world-class engineering college recognized for excellence, innovation, and also, the societal relevance and impact of its pursuits.

Currently, the Carnegie College of Engineering has a 17% acceptance rate which means that in every 100 applications, 17 students are selected.

So you can see that the acceptance rate at Carnegie is not specific.

Therefore we advise that at the time of your application ensure you check what the acceptance rate is at the moment before applying.

Does Carnegie Mellon Accept Transfer Students? If Yes, What’s The Transfer Acceptance Rate At Carnegie?

Carnegie is competitive when it comes to direct admission applications.

And that does not change when it comes to transferring students’ acceptance.

Carnegie accepts only a small number of transfer students. 

This we can see from the percentage of transfer students in Carnegie which is at about 1.05% of the entire student body.

In 2019, Carnegie Mellon received 950 transfer applicants and only 69 students were admitted.

This shows that the transfer acceptance rate for Carnegie Mellon University is 7.26%. 

But out of these 69 accepted transfer students, 30 students enrolled and others didn’t make it further.

The 7.26% Carnegie transfer acceptance rate is the same from college to college within Carnegie Mellon.

What Is Carnegie Mellon’s Graduate Acceptance Rate?

Carnegie Mellon Acceptance Rate
Carnegie Mellon Acceptance Rate

Although Carnegie Mellon University has a lot of undergraduate degree programs, it also has graduate programs. 

As a research university with a proud heritage, the graduate programs at Carnegie are ranked among the top in the country. 

All of the independent colleges at Carnegie Mellon University offer Masters and Doctoral degrees.

Concerning the Carnegie Mellon University graduate students’ acceptance rate, it’s not specified.

However, we can peg it at 27.5% following the report made by MeetUniversity.

To apply for a graduate program at Carnegie, you just have a minimum TOEFL score of 84 and a minimum IELTS score of 7.

Other admission requirements, application processes, and deadlines vary from department to department.

Therefore, prospective students are advised to visit the various departments’ websites and offices to seek information about academics and the application process.

What Is The Carnegie Mellon MBA Acceptance Rate?

MBA programs at Carnegie are handled by the Tepper School of Business, a fusion of management art and science.

The Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business acceptance rate is 19%.

Student enrollment according to the MBA Class Profile of 2021 showed that the Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business admitted 200 students from 28 countries.

35% were international citizens, 33% are women, 33% are U.S. minorities and 5% are US underrepresented minorities. 

How Can I Get Into Carnegie Mellon?

With all these stringencies in getting past the difficult acceptance rate of Carnegie Mellon University, it’s often easy to give up.

How does one get into Carnegie Mellon University?

Whether you want to believe it or not, Carnegie Mellon University accepts students each year.

All you need is the right approach and you can be among the few persons who make it past Carnegie Mellon University’s acceptance rate.

You have to maximize your chances of admission by leveraging the specific decisions, life stories, and circumstances that have shaped you into who you are today. 

Carnegie looks out for storytelling as a crucial part of your application.

Here’s how you can bolster your personal story that will help you meet the several of CMU’s criteria:

  • Plan to take the most challenging courses offered at your school (and beyond).
  • Demonstrate and pursue your talents or hobbies in new ways and use them to connect with other communities.
  • Learn about Pittsburgh and the CMU culture.
  • Research the facilities, programs, events, and traditions that CMU proudly promotes; speak to current students about these experiences, if possible.
  • Challenge yourself intellectually, professionally, and socially in demonstrable ways.
  • Invest time in writing and revising your supplemental essays to be as compelling and memorable.
  • Explore your academic passions beyond your coursework, ideally through research or other projects that show you wrestling with big questions or problems.
  • Connect with CMU admissions officers and ask them relevant, specific questions about your own profile’s match with the university.

This will help you prepare better.

Carnegie Mellon University Current Statistics

Here is how the most recent incoming class at CMU looked:


College of Fine Arts3.77
Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences3.87
Information Systems3.89
Mellon College of Science3.92
School of Computer Science3.95
Tepper School of Business3.88
Intercollege Degree Programs3.90

Note: First Year Student Admitted Averages

SAT/ACT scores

College of Fine Arts700-740730-78034-3530-3433-34
Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences740-770790-80035-3634-3534-35
Information Systems740-760780-80035-3635-3635
Mellon College of Science740-77080035-3635-3635-36
School of Computer Science770-78080035-363635-36
Tepper School of Business730-760790-80035-363534-35
Intercollege Degree Programs750-770780-80035-3634-3535

Note: First Year Student Admitted Averages

And this is the competition they faced in order to get there:

2020 Application Statistics

Colleges/ProgramsApplicationsFirst-Choice ApplicantsAcceptance Rate
College of Fine Arts School of Architecture50044334%
College of Fine Arts School of Art74053123%
College of Fine Arts School of Design68346611%
College of Fine Arts School of Drama2,79820974%
College of Fine Arts School of Music81247031%
Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences5,7243,06326%
Information Systems1,65553724%
Mellon College of Science66143,72422%
School of Computer Science8,3296,6817%
Tepper School of Business3,2952,04723%
Intercollege Degree Programs1,0419537%

To say the least, the figures are intimidating. However, they do not always provide the entire picture. And they are symbolic of macro developments in global education that are beyond the control of any single person. That is why it is more beneficial to first comprehend these data in context before focusing your efforts on preparing your own personal application as best you can.

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Why was there such a big increase in applications?

Most prominent American schools and universities saw an increase in application numbers. The simplest explanation for this phenomenon is that many top colleges, including CMU, have decided to eliminate the standardized testing requirement for applicants owing to COVID.

It’s understandable that this shift led to more kids believing they were qualified for university admission.

Furthermore, more students who were admitted in the previous cycle deferred their enrollment than typical, leaving fewer spaces in the Class of 2025. Given the epidemic, some students who applied the previous year decided not to attend any university.

Instead, they decided to take a gap year and reapply to their top choices. Finally, despite a 2% rise in overall applicants, students are continuing to apply to more and more schools, as indicated by an 11 percent increase in applications submitted through the Common App (a trend reflected also in the UC application system).

All of these factors, among others, lead to a significant increase in the number of applications to prestigious colleges such as CMU.

Frequently Asked Questions About Carnegie Mellon University Acceptance Rate

What GPA Do I Need To Get Into Carnegie Mellon?

To get into Carnegie Mellon University, you will need to be an A+ student with outstanding grades in high school.
On average, the high school GPA requirement to get admitted into a freshman class at Carnegie Mellon University is 3.69 on the 4.0 scale.
This shows that primarily A+ students are accepted into Carnegie Mellon University.

Is it Hard To Get Into Carnegie Mellon?

Without mincing words, the Carnegie Mellon University Admission process is difficult.
It’s like passing a camel through the eye of a needle.
Carnegie Mellon University is very competitive.
So, chances are that you will get no for an answer on the first trial.
But with a good GPA, high test scores, and good application documents you have a great chance of being admitted into at least one of the more competitive schools.

What is the Carnegie Mellon Graduate Acceptance Rate?

Concerning the Carnegie Mellon University graduate students’ acceptance rate, it’s not specified.
However, we can peg it at 27.5% following the report made by MeetUniversity.

Now you see that applying to Carnegie Mellon University is great work if you want to surpass the very selective admission process.

Keep in mind that the acceptance rate at Carnegie Mellon differs each year.

With proper preparation, you can work with the Carnegie acceptance rate for Tepper School of business and the musical theater school to surpass it excellently.

We hope you make it into Carnegie if it’s your dream school.

Do let us know how this article was able to help you find your way into Carnegie.

Also, follow our Facebook page and YouTube Channel for more information about academic-related content that will help you make informed decisions in your academic journey.

Good luck Scholar!!!



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