Cheapest universities in Switzerland to Study Abroad in 2021 |Updated List

Cheapest universities in Switzerland

Cheap universities in Switzerland: If you are looking for cheap universities in Switzerland for your study abroad programs then you have come to the right place. After our last post on the 11 Best Universities in Switzerland to Study Abroad in 2021.

Most of you were asking for the cheap unniversities to study in switzerland, the world study portal team have responded with this carefully put list of cheap universities in switzerland to study in 2021.

Switzerland has always been among the top study abroad destinations for international students. 

That’s because Switzerland is home to some of the best Universities in the world.

Also, the cost of school there is cheaper than all other European countries. 

This is because the government of Switzerland provides funding to the universities. 

You may be expecting that a public funded school might underperform, but these Swiss schools are not falling for that.

In this article, you will learn about the cost of studying in different universities in Switzerland. 

Also, you will get a picture of how much it will cost you to study in Switzerland as an International student.

So, if you are ready for this ride, then let’s dive right in.

How much does it cost to study abroad in Switzerland?

Studying in Switzerland is not as expensive as it is in other European countries. 

Students have voted Switzerland to be the cheapest country for study abroad programs in Europe. 

This is because most of the top universities in Switzerland are public funded.

As a result, it is not rare to find a top ranking university in Switzerland accepting tuition fees as low as 500 CHF ($500 USD). 

Well, this tuition fee can still vary depending on the program, the course of study and the university.

As for the cost of living in Switzerland, that one is quite expensive. 

International students can expect to spend between 1,500 EUR ($1,800 USD) and 2,500 EUR ($2,900 USD) every month depending on the city where you’re staying. 

This budget will cover the cost of your accommodations, food, transportation, and supplies.

If you like leisure so much, then this amount may even cover some leisure expenses.

Can I study in Switzerland for free?

Studying in universities in Switzerland is not for free.

However, the Swiss government invests a lot into education in Switzerland, so most of their universities are very affordable for international students.

Moreover, you can also find a scholarship to cover your tuition while studying in Switzerland.

But the bottom line is that there will always be something to pay for.

What are the cheap universities in Switzerland for study abroad programs?

If you are seeking to study abroad in Switzerland, then here is a list of the cheapest schools that you can enroll in.

Mind you, cheap does not mean low value.

That’s because most of these cheap Swiss universities are ranked in top positions in world university rankings.

Here they are;

#9. Zurich University of the Arts

Sitting at the bottom of our list is Zurich University of Arts.

In this school, the tuition fee varies according to the program and whether you are a local and international student. 

For undergraduate programs, Swiss students pay 750 CHP ($800 USD) per semester while International Students pay 1,250 CHP ($1,400 USD) per semester.

As for graduate programs, Swiss students pay 750 CHP ($800 USD) per semester while international Students pay 1,250 CHP ($1,400 USD) per semester.

You can learn more about the tuition fee on the school website.

Zurich University of Arts happens to be among the top arts universities in Europe and offers a wide range of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. 

The subject areas of these degrees include Dance, Art Education, Music, Fine Arts, and Theatre.

Being a university of the arts means the students are exposed to different cultural and artistic events that enrich their learning. 

Aside from a theatre where the students can watch and perform, the university also has a museum where a wide variety of artworks are on display.

This is a guarantee that you will definitely enjoy this cheap Swiss University as your destination for your study abroad programs.

#8. University of Bern

The university of Bern is one definitely one of those cheap universities in Switzerland. 

But don’t let that fool you.

This school ranks in the top 10 universities in Switzerland. 

In the University of Bern, tuition fee for undergraduate programs for Swiss students costs 750 CHF ($800 USD) per semester.

For international students, the tuition fee is 950 CHF ($1,000 USD) per semester

Check the university website for details.

At the University of Bern, you have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of courses and programs spread across eight faculties.

There are Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs available for both local and international students. 

These degree programs include Art History, Education, Theology, Physics, Law, and Linguistics.

In addition, students have the opportunity to engage in research programs and contribute to finding solutions to global issues and challenges.

#7. University of Fribourg:

On the 7th position of cheap universities in Switzerland, we have the University of Fribourg. 

In this university, Swiss/Liechtenstein undergraduate program students pay a tuition of 835 CHF ($900 USD) per semester. 

On the other hand, International students pay a tuition fee of 985 CHF ($1,100 USD) per semester.

Learn more on the University website.

The University of Fribourg can be traced back to 1580 when it was established, but it only became a university in 1889.

Interestingly, it is the only bilingual university in Switzerland.

While courses in this school are offered mainly in French and German (two of Switzerland’s national languages), some courses are available for international students in English.

The university features five faculties offering a wide range of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses. 

These faculties include the faculties of Humanities, Law, Theology, Economics and Social Sciences, and Sciences. 

In addition, there are lots of activities available for students in this school that makes learning blissful. 

#6. University of Basel

The University of Basel is the 6th cheapest university in Switzerland. 

In this school, Undergraduate students pay a  850 CHF ($900 USD) per semester as tuition fee for the program.

Learn more about this tuition fee from University of Basel Website.

The University of Basel was established in 1460, making it the oldest university in Switzerland.

Besides that, it is also among the world’s oldest surviving universities.

The University of Basel has 7 faculties including the faculties of theology, law, medicine, humanities and social sciences, science, psychology, and business and economics.

In addition, it offers a wide range of programs for local and international students, including Computer Science, Physics, Actuarial Science, European Global Studies, and Sustainable Development.

So, if you are looking for a cheap university in Switzerland for your study abroad programs, then consider the University of Basel.

#5. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne:

The fifth university on this list of cheap universities in Switzerland is the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

The tuition fee for undergraduate programs in this university is 780 CHF ($900 USD) per semester.

Students that enroll for graduate programs pay 780 CHF ($900 USD) per semester as tuition fee.

Visit the university website for more details.

The École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) is one of the two Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology, and it has three main missions: education, research and technology transfer.

Among other universities in Europe, this school is one of the most vibrant science and technology.

It offers a wide variety of Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, including Mathematics, Architecture, Communication Systems, and Data Science.

The students also get to enjoy an awesome learning environment. 

#4. ETH Zurich (A.K.A. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich):

ETH Zurich is not only one of the cheapest universities in Switzerland but also one of the best in the world.

This school is among the top 5 universities in Europe and top 10 in the world.

So, it’s really amazing that this school falls into this list of cheap universities in Switzerland.

The tuition fee for undergraduate programs at ETH Zurich is 730 CHF ($800 USD) per semester.

Also, that of graduate programs is set at the same 730 CHF ($800 USD) per semester

Learn more about ETH Zurich Tuition fees here.

The school offers a wide range of Bachelor’s and Master’s programs for both local and international students. 

These programs include Architecture, Computer Science, Physics, Human Medicine, and Materials Science.

The school features modern facilities to support its culture of academic excellence. 

Talking about academic excellence, this school has produced at least 21 Nobel Laureates, 2 Pritzker Prize winners and Turing award winner.

So, students can always look forward to learning in a good environment that enhances campus experience and gives room for creativity.

#3. University of Lausanne

The third on our list of cheap universities in Switzerland to study abroad is the University of Lausanne. 

The tuition fee for undergraduate programs at the University of Lausanne is 580 CHF ($600 USD) per semester.

Also, the tuition fee for graduate programs is set at the same 580 CHF ($600 USD) per semester.

See details of the tuition fees on the school website.

The University of Lausanne was established in 1537 as a theology school but became a university in 1890.

Today, the university has seven faculties offering a wide variety of courses for both local and international students.

The programs offered by the university include Biology, Law, Geosciences and Environment, Management, and Psychology.

If you are sceptical whether this school is a good fit for study abroad programs, just know that one-fifth of the student population of the University of Lausanne comes from abroad.

As a result, you can also look forward to learning using the modern facilities in this international environment. 

#2. HES-SO University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland:

Sitting on the second position of cheap universities in Switzerland is the HES-SO University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland.

This university takes a tuition fee of just 500 CHF ($500) per semester for undergraduate programs. 

You can learn more about their tuition fee on the school website.

With about 21,000 students, the HES⁠-⁠SO is the largest University of Arts and Sciences in Switzerland. 

International students can choose from a wide variety of study programs and research activities in the school. 

These programs are divided into six faculties:

  • Arts & Design;
  • Business, Management and Services;
  • Engineering & Architecture; 
  • Music and Performing Arts; 
  • Health Sciences; 
  • and Social Work.

In addition, students have access to the free productivity software that the school provides which they can use for their university work.

There is a free downloadable app that allows them to learn a foreign language and they also have access to the sports facilities of the university.

#1. University of Geneva:

The University of Geneva is the cheapest public university in Switzerland for study abroad programs.

The tuition fee for undergraduate programs in this school is as low as 500 CHF ($500 USD) per semester.

You can visit the school website to see the breakdown of their tuition fee.

Besides being the cheapest school in Switzerland, the school is also one of the oldest in the country, established in 1599.

The University of Geneva is one of  the largest universities in Switzerland.

It has a massive population of over 17,000 students from different nationalities.

The university excels greatly in research and is among the best research universities in Europe.

There are several different programs that you can choose from in the University of Geneva. 

Their programs cover a wide variety of fields, including social sciences, medicine, law, and humanities, among others. 

In addition, the university also has strong ties with international organizations, including the European Organization for Nuclear Research, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the World Health Organization, and the International Telecommunications Union.

What this means is that you have access to more than enough resources to carry out your research at any level.


Study abroad programs are usually very expensive in most European countries. 

As a result, it is very easy for anyone to assume that it is expensive to study in a country like Switzerland.

This list of cheap universities in Switzerland is a proof that International students can study in Switzerland without spending so much.

Please share this article to help other students get access to this quality information. 

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