21+ Accredited Esthetician Schools New York to get into 2023

Accredited Esthetician Schools New York
List of Accredited Esthetician Schools New York

Accredited Esthetician Schools New York City: Professionals who want to become medical estheticians in the State are required to be trained in an approved cosmetology school to obtain a license in NY.

Does that mean without attending a cosmetology school I cannot practice in New York City?

Absolutely, you can’t.

Esthetics is one of the fastest-growing professions in the world today due to the increase in the need for beauty recognition and skincare routines

Currently, in America, 85% of women have at least 16 facial beauty and skincare products before they start their day.

From facial cleanser, mascara, lip gloss, beauty, and other cosmetic products, this screams loud the need for more professionals.

Globally, Skincare products account for about 39% of the global cosmetics market and makeup products hold 19%.

There has never been a time when estheticians are needed more than ever before than now.

It’s more like the world needs more of that to shine brighter.

Although there are currently about 50,989 Licensed estheticians in New York, the job openings for professionals in the same line of trade are high. 

Here in this article, we want to help you become an esthetician in NY whether it’s the beauty Or the medical line.

By doing so, we have come up with a list of New York State-approved esthetician schools.

Also, if you want to be a little more specific about cosmetics, you will find a cosmetology school in New York City fit for you in this guide.

We have also come up with details about the New York esthetician license which is a must for all Estheticians in the state.

All you just have to do is make a pick of school and train to become an esthetician.

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Who Is An Esthetician And What Do They Do?

If you’ve ever had a professional take care of your facials, and skin and suggested a routine to keep you glowing then you must have come across an esthetician.


Yes, everyone who is part of the beauty industry is by design an esthetician. 

However, the distinguishing factor is the license that approves a recognized professional or someone who is just there. 

An Esthetician is a professional skin specialist who provides beautification services for the skin and the entire body.

Most of the activities of an esthetician are;

  • Body waxing
  • Facial massage
  • Makeup application
  • Facial and skin treatment
  • Treat skin diseases like acne and eczema
  • Provide skincare recommendations to clients
  • Microdermabrasion – a cosmetic treatment in which they spray your face with exfoliating crystals to remove dead epidermal cells.

Basically, New York State esthetician professionals must have a license to be able to specialize,  identify, treat cosmetic issues and take care of people’s skin to improve the skin condition of patients. 

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Can I Learn How To Become An Esthetician in NY By Myself?

If by yourself you mean using YouTube and other various websites, you can find a great tutorial that will guide you.

However, you won’t get the New York State esthetician license because all estheticians in the state or city must attend any of the schools accredited and approved for such.

A tutorial can teach you how to apply makeup professionally and basic skincare routines. 

But if you want to become an esthetician in NY, you need a lot more than a few tips from a tutorial or YouTube video. 

You need formal educational training. 

Are There Esthetician Schools in New York?

If you are sure you want to become a professional esthetician, you need to have a formal education in any of the cosmetology schools, schools of Makeup artistry, and others in New York (NY).

New York is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations, is also a beehive of many beauty schools.

This can be traced to the fact that New York City is the fashion capital of the United States.

The Esthetician schools in New York State are approved and accredited.

Many of these institutions have a faculty consisting of experts with a wealth of experience working in the profession of an esthetician of different specializations.

Also, esthetician schools in New York just like other academic schools equip students with technical skills and scientific knowledge to prepare them for the technology of the trade and how to become a medical or nonmedical esthetician in NY. 

What Programs Can I Study in New York State-Approved Esthetician Schools?

Becoming an esthetician will start when you decide the niche you want to professionalize in.

Esthetics is an umbrella that houses a lot of categories for specializations which in itself has a variety of subdivisions.

Because of the uniqueness of the career field, no two programs have the same curriculum.

Here are some of the approved New York City esthetician programs offered by most schools in state;

  • Basic skincare. 
  • Ingredient analysis
  • Makeup application
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Hair removal and waxing.
  • Professional business skills.
  • Safety, sanitation, and sterilization.
  • Marketing, sales, and salon management
  • Facials, cleansing, toning and massaging

Some schools in New York include consultation and other class extensions to make their program unique.

While making a choice of institution ensure it is approved so that upon graduation you can obtain the New York State esthetician license compulsory for all estheticians.

Picking the Right Esthetician School

When picking an esthetician school, it is important to consider the last step of the training – supervised practice. This is because you might not receive enough hands-on experience in a short program that only takes 800 hours.

What Courses Will I Study In Esthetician New York City Schools?

The course you will encounter when you enroll to become an esthetician in NY will depend on your choice of program.

Those who want to become a medical esthetician in NY will study more of the medical and health-related beauty courses as well as courses on how to keep your skin healthy.

However, those who want to specialize in makeup artistry will be more focused on facials, beauty products, etc.

In the esthetics course, students are taught everything from chemistry and techniques for working with superfluous hair to job skills and business practices. 

Generally, in esthetics courses, students are taught everything from chemistry and techniques for working with superfluous hair to job skills and business practices. 

In other words, all courses in esthetician schools are tailored to fit a particular specialization in the industry. 

Therefore, when you choose a course, check out the curriculum and structure and what you are expected to get once you complete your program.

While making a choice, check the state of accreditation.

If you undertake a course that is not accredited you will be able to get the New York State esthetician license which is mandatory for all estheticians.

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Top New York State-Approved Esthetician Schools To Go Into

It’s without a doubt that to be certified a license to become an esthetician in New York State, you must attend any of the schools approved for such programs.

To help you streamline your search and make it into the best school in New York, we have an up-to-date list of the best schools for estheticians in New York.

Keep in mind that this list comes in no particular order of priority.

Here is the list of New York State-approved esthetician schools;

#1. American Beauty Institute 

  • Location: Manhattan, New York. 

Attending American Beauty Institute will equip you to learn as though you’re working as a licensed esthetician already in New York.

At American Beauty Institute, students learn in an actual salon which is a good way to combine theory and practicals.

An interesting characteristic of American Beauty Institute is the small class size of a 1:20 teacher-student ratio. 

Students receive instructions from experienced and licensed faculty members who give each student personalized attention and support. 

Upon graduation, students are able to write and pass the state board examinations. 

#2. Arrojo Cosmetology School 

  • Location: SoHo Area, New York

One of the esthetician schools in New York State that trains to be able to obtain a license is the Arrojo Cosmetology School.

Estheticians in New York love Arrojo Cosmetology School because of its state-of-the-art program and commitment to professionalism, integrity, and excellence. 

Courses of study at Arrojo focus more on makeup, waxing, skincare, and a little of business management and entrepreneurial fundamentals.

Students gain hands-on experience working in the student-run salon where they can apply their knowledge of cosmetics and skincare to actual clients. 

Upon graduation, students are able to pass state licensing exams and eventually run their own salons. 

#3. Lia Schorr Institute 

  • Location: New York

Next on our list of cosmetology schools in New York City is the Lia Schorr Institute: a beauty school to train you to become an esthetician in NY.

By design, the faculty members have a wealth of experience in running their own salons, and cosmetology business, and artistic skills.

This goes in line with the cosmetology school’s goal of giving estheticians the opportunity to learn from experts.

By doing so, students combine lectures, written assignments, and clinical experience.

This attribute makes it one of the schools estheticians in New York look out for. 

#4. The Makeup Academy of NYC

  • Location: New York, NY

In addition to the classes, courses, skills, business knowledge, and information on how to run a professional salon, the Makeup Academy of NYC  affords students the opportunity to learn consultation skills. 

Therefore, if you want to go into consultation for skin care and beauty products, it’s ideal for you to enroll in the Makeup Academy of NYC.

At the end of the program, students learn beyond makeup artistry, they also know how to work with clients and help them meet their beauty needs. 

Consultation as a course takes five weeks at Makeup Academy of NYC.

Following this unique state-of-the-art approach, even total novices leave the program as seasoned experts. 

#5. Empire Beauty School 

  • Location: Multiple Locations across New York

The beauty of studying at Empire Beauty School is the multiple salon locations in New York.

What this Invariably means for students is that they can find an Empire Beauty School near them. 

As it is with the multiple locations, Empire Beauty School also takes its students around the course to take training across the globe. 

This includes cruise ships if necessary.

Majorly, Empire Beauty School focuses more on facials and waxing to safely remove unwanted hair using the right tools.

Students are better equipped to use the right tools for deep-cleansing and nourishing facial therapies.

It’s a full package at Empire Beauty School

#6. Formula B Parisien Beauty School 

  • Location: New York, NY

In addition to beauty classes, Formula B Parisien Beauty School in New York City includes aesthetics and the use of the right cosmetology equipment.

Also, Formula B Parisien Beauty School also extends its study toward the biology of human bodies. 

Further Formula B Parisien Beauty School makes her students understand the root causes of unwanted hair growth and skin problems. 

Beyond academic excellence, Formula B Parisien Beauty School goes further to award the Formula B Parisien Cosmetology Scholarship worth $4000.

This scholarship is open to students who are obedient to the school rules and maintains a B+ GPA. 

Little wonder Formula B Parisien Beauty School is considered one of the best schools for estheticians in New York State.

#7. Career School of New York 

  • Location: New York, NY

If you seek how to become a medical esthetician in NY, then you should consider studying at the Career School of New York.

At Career School of New York students are trained with the right curriculum, techniques, and theories.

The courses focus on waxing, bacteriology, facials, spa management, and even esthetics instruction.

Basically, the esthetic course takes about 600 hours after which students are ready to get jobs in any aspect of the field: spa, salon work, department store repetitive, or a research for a major dermatologist. 

This is so because the Career School of New York curriculum prepares students for the profession all around. 

However, keep in mind that Career School of New York is expensive but you can apply for a financial aid program.

#8. Beauty Culture Academy 

  • Location: Staten Island, New York

In our list of esthetician schools in New York City is the Beauty Culture Academy. 

Beauty Culture Academy makes it to the list because of its schedule-friendly program.

At Beauty Culture Academy, busy or adult students who want to join the beauty industry can enroll in an evening class program. 

This program is a safe haven for a lot of people who want to grow in their careers but absolutely have no time for that.

Besides the accommodating schedule, Beauty Culture Academy also has a curriculum that is studded with the latest trends in the industry. 

Students practice all of the tools of the trade on mannequins at first.

Following this, students proceed to get hands-on experience in the student salon where they apply their knowledge in real-world situations. 

With this state-of-the-art program, every year Beauty Culture Academy produces qualified beauticians from all walks of life. 

new york state approved esthetician schools
new york state approved esthetician schools

#9. ChicStudios NYC – School of Makeup 

  • Location: New York, NY

Just like the name states, the School of Makeup at ChicStudios is a Cosmetology School in New York.

It is one of the New York State-approved esthetician schools that will train you to become a professional in NY.

School of Makeup at Chic Studios has a track record in providing top-quality beauty products.

That’s why it’s one of the most famous makeup schools in New York City. 

Working with the trends, the School of Makeup at ChicStudios trains students on tried and true techniques that drive current beauty trends. 

In addition to makeup artistry, students also acquire business skills and lessons that will help them use social media to grow their brands. 

Also, the School of Makeup at ChicStudios is one of the best Online Esthetician Schools

#10. Tribeca Barber and Beauty School

  • Location: LLC New York, NY

Tribeca Barber and Beauty School is a Cosmetology school in New York City known for its commitment to excellence. 

With over 40 years of practice, Tribeca Barber and Beauty School still offers the best of services and teaching in beauty classes.

The beauty school offers a 1000-hour cosmetology comprehensive program that covers every aspect of beauty and esthetics.

Students gain hands-on experience working side-by-side with expert professionals on real clients.

Each student is assigned a mentor who they will work with throughout the program.

Another characteristic factor of the Tribeca Barber and Beauty School is the option of studying full-time or part-time.

Other Schools for Estheticians in New York include;

  • Dermalogica Academy
  • New York Institute of Beauty
  • New York School of Esthetics 
  • Continental School of Beauty
  • Christine Valmy International School
  • John Paolo’s Xtreme Beauty Institute
  • Atelier Esthétique Institute of Esthetics 
  • Long Island Nail and Skin Care Institute 
  • Aesthetic Science Institute School of Appearance Enhancement 

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What Are The Requirements To Obtain A New York State Esthetician License?

As we have clearly stated, you will not be able to practice if you do not have an esthetician license even in New York.

One of the reasons for attending any of the New York State-approved esthetician schools is the fact that only accredited colleges make it possible for you to get a license.

Here is the process that will help you obtain your state license after graduating from any of the approved esthetician schools;

#1. Complete an Esthetician Program From An Accredited School

To become licensed as an esthetician in New York, you must complete a program that is approved by the Division of Licensing Services.

The esthetic program may be across courses such as;

  • Facials
  • Bacteriology
  • Hair removal
  • Makeup Artistry
  • Safety and health
  • Superfluous hair
  • History of esthetics
  • Role of the esthetician
  • Electricity and machines
  • Physical and chemical agents
  • Professional esthetician qualities
  • Anatomy, physiology, and nutrition
  • Sterilization, disinfection, and sanitation procedures
  • Cell, tissue, organ, and body system structure and functions.

#2. Apply For Esthetics License

Once you’ve completed your choice esthetic program, you must go ahead to complete an Esthetics Application. 

To be able to apply for and obtain your New York State esthetician license, you must be at least 17 years old.

Also, you will submit your application with a $40 application fee.

After which the institution you received your esthetician education must complete the Affirmation of New York State Approved Schooling section of your application.

A medical practitioner will also have to complete the physical fitness and the Health Certification section of your application.

Once your application is reviewed and approved, you will receive information about the exam process.

#3. Register and Take the Exams Required for Licensure.

You will have to schedule your exam through your online account. 

Therefore, you have to register for an online account with the NYS License Center at www.my.ny.gov if you haven’t.

If you are not registered, visit the registration site and click on the “I Need an NY.gov ID” link.

Log into your account when you receive the approval letter from the Division.

When you register, you will receive a confirmation, with details on your exam locations, dates, and times.

#4. Take the Written and Practical Esthetician Exams.

When going for the esthetician written examination, you must have your government-issued identification and a copy of your examination confirmation. 

All candidates must score 70% to pass the examination. 

The written examination is a multiple-choice exam on all you’ve learned in the esthetician schools in New York.

For the esthetician practical examination, here’s what you will score on;

  • Preparation of work area and model/mannequin.
  • Removal of superfluous hair
  • Makeup application and cleanup

#5. Get a Job and Maintain your License

Now that you have your New York State esthetician license, the next is to get a job. 

Thankfully every corner in New York has beauty salons and spas. 

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Types of Esthetician Schools in New york

There are numerous routes to becoming an Esthetician. The several schools are listed above, Nonetheless, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This brings us to the different types of Esthetician schools these above-listed schools are categorized in.

Estheticians should complete at least 500 hours of hands-on training in a vocational school or college program, as well as 20 hours of classroom study, according to the Board of Professional Estheticians (allowing for up to 2000 total hours). In addition, you must pass the board exam.

The majority of these schools are Department of Education-approved but do not require a formal high school diploma or GED. They also do not require any prior industry experience (although it is strongly recommended).

The website of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) can be used to determine whether a school is accredited.

Private Beauty Schools

Private Beauty Schools provide intensive programs that can be completed in under a year. The disadvantage is that these schools frequently demand more money, do not grant credit for certificates obtained outside of the university (e.g., AMA, AAM), and do not enable students to work while studying.

You will learn about skin and body treatments, skin care products, determining a client’s skin type based on appearance (i.e., dry skin), basic chemistry and microbiology of beauty products, and first aid procedures. The course also covers salon customer service protocols such as scheduling appointments, following salon rules, and keeping the facility clean.

Coursework is hands-on, with lectures on the molecular structure of skin care products (i.e., how it enters your skin) covering topics such as waxing hygienic procedures, chemicals in cosmetic substances, the microbiology of beauty treatments, and putting together facial/body wrap kits.

It will also cover how to perform a facial, the proper pressure point during treatments, and what you should know about the many types of facials (i.e., anti-aging). Other subjects covered include skincare product ingredients and their effects on the skin, as well as chemical exfoliation treatments such as peels and scrubs.

Public Esthetician Schools

Public esthetician schools in New York City provide shorter curricula at a lesser cost. They also have lower class sizes and award certificates for completing the examinations, which can help your resume stand out when looking for jobs or working toward higher qualifications.

Coursework comprises lectures on anatomy and physiology, hygiene, contraindications of various skin treatments, and what they do for your skin type. You will also learn how to perform facials and body wraps, how to detect skin issues, and what materials you will need for treatments.

Finally, there is hands-on instruction in a school clinic or a genuine spa/salon where you can practice on live models (i.e., students). Some colleges also allow their graduates to work as assistants at facilities while they are still in training.

Frequently Asked Questions About Esthetician Schools in New York City

What Is The Cost of A Cosmetology School in New York City?

The average tuition cost of beauty schools in New York is $8,140 which is amazingly affordable.

What is the Cost of an Esthetician License Examination Application in New York City?

Application to get your license in New York costs $40.

The cost of the written exam is $15, and the cost of the practical exam is $15.

Both fees are paid online when you register for the exams. 

Where Can I Write My Esthetician Exam in New York?

For intending New York Esthetician you can schedule your exams at

  • Albany
  • Manhattan
  • Rochester
  • Levittown
  • Flushing

Where Can Estheticians Work In New York?

Licensed Estheticians can work in different industries such as;

  • Gyms
  • Salon
  • Hotels
  • Beauty spas
  • Cruise ships
  • Dermatology office.

Besides these, Estheticians can work with Sports Medicine Doctors to keep the skin of athletes looking great as they keep fit.

Also, Estheticians can also start up a business of their own in the beauty industry.

Specifically, estheticians with licenses can apply to;

  • Trinity Esthetics, Flushing
  • Andrea Esthetics, Rochester
  • Venus Esthetics, Staten Island
  • Be Gorgeous, New York City
  • Heena’s Esthetic Spa, Woodside
  • Paul Labrecque Spa, New York City
  • Art Gorgeous Esthetic Spa, Manhattan
  • Renew Esthetics and MediSPA, Queens
  • Orchid Aesthetics Medical Spa, Manhattan
  • Naturopathica Healing Arts Center and Spa, East Hampton

How Long Does the New York State Esthetician License Last?

Once you become an esthetician in NY, you will get your license using the procedure we stated above.

Keep in mind that Esthetician licenses in New York are valid for a period of 4 years. 

About three months before your license is due to expire, you will receive a renewal to renew your license for $40. 

What is the Job Outlook For Estheticians in New York?

According to the New York Department of Labor, there were 5,030 estheticians in 2016 but by 2026, this number is projected to increase to 6,040 – that’s a growth rate of 20%.

We hope this article was able to answer your questions about the best medical and non-medical esthetician schools in New York City.

Also, we believe you know how to become a professional esthetician in NY.

We wish you luck with your application.

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