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best fashion design schools, colleges, programs, courses, business school and how to earn a degree in Vancouver, Canada.

Canada fashion school: Do you want to be among the persons involved in creating the next fashion trend? Do you as well desire to study abroad in Canada?

This blend of interest will find expression if you go for fashion design programs in a school in Canada.

In this article, we have outlined the list of best fashion design schools, colleges, business schools, courses, and how to earn a degree in this stead in Vancouver and Canada at large.

Interestingly, this affords you the opportunity to create influential styles. And becoming a fashionista is in popular demand in today’s world.

So how does it sound designing for a popular artiste in Canada? Turn your passion into reality by learning at the best and cheapest fashion design schools and colleges in Canada.

In addition, you can become a fashion designer or switch to a blogger. But before that!

Let’s take you down the runway of schools to choose from. Ready!!!

Why Should I Study Fashion in Canada?

Over the years, Canada has been staying tops in the list of most popular study destinations for international students. Aside from the fact that international students love the country, it’s well known for fashion.

Earning a degree in fashion in Canada will not only solidify your claim as a fashion designer but also takes you through a lot of fashion drills. This is so because Canada has a long vibrant history of fashion design which is now extending to other parts of the world.

Here are other reasons you should study in a fashion design school in Canada;

  • Fashion design in Canada contributes CAD $8 billion to Quebec’s economy. Which adds about 48% of Canada’s fashion manufacturing in that province.
  • Also, Canada is home to many famous fashion icons and award winners. That includes the likes of Rad Hourani.
  • Furthermore, fashion design schools, colleges, and universities in Canada list the top 50 fashion schools in the world.
  • Now, the fashion courses in Canada are highly packed to train students all around when earning a fashion degree. That means you don’t have to worry about coming out half-baked.

In light of all these, you will agree with me that all you need is to study in one of these Canada fashion schools to bring your fashion dream to reality.

Let’s consider the best fashion schools in Canada you can choose from when applying.

21+ Best Fashion Schools in Canada 2023

Now that you’ve made a choice to study in a fashion design school in Canada, which are you going to choose? If you don’t have an idea, below is a list of the best fashion schools with amazing programs in Vancouver and Canada at large.

  • Ryerson University School of Fashion
  • George Brown College
  • LaSalle College
  • Humber College
  • Fanshawe College
  • Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy
  • Seneca College Fashion
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • Olds College Fashion
  • Sheridan College
  • Academy of Design
  • University of Alberta Fashion
  • École Holt Couture – School of Sewing and Design
  • Coco Fashion Design Institute
  • Lethbridge College
  • John Casablancas Institute
  • New Brunswick College of Craft And Design
  • Centennial College
  • Toronto Film School
  • NSCAD University
  • University of the Fraser Valley

#1. Ryerson University School of Fashion

Tuition: $27462 (B.Sc) and $30707 (M.Sc)

Interestingly, Ryerson is a well-known school that also made it to our list of the best aviation universities as well as acting schools in Canada.

No doubt the school is also one of the leading fashion schools in Canada.

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Ryerson University offers two bachelor’s and one Master’s degree programs in Fashion.

Students get to choose between Fashion Communication and Fashion design programs as B.SC and for masters programs in fashion designing the Ryerson’s Masters’s program in Fashion (MA) is the way to go.

Ryerson’s fashion programs allow you to transform fabrics, colors, patterns, surfaces, and silhouettes into stylish and innovative clothing and accessories.

You will also work with established designers and work in fashion management and marketing to improve your expertise.

#2. George Brown College

Tuition: $3,498.00 (International Fashion Development), and $7000 – $7300 (2-year programs)

George Brown is one of the fashion colleges in Canada. It is safe to say; the school is the main hub of fashion designing in Canada.

when it comes to ranking, George Brown college comfortably seat in the top 50 fashion schools in the world among other top Canadian fashion schools like Ryerson University School of Fashion, and Lasalle College

The school offers 3 diplomas, 3 PGD, and 2 certificate programs in fashion.

  • Diploma Programs: Fashion Business Industry (F112), Fashion Management (F102), and Fashion Techniques and Design (F113)
  • Postgraduate Programs: Apparel Technical Design (F414), International Fashion Management (F412), and Sustainable Fashion Production (F415)
  • Certificate programs (offered at our Fashion Exchange): Industrial Power Sewing, and Apparel Fit Technician – Fashion Fit.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for cheap fashion schools in Canada, you don’t need to look too far as George Brown College is one of the cheapest.

Not minding the fact that it teaches you everything you need to know in fashion design ranging from designing to fashion management, you will learn it all.

#3. LaSalle College

Tuition: $42108 (Fashion Design), $40272 (Fashion Marketing), $28964 (intensive Fashion Design) and $27704 (intensive Fashion Marketing)

LaSalle is a fashion business school as well as one of the top colleges in Canada. This fashion powerhouse offers mainly diploma programs. The fashion school offers all-round fashion design attractions such as marketing, design for a costume for cinema and television, etc

Interestingly, you can choose to go the any of the LaSalle fashion colleges either in Montreal or Vancouver in Canada.

#4. Humber College

Tuition: $5,349 (Fashion Management), $7370 (Fashion Arts), and $27485 (B.Sc Commerce)

Humber College is a business school that offers fashion programs in Canada. At Humber College, you never run out of style in the Canada fashion school. The reason why it ranks as one of the best fashion schools in Canada.

At Humber, students can acquire a B.Sc in Fashion Management as well as a postgraduate degree.

The B.Sc allows the student combines classical training with hands-on experience to produce students who are skillful in the business path of fashion.

In addition to this, the school offers three (3) diploma programs in fashion. The diploma programs are Esthetician/Spa Management, Cosmetic Management, and Fashion Arts and Business diploma program.

The postgraduate program, on the other hand, is the Fashion Management and Promotions program. Thus, studying at Humber will equip you with the skills to run and effectively manage your own fashion firm.

#5. Fanshawe College

Tuition: $8806 for the Fashion Merchandising and $14037 for the Fashion Design

Fanshawe College offers Scholarships to study in Canada in any of the fashion programs in Canada. The fashion courses and programs offered in the fashion business school prepares students to acquire a fashion degree in Vancouver, Canada.

Basically, the fashion college offers 3 fashion diploma programs, a 3-year Fashion Design Advanced Diploma program, and a 2- year Fashion Marketing and Management Diploma program.

Want to study fashion on Scholarship? See the 41 scholarships for international students in Canada 2022.

#6. Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy

Tuition: $12,000 (Fashion), $6500 (Couturier) and $295-$1000 (part-time)

This is one of the best fashion design schools in Canada. Here, the students get to choose to study full-time, part-time, or in summer (which is cheap).

Studying full-time at this fashion design school in Canada is a two-year course in fashion design. However, you can continue the tailoring program for an additional year to become a more qualified professional.

In these programs, you will learn all types of fashion design for both men and women.

Additionally, Richard Robison’s part-time programs focus on the acquisition of a variety of skills including professional sewing, pattern making, fashion design, and lingerie.

These programs cost between $ 325 and $ 1,100, making the Fashion Academy one of the most affordable fashion design schools in Canada.

#7. Seneca College Fashion

Tuition: $10,618 (Fashion Arts and Business Management programs) $7,078 for the Fashion Business program, and $3,539 for the Fashion Studies program.

Here’s one of Canada’s best fashion colleges that offers fashion in its Seneca School of Fashion & Esthetics. This comes with a degree certificate after completing the fashion degree programs in Newnham Campus, Canada.

The school also offers two advanced diploma programs and two diploma programs in fashion.

The Fashion Arts and Fashion Business Management courses are three-year postgraduate courses. The visual arts of merchandising and the fashion Business are two-year diploma courses, Fashion Studies is a two-year certificate course.

In conclusion, Seneca has all of the programs you need to prepare you to become a great fashionista and is one of our top fashion schools in Canada.

#8. Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Tuition: $350 for a three-credit course

KPU is a fashion University with a variety of courses in Canada. Here students learn for a B.Sc degree in Fashion Design & Technology as well as a diploma program in Fashion Marketing.

Kwantlen offers these programs through its Wilson School of Design. And Kwantlen created these programs for artists and fashion lovers who are ready to turn their design talent into a successful career.

The four-year Fashion Design and Technology degree program trains future fashion leaders with world-class design skills, business acumen, and marketing acumen for the global fashion industry.

On the other hand, KPU’s two-year fashion marketing program enables you to acquire practical skills in business, fashion, communication, and marketing while also making contact with big names in the industry.

#9. Olds College Fashion

Olds college fashion is a notable fashion school in Canada. Thus, when we talk about the long fashion history in Canada, Olds College leads the trail. Since 1913, this is one of the fashion colleges in Canada that offers diploma courses and programs in fashion.

Old Fashion’s diploma program is the Apparel Technology Diploma. This program lasts two years and the students taking this program will specialize in fashion clothing and costume cutting and construction.

In this program, you will acquire engineering and design skills that will enable you to turn concepts into high-end clothing for the fashion or performing arts industries.

#10. Sheridan College Fashion

Tuition: $4,958 – $17,799 (full program)

Sheridan College is another leading art school in Canada offering high-quality academic programs that meet international standards. This art college may not be as popular for its fashion programs as it is for its other arts programs like animation, but it offers one of the best fashion programs in Canada.

Sheridan College offers students the opportunity to master how to become a professional fashion stylist. Also, it offers two-year visual marketing in fashion.

In this program, you will master creating an interactive retail environment and become a professional fashion stylist. You can achieve all of this by working with community partners and using exclusive facilities.

best fashion design schools, colleges, programs, courses, business school and how to earn a degree in Vancouver, Canada.
fashion design schools in Canada

#11. Academy of Design

Tuition: $385 per credit hour

Since its inception in 1983, the International Academy of Design and Technology as it’s popularly called is known to offer quality fashion design courses and programs in Vancouver, Canada for 4 years.

However, the RCC Institute of Technology acquired this fashion school in Canada in 2008 and the university became the Academy of Design of the RCC Institute of Technology.

Under the umbrella of the RCC, the Academy of Design offers a Bachelor of Interior Design course for students who like to see the interiors of hotels and restaurants.

This is a four-year course program that prepares you for a professional role in interior design recognized by the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO).

#12. University of Alberta Fashion

Tuition: Not Specified

Although a research-based university in Canada, Alberta is also one of the leading top fashion schools. The university offers a 4-year B.Sc degree in Fashion Management in conjunction with the Department of Human Ecology, Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences (ALES).

The four-year Fashion Business Management program prepares you for a management career in the steadily growing fashion industry.

The joint courses of both faculties give you a deeper understanding of the theoretical, practical, and ethical processes involved in the design, production, distribution, and consumption of textiles and clothing.

Participation in the ALES internship program or in the business school’s cooperation program is more interesting. You also have access to Anne Lambert’s collection of clothes and textiles from the Chair of Human Ecology. It is one of the leading fashion and textile collections in Canada.

#13. École Holt Couture – School of Sewing and Design

Tuition: Not Specified

Just like the name suggests, sewing and design run at their peak in École Holt Couture. The fashion business school is a private establishment that trains students to become a skillful fashionistas in haute couture sewing.

#14. Coco Fashion Design Institute

Tuition: $4000 (Diploma program), $4500 (certificate program) and $975 (Makeup Artistry Course)

This fashion design school in Canada offers diploma courses and programs in Makeup Artistry and Pattern Development for Fashion Design. Here students get to study in this fashion business school for a year.

Coco Fashion Design institute is a private vocational school that offers various courses for students interested in designing and creating clothes. The college offers a variety of courses.

You just have to choose the one that suits you best. The instructors are well trained and experienced in pattern design and clothing construction.

Coco Fashion Design Center Applied Clothing Design is a step-by-step method of creating models and designs from working sketches.

#15. Lethbridge College

Tuition: $11,865.

Lethbridge is also another Canada’s best fashion design colleges which offers one year program in her fashion programs.

The College offers preparatory studies, vocational training, and university transfer programs in 50 career fields, leading to one-year certificates, two-year diplomas, apprenticeships, and bachelor’s degrees.

Lethbridge College provides applied bachelor’s degrees. Lethbridge College (earlier Lethbridge Community College) opened in 1957 as the first publicly-funded community college in Canada. Over 4,000 students attend the Lethbridge, Alberta, institution.

#16. John Casablancas Institute

Tuition: Not Specified

JCI Institute is an intensive core fashion design school. The Institute tops the chart as one of the best fashion design schools in Vancouver Canada. The fashion degree programs here at JCI runs for 26 weeks intensively in Canada.

#17. New Brunswick College of Craft And Design

Tuition: Not Specified

Located in one of Canada’s amazing cities is one of the best fashion colleges in Canada. This Canada fashion school explores a wide range of traditional and trending textile techniques. The diploma fashion programs here last for 2 years in Canada.

#18. Centennial College

Tuition: Not Specified

The college offers diplomas in fashion business and management to help students develop the needed skills, knowledge, and expertise to become future business leaders in the fashion industry.

#19. Toronto Film School

Tuition: Not Specified

Here’s an online fashion design school in Canada. So, if you want to go through fashion school online here’s one of the best fashion design schools in Canada; Toronto Film School. Interestingly, this is also one of the best acting schools in Canada as well.

Here at Toronto Film School, fashion designers are trained to develop their skills in the fashion business for 24 months online.

#20. NSCAD University

Tuition: Not Specified

NSCAD is one of the top fashion schools in Canada in the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. This fashion business school majors in B.F.A Textiles and Fashion and it lasts for 4 years.

#21. University of the Fraser Valley

Tuition: Not Specified

If you love fashion and don’t have time to learn, enroll at the University of the Fraser Valley. Reason being that the course duration runs for just a year in Abbotsford, British Columbia. However, note that it’s an Indian college.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canada Fashion Design Schools

How Can I Become a Fashion Designer in Canada?

Becoming a fashion designer is an amazing decision. To become one in Canada, go to any of the best fashion design schools in Canada and obtain a fashion degree. And you’re the next big designer in Canada!!!

How Do I Get Into The Best Fashion Design Schools in Vancouver, Canada?

Studying fashion in Vancouver is a good choice. However, looking out for fashion schools in other cities in Canada would be a great choice.

Now to get into any school of fashion in Canada, here’s what to do;

  • Look up the different fashion schools in Canada just as you have done on at worldstudyportal.com
  • Then, check out the admission requirements for each fashion college in Canada.
  • Make a choice of at least five fashion design schools, colleges or universities in Canada to send in your application. Of course that’s if you fit their requirements.
  • Furthermore, get your documents ready. Basically, all fashion design schools in Vancouver and Canada at large requires prospective students to have completed high school with a Grade 12 English Program.

With these, you can send in your application to any of the best fashion design schools in Vancouver, Canada, and obtain a fashion degree when you’ve completed any of their programs.

What are the Cheapest Fashion Schools in Canada?

Cheap schools sound good. However, the quality of education should be a priority when making a choice. Or you can apply for FAFSA or Scholarships to help fund your education. But on our list of top five cheapest fashion schools, colleges, and universities in Canada include;

  • Academy of Design: $385 per credit hour
  • Fenshawe: $2,312.21 – $8,887.94 per term
  • Sheridan College: $4,958 – $17,799 for full program
  • Seneca College: $1,510.00 – $6,795.00 per semester
  • Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy: $6,500 to $12,000 for full program.

What Do I Do With My Canada Fashion Design Degree?

Aside from making designs and sketches for different clothing lines, here’s what you can become with your fashion degree programs certificate in Canada;

  • Fashion marketer
  • A Fashion merchandiser
  • Fashion brand manager
  • International fashion designer
  • Fashion journalist or blogger
  • And yes, you can decide to create your own clothing line or be an entrepreneur.

How Much Does a Fashion Designer Earn in Canada?

Fashion design is at its peak in Canada, little wonder its schools receive any application each year. However, the average, fashion designer in Canada earns about $51,000 CAD annually.

Also, this largely depends on the organization, level of competence, and level in the organization.

Conclusion: Canada Fashion School

Having this passion for fashion design will remain a dream unless you take a quick step to decide on any of the best schools in Canada to attend.

Trusting me when I say Canada fashion programs, courses and colleges have just the best I’m storing for you. And yes, identifying with any of these fashion business schools will make you a high prospect for employment as soon as you graduate.

With this in mind, go through this guide again and make a choice. Also, do well to get back to us when you make it to Canada as a fashion design student.

Good luck with the stitches!!!