21+ Best Free Online Travel Agent Training 2023| With Certificate

Best Free Online Travel Agent Training
Best Free Online Travel Agent Training

Free Online Travel Agent Training: Do you know you can earn a travel agent certification online for free? Are you aware that you can become a travel agent for free by taking courses from an online agency?

Just in case that sounds strange to you, this piece will clear all the confusion.

Here’s a guide that will teach you how to become a travel agent via free online training.

The interesting feature of these Free Online Courses is that you get to earn a travel agent certification.

How do I do that? You ask

First, you have to go through travel agent training whether online or on-campus, free or not.

Finding perfect travel agent courses online can be hard. Hence, the essence of this post.

This post will guide you on how to become a travel agent for free. Also, you will find out the best travel agency courses available for you online.

Here, you will not only find the best online travel agent training courses for free, but you will also discover other interesting facts about this job.

And just in case you’re wondering who a travel agent is, and what they do, you will find out below.

Content Summary

Who is a Travel Agent?

It’s really tedious booking a flight all alone. The process and protocols can keep you on the travel site for over 20 hours.

However, with help from an expert, you can be getting your tickets in 2 hours. (If not less!!)

This is exactly where travel agents come into play.

Basically, a travel agent is a help-meet on booking a flight. What they do is help you streamline the flight plan and booking process.

Also, they help you book the perfect flight. They apply their training and knowledge to work and help you make a flight choice.

Courses for travel agents are one of the most interesting online. And some of them come free.

The fun part of being a travel agent is that you can choose to work from home or not.

Hence, if becoming a travel agent suits your fancy and you want to study to become one, then this piece will help you.

Is a Travel Agent Training Important?

You might know how to make sales and convince people, but without learning the ropes of a particular profession, you might find it hard.

Hence, the essence of taking travel agency courses. The travel agent training whether free or online will enlighten you about the profession.

However, you do not need to pass an exam or earn a degree to book a trip. All you need is to get a travel agent certification or training for you to be accredited for free.

Although sometimes, the certification is not all that necessary.

But the training is.

It’s only training from travel agent experts that will teach you how to reduce the 20 hours travelers spend on travel sites to 2 measly hours. Or less!!!

That’s why the training is important. You don’t achieve that by doing the ‘abracadabra‘ thing.

Because it’s simply not magic.

Online travel agent courses will teach you all aspects of the aviation industry. Such include how to increase customer numbers, marketing, booking, destination development, product expertise, and more.

Why Take Free Online Travel Agent Training?

Having known how important travel agent training is, why should you go for the online version? Here are some of the reasons you should earn a travel agency certificate online;

  • Some of the online travel agent training is free.
  • Travel agent online courses come with free certification.
  • Also, it’s flexible and easy. That’s for persons who want to become a travel agent for free or in combination with their actual job.
  • In addition to that, travel agency online courses afford you the opportunity to know more at less cost. If not totally free!!!
  • Also, travel agents who studied online get connections with legitimate and reputable travel agencies.

How Can I Become a Travel Agent Online for Free?

If you’re seeking to become a travel agent online for free, then you have to read head-on.

Online travel agents will suit people who love to travel.

Basically, what an online travel agent does is sell travel packages and deals to customers. Over the internet. Their own website to be precise.

Becoming an online travel agent is free, but you have to follow the process. So if you want to become one, here’s how you achieve that;

  • Seek out different online travel agency courses and training
  • Make a choice and register.
  • Then strategically choose your online travel agent courses.
  • Get errors and omission insurance
  • Then obtain your travel sellers license

Welcome to the agency, buddy!!!

Best Travel Agent Training Online for Free in 2023

Now that you’ve known how to become a travel agent for free, where do you enroll?

Where do you find the best courses to make you an efficient professional travel agent?

Well, this section bids you welcome.

Here you find the best free travel agent training. For the purpose of clarity, we have outlined them in courses and schools.

Online Travel Agency Courses

#1. Online Travel Agent Training for free (ed2go.com)

Taking this course will land you a travel agency certificate. Also, it prepares applicants on how to keep up with the changes in the travel industry.

Basically, this travel agent course will give students a deeper understanding of travel and tourism. Making it easier for them to help customers find, plan, and book their trips.

#2. Becoming a Travel Advisor – A Great Career Choice (asta.digitalchalk.com)

Here’s one of the online travel agent courses that’s entertaining yet educational.

Its course outline seeks to prepare students on how to start and have a fulfilling career as a professional travel consultant.

Becoming a travel consultant requires dedication, travel experience, and excellent interpersonal skills. This course will provide you with a wealth of information about the travel agency industry, and specific information to help you start your career as a travel consultant.

#3. Ethics for Travel Advisors

The essence of this course is to help travel agents improve their understanding of the traveling agency.

Usually, they achieve this using concrete real-life examples.

This program is run by ASTA. And the company is committed to excellence and value.

#4. How To Become A Travel Agent Training Programs

Just like the name suggests, you learn how to become a travel agent for free.

This free travel agent training prepares candidates for a prosperous future in the travel industry.

And they have a track record of over 50 years.

#5. Travel Industry Certification Programs (thetravelinstitute.com)

Here’s another travel agent certification online training for free.

One major outstanding feature of this course is the opportunity to connect with top travel agencies.

At the end of the program, you will get a travel agent certification for free. Such travel agency certificate includes; CTA, CTC, or CTIE.

#6. Travel Introductory Program: TRIP KIT

This introductory program is sponsored by Travel Institute.

As the name suggests is an introductory program that offers a solid foundation that will help you stand out in the travel industry.

Because it’s an online free travel agent training, you can learn at your own pace. And yes, you need textbooks, workbooks, and online tests to excel.

#7. Certified Travel Associate Program

At the end of this program, you get a travel agency certificate.

Here this course will teach you how to increase sales, value, efficiency, and to become marketable.

#8. The Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE®) Program

Here’s another free travel agent training. By design, this program incorporates leadership roles in their travel agency courses.

It’s more like one of the Free MBA Programs Without a Bachelor. Or you can call it a leadership and travel agency training cum.

#9. Certified Travel Counselor Program

Also sponsored by the travel institute. This program will teach you how to become an effective travel agent manager for free.

In addition, students will learn how to meet the new demands of today’s travel managers. Also, it comes with a comprehensive management preparation program.

#10. Travel Agent Training Independent Learner Program

This is an independent learner program for the travel agent who wants to study online. Here you don’t have to attend any zoom meeting or class. But you get to have access to up-to-date material.

Basically, this material is not boring. It consists of 30 lessons of 15 to 30 minutes each.

If you can’t make it to the school, the independent student free travel agent online training program is designed for you.

Free Online Travel Agent Training: Do you know you can earn a travel agent certification online for free? Are you aware that you can become a travel agent for free by taking courses in an online agency?
21+ Best Travel Agent Training Online for Free in 2022| How to Become a Travel Agent

#11. B.Sc in Travel & Tourism Management

Here, the University of Chandigarh University, Chandigarh offers you a B.Sc almost free to become a travel agent online.

#12. B.Com Travel and Tourism Management

Amity University Jaipur offers free online travel agent training almost free. Of course, you can be certain you will get a travel agency certificate at the end.

#13. BBA in Tourism Management

Here, the university SAM Global University, Bhopal offers training for travel agents to earn a certificate in tourism management.

#14. PGD in Travel and Tourism Management

Ludhiana Group of Colleges, Ludhiana tutors students who enroll for this program on how to become travel agents almost free.

#15. MA in Travel and Tourism

Earn a Master’s degree at Assam Down Town University, Guwahati at no cost in travel and tourism online.

#16. Diploma in Travel and Tourism QLS Level 4

This travel agent course builds candidates on the relevance and importance of the contemporary travel industry.

But this travel agent training is not totally free. It comes with an 80% discount on tuition. That’s almost free.

#17. Certificate in Travel and Tourism QLS Level 1 Award

Here, you will undergo training that will prepare you to become a travel agent online but it’s not free.

Basically, you will learn everything about the contemporary tourism industry.

#18. Certificate in Travel and Tourism QLS Level 3

This course comes with a travel agency certificate. However, it’s not totally free. An 80% discount is attached to the tuition

#19. Advanced Diploma in Travel and Tourism QLS Level 5

This is one of the not-free online travel agent training that comes with an 80% discount on tuition. Basically, it prepares students to gain hands-on experience in travel agencies.

#20. Travel and Tourism Management- Diploma QLS Level 7

Also, this is not a totally free online travel agent course training. Although it comes with free travel agent certification, students pay tuition with 80% discount.

#21. Travel and Tourism QLS Level 6

Studying these travel agency courses online comes with a certificate.

Although tuition has an 80%, it prepares students to have incredible training on how to become a travel agent almost for free.

Travel Agent Training Agencies

Are you asking Who has Best Travel Agent Training Program? well, the truth is Earning one or more certifications from the travel agent industry will provide you with the knowledge you need as a professional travel agent and enhance your attractiveness to employers.

If you are interested in becoming a travel agent, there are several certification programs and classes that you can consider for your new career.

In case you did not find any free online travel agent course above, either of these schools below has enough for you.

These schools have varieties of programs. Either of the travel agency courses covers cruises and group trips, geography, vacation packages, and computerized reservation systems.

So, if you want to attend a travel agency to earn a certificate, here are a few we suggest;

#1. American Society of Travel Agents

Courses at the travel agency: American Society of Travel Agents is online. It covers both introductory and full courses.

Before registering for a full course or travel agent program, you can take an introductory course to become a travel agent through the American Society of Travel Agents.

The introductory course costs $25. While the full course depends on the number of courses you choose.

#2. Travel Leaders of Tomorrow

Travel Leaders of Tomorrow is directly affiliated with ASTA. Also, they have partnerships with other travel providers such as Delta, Hyatt, Hertz, and more.

The Travel Leaders of Tomorrow virtual campus course is designed for students to participate in a small group with other potential travel agents. The program includes:

  • Study at your own pace
  • Weekly virtual study groups.
  • Discussion forum
  • Interactive online sessions.
  • Group presentations
  • Guest Faculty

#3. The Travel Institute

The institute offers travel agent certification free. Some of the travel agency certificates include;

Certified Travel Associate (CTA): For frontline agents, 15 Study area which includes route planning and customer-focused selling

The Certified Travel Counselor (CTC): For Travel managers, this includes 10 study areas in which management development and advice/counseling are part of it.

Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE): Designed for travel executives, 10 study areas will develop travel industry executives and promote emotional intelligence.

Here the Students have 24-hour, 7-day-a-week access to the program, on-demand learning through the Premium membership level, and access to entry-level TRIP Kit training, which is based on textbooks and notebooks at the university level.

#4. Travel Agent Training Center

Become a travel agent online for free at TATC.

AAA Insurance offers the Travel Agent Training Center or TATC. You can purchase individual modules or a complete package. The TATC offers learning opportunities for computerized reservation systems and cruise schools.

When you sign up for this program you have access to the online learning center and the course is a combination of distance learning and online training. The material includes books, notebooks, and travel brochures. You can find all the materials for work in the training center.

These are self-paced modules and students have access to the training center for six months. If you need more time, you can extend it for a small fee. There’s no set schedule, which means you can work on your own schedule and view recorded workouts when it’s most convenient for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Travel Agent Training

Which Universities offer Travel Agent Training Online?

If you wish to go to a university or college to become a travel agent, it’s more perfect. Of course, there are many colleges and universities that offer a degree in a travel agency.

You can choose to study in the Best Aviation Schools in Canada. Or the schools listed below;

  • Ashworth College
  • Miami Dade College
  • Brookhaven College
  • George Mason University
  • University of North Dakota
  • Penn Foster Career School
  • University of Central Florida
  • Houston Community College
  • City College of San Francisco
  • University of Massachusetts (Amherst)

What are the Employment Options For A Travel Agent?

After undergoing either free or paid online travel agent training, you can get a job as a

  • Travel Planner
  • Tourist Guide
  • Tour Coordinator
  • Reservation Agent
  • A Tour Operator
  • Office Manager
  • Travel Consultant
  • An Online Travel Agent

Where Does a Travel Agent Work?

  • Airlines
  • Railways
  • IT Industries.
  • Cab companies
  • Touring and travel agencies

How Can I get My Travel Agent Certification In 2022?

Getting a travel agent certification can come free or you have to pay through school to earn it.

Having strong credentials in the travel industry is important as the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that travel agent employment will only grow to a relatively anemic 10% from 2010 to 2021.

Following the steps below will earn you a travel agency certificate.

  • Graduate from high school or earn a GED: A high school diploma is usually the minimum education required to become a travel agent. Take courses in geography, world history, and world cultures to learn about different travel destinations
  • With this, apply for Entry-Level jobs at any travel agency. It can be an airline or its counterpart. Once you have at least 18 months of work experience, you are qualified to enroll in an agency.
  • Proceed to enroll in a free or paid travel agent certification program online or on campus.
  • Then complete all the eight main courses and four elective courses to earn your CTA certification. (Takes about 3 to 12 months)

With this, you will get your CTA certificate in few weeks. But you can decide to proceed to earn an associate degree in travel and tourism.

How Do I Promote Myself as a Travel Agent?

Travel agents earn meager salaries. Because parent depends on how many flights you booked.

But here’s how you can gain relevance as a travel agent after undergoing free or paid training online or on-campus;

  • Market yourself as a brand or a professional travel agent.
  • Spread the word on your social media handles. It’s no longer news that social media is a market on its own. Leverage it!!!
  • Use the Reward Referrals scheme to spread your brand.
  • Do not be afraid to organize that complicated trip.
  • Share stories of successful trips from clients. This helps build your brand.
  • Also, improve your certification by gaining more experience in travel and tourism.
  • Connect with different host travel agencies.

Must I Have a Travel Agency Certificate to Practice?


You don’t have to have that. Although a certificate validated your claim as a travel agent, it’s not that compulsory. However, if you can have one, it gives you an edge.

In the United States, travel agent positions do not require certification. But you need to undergo either free or paid online travel agent training.

How much do online travel agents make?

According to ZipRecruiter (which operates outside the travel industry) reported as of Aug. 2020 the average virtual corporate travel agent (employee) salary ranges from $13,000 to $398,000, with an average salary of $77,242.

How much does it cost to get certified as a travel agent?

Those with a year or more of experience in the travel agency industry are eligible for The Travel Institute’s Certified Travel Associate (CTA) program, for example. Covering 15 different areas of study, the program costs $399 in online form and $499 in print form.

How much do entry-level travel agents make?

Entry Level Travel Agent Salary

Annual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$55,000$4,583
75th Percentile$46,500$3,875
25th Percentile$30,000$2,500

Conclusion: Free Online Travel Agent Training

If you are interested in becoming a travel agent, there are several certification programs and classes that you can consider for your new career.



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