21 High School Scholarships to Study Abroad 2023

high school student exchange program scholarships
high school student exchange program scholarships

Are you in High School? and you are wondering if high schools also get scholarships to study abroad like those in colleges. Well, yes! there are numerous high school scholarships for international students to study abroad.

If you are a high school student who wants to study abroad but is concerned about finances (after all, you still have four years of college ahead of you!) consider asking for a scholarship before making “I can’t afford it” yet another excuse.

Also, we input details on how to get free scholarships to study abroad. However, students should know that there are also available scholarships for high school exchange programs as well.

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What is High School Scholarships?

Now that you’ve convinced your parents to study abroad, how do you intend to achieve that? Of course, robbing a bank isn’t on the list right? Well, if you’re thinking that, you are up for immediate redeployment.

For the records, high school scholarships are opportunities for high school students to study almost for free. “Almost” is the word. Yeah, this is so because most scholarships cover all expenses and some do not. Interestingly, high school international students now have the opportunity to study abroad on scholarships. However, landing a scholarship requires preparation and proper guidance. Not to scare you, though. At the World study portal, we believe that there’s nothing an expert’s advice cannot fix.

For this post, we focus on high school scholarships to study abroad. Although there are other scholarship schemes for other students.

Why Do Schools Give Scholarships to International Students?

From research, there are many reasons scholarships are given. Some reasons are peculiar to the individuals, firms, or government parastatals that give these scholarships. Here are some reasons below;

  • Blend in cultures. Foreign students bring in their vibes, cultures, and beliefs to space. This is a great spice that benefits the community as a whole. Here’s the catch, in the US, foreign students receive higher financial aid than U.S. students.
  • Also, scholarships aid students who don’t want to rob the bank and yet have no funds to educate themselves.
  • Furthermore, some scholarships are charitable extensions.
  • Also, most scholarships are ways to support bright students.

Who Can Apply for High School Abroad Scholarships?

If you’re not in high school, then you cannot apply. However, some of these scholarships come with an age range. Most of them accept an application from students between 13 and 18 years of age. What this means is that, if you’re beyond the age bracket, you cannot apply. Even though you’re in High school!!!

What Requirements Do I Need to Apply for High School Abroad Scholarships?

Just like any other scholarship out there, they cannot sideline requirements. The requirements for high school scholarships to study abroad are paramount. For proper guidance, we have crafted what you need to apply. Kindly note that these requirements are not size fit all kinda requirements. Each scholarship has its own unique requirements. However, below is a list of what high school broad scholarship requirements look like.

  • All required documents.
  • All students must have at least a B+ or A in all subjects. (At least for the last 3 years)
  • A result of an English language proficiency exam. (Could be IELTS, TOEFL, or any specified one)
  • Although a teenager, students must show a high level of maturity. (Sadly, there’s no momma to chaperone you)
  • Also, students must show great adaptability. (You will be exposed to new culture and customs)
  • Furthermore, a health result to confirm students’ health status. (Kindly include your genotype and blood group test results)
  • Also, not to forget. Your passport should be ready before the scholarship application.

With these, your application for high school scholarships to study abroad is successful. Here’s some advice, duplicate all documents and keep the original intact.

Are there High School Scholarships to Study Abroad?

Well, yes, there are. In this section, we outline 21 high school scholarships to study abroad. They include;

#1. Reach Cambridge University Scholarship

The Reach Cambridge university scholarship is on our top list of high school scholarships to study abroad. it is Only for students between the ages of 14 and 18. This scholarship lasts for 3 weeks and it’s basically on the history of Cambridge, England. If this fits your need for a scholarship, apply now!!!

#2. Andeo International Homestays Scholarship

This high school abroad scholarship is open to all students. Basically, it’s for homestay programs based on nomination. The fee ranges from $100-$1000. Here’s the catch, Andro scholarship decides the scholarship locations. Even though it alternates between Germany, Japan, or Mexico. Outstanding right?!! All you have to do to secure this is a nomination from your language teacher.

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#3. Two Worlds Youth Travel Programs Scholarship

This is a high school scholarship to study abroad. This scholarship suits most high school students. However, students must age between 15 and 18 years. And the fee range between $250 to $1800. This program is open to over 32 nations and lasts for a year.

high school abroad scholarships

#4. American Foreign Service Association Scholarship

They often refer AFSA scholarship as one of the most life-changing high school study abroad scholarships. It’s like most scholarships. However, the distinctive factor is that applicants get in via an essay competition. The winner receives $2,500 and a trip.

#5. Sons of Norway Scholarship

The Sons Of Norway Scholarship is one of the high school scholarships to study abroad. Sadly, this high school scholarship is just for Norwegian schools. What this insinuates is that you have to be interested in a high school in Norway to earn this scholarship. However, it’s worth $2,000.

#6. Congress-Bundestag Scholarship

Peculiar to German countries is the Congress-Bundestag scholarship. it is a scholarship for high school students to study abroad. Although it’s open to other high school students, that’s not German. Here, high school students get to study for 10 months in Germany. It’s totally free although the benefit is not specified in $$$.

#7. Brandon Goodman Scholarship

The Brandon Goodman scholarship is also a scholarship for high school students to study abroad. Here, Brandon requires you to complete a 250-word essay describing your academic goals and contributions to your community. This is the only requirement. Also, university students studying abroad can apply. However, you must have a CGPA of 2.5. Successful applicants will earn $300.

#8. Define Yourself Scholarship

This is only open to high school seniors. it is a scholarship for high school students to study abroad. Thus, Not just seniors must attend college the next year. Here, the criteria is to “Be You”. Kindly note that this scholarship is not merit-based. Rather, applicants have to create and keep an updated profile on GoEnnounce about themselves. The high school abroad scholarships fee here is $500

#9. Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Abroad Program

This scholarship varies by countries. It is another scholarship for high school students to study abroad. Also, high school student applicants must be from the countries participating. We recommend this scholarship for international students who want to further their career in the U.S. However, countries with significant Muslim populations are most favoured.

#10. The National Langue Security Initiative

The scholarship majors on training high school students in language immersion programs. it is a scholarship for high school students to study abroad. in this scholarship, the Languages most taught are Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Persian (Tajik), Russian and Turkish. Also, students with a GPA above 2.5 mostly win. However, they must learn one of the above target languages.

#11. Sol Abroad Scholarships

This is a scholarship for high school students to study abroad, The scholarship range between $100-$500. Here, 5 scholarships are open via this scholarship. This increases the chance of getting one. High school students must be good academic students. Also, you must meet the requirements before they consider you. You must be a Sol Abroad participant to take part.

#12. CIEE Program Scholarships

CIEE offers a variety of study abroad scholarships and study abroad grants to college students who need assistance to make their study abroad dreams a reality. Thus, this is a high school student exchange program scholarship.

CIEE creates opportunities that bring people together.

They encourage the development of understanding and mutual respect between communities and nations by promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences. They help equip students, teachers, and young professionals around the world with skills that will make them active and responsible global citizens.

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#13. Greenheart Travel Scholarship

This is a high school student exchange program scholarship. Greenheart Travel awards scholarships each year for people who are “first-time travelers” and who want to immerse themselves in the culture.

These first-time scholarships are open to adults, high school, and short-term programs. They encourage everyone to pursue their travel needs despite the obstacles that may hamper these destinations.

Thus, They want to help make travel accessible to everyone and believe that studying, teaching, or doing a volunteer job abroad means you are embarking on a journey that will have a significant impact on your global perspective! Because of this, in addition to our scholarships, we offer additional support and resources for first-time travelers.

#14. The Experiment in International Learning Scholarships

The Experience in International Life (EIL) is a unique opportunity for high school students and one of the high school student exchange program scholarships

In this study abroad program, students complete a three to five-week exchange abroad in Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific and learn the language and traditions of their host.

During their stay abroad they get to know a variety of subjects better, including art, community service, cooking, ecology, language studies, photography, and theater.

#15. SYA Program Scholarships

This is another high school study abroad scholarship provider.

The School Year Abroad rewards high school students who demonstrate exceptional academic skills, a commitment to their home school communities, and a passion for exploring other cultures. In addition to needs-based financial support, SYA offers a number of foreign scholarships for high school students (some with specific criteria) to help families give their children an exceptional academic experience.

Scholarship holders of our foreign scholarship are not excluded from receiving additional financial support if the family is entitled to financial support.

#16. YFU Financial Aid Fund

YFU offers over 200 full and partial merit-based scholarships and need-based financial aid to students every year. It is one of the high school student exchange program scholarships

Thanks to the generosity of many corporations, governments, foundations, and individuals, YFU awards more than $ 2.3 million annually in partial or full scholarships abroad.

To be eligible for a scholarship, students must meet the admission criteria listed below on the individual scholarship information pages and demonstrate characteristics such as flexibility, tolerance, and openness.

In addition to the standard application and fees (if required), students must also submit essay replies, a cover letter from the host family, and recommendations from teachers by the end of the scholarship period.

Students can apply for multiple scholarships with a single application and one application fee.

#17. Herrman and Herrman Innovation Scholarship

The Herrman & Herrman Innovation is another high school student exchange program scholarship. The Scholarship is available to high school, senior, and undergraduate students who submit an original essay on social media and distracted driving.

This competition is designed to raise awareness of distracted driving in hopes of making public roads safer.

#18. The Space Foundation International Student Art Contest

This is a high school student exchange program scholarship. The Space Foundation Art Contest 2022 is an international contest, therefore, open to students from all over the world.

#19. $20,000 US Bank Scholarship Program

This is one of the high school abroad scholarships I will recommend to any one who wants to study abroad in US. The US Bank believes that financial education is the key to your independence and peace of mind.

To be eligible for the US Bank Scholarship Program, applicants must meet all the following criteria:

#20. Department of Defense Stem Scholarship

The SMART Scholarship Program provides STEM students with the tools needed to pursue higher education and begin a career with the Department of Defense.

As one the high school abroad scholarships, the DOD Stem scholarship is open to international students who want to study abroad in united state.

Department of Defense Stem Scholarship covers high school graduate Program In field areas like science, engineering, and mathematics.

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#21. CIRI Foundation General Scholarship

Last on our list of high school abroad scholarships is the CIRI Foundation General Scholarship. It is a kind of high school student exchange program scholarship. TCF’s scholarship applications are entirely electronic and must be submitted using our online system. (With the exception of the Raven Fund paper applications).  You must have an approved user account to apply for scholarships online.

How Can I Study Abroad for Free as a High School Student?

If you’re wondering if you can study abroad for free as a high school student. Then the answer is “Yes, you can”. Studying for free is only possible through scholarships. So if you seek “How”,

  • Apply for scholarships for high school students.
  • Raise funds either through fundraising events or family and friends.
  • It’s easier to live with a family or friend living abroad. (That would scrap out the accommodation cost!!!)
  • Don’t go flying in the first-class. You could use a cheap flight or economy class.
  • Find out high school scholarships to study abroad below!!!

Can I Get a Full Scholarship to Study Abroad?

It’s simple. Look out for fully funded high school abroad scholarships. Apply to the specified requirements.

How Do I Survive as a High School Student Abroad?

Remember, you’ve got no chaperone. It’s advisable not to allow the pressure of the abroad life to sweep you into extravagance. (Once in a while will be fun though). The high school abroad scholarship fund is for tuition, accommodation, and other expenses. Failure to use it for the right purpose will cause you to lose your scholarship. Here are some tips to survive high school as an international student;

  • Use free events not paid events.
  • Sign up for a homestay or hostel.
  • Also, eat at home. The everyday restaurant will milk you dry.
  • Spend money only on essentials (Limit the urge to go on shopping sprees!!!)


More than one million international students study at U.S. colleges and universities annually, according to the Institute of International Education. These learners pursue academic programs of all types and contribute over $44.7 billion to the country’s economy. 

American education draws learners from around the world, but paying tuition for international students rarely comes cheap. Fortunately, many schools and other organizations offer scholarships specifically for international students.

This guide highlights several popular international scholarships, along with other sources of student aid for international students, such as grants.


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