21+ Free Honorary Doctorate Degrees Online For Anyone 2023

21+ Free Honorary Doctorate Degrees Online For Anyone 2022
21+ Free Honorary Doctorate Degrees Online For Anyone 2022

Free Honorary Doctorate Degree Online with Certificate: What is an honorary degree? Do you want to earn a Doctor degree for free? Here’s a guide on how to get an honorary doctorate degree easily without stress.

Free honorary doctorates are mostly not offered because of your academic prowess or academic achievements.

Those who have received these types of certifications or awards do so, based on their proven extreme experience in a particular area of study or perhaps how much they have contributed in one way or another to the advancement of their community, the awarding institutions or he country at large.

Nonetheless, What most scholars do not know is that you can now earn an honorary doctorate degree certificate online.

All you have to do is apply for honorary doctorate degrees online.

Who can earn an online honorary doctorate degree certificate? Which schools or universities sponsor these honorary doctor degrees?

This and many more answers you will find as you read on.

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What is an Honorary Doctorate Degree Certificate?

Now before you go thinking that this is an academic certification, let me start by telling you it’s not.

Just like the name insinuates, it’s an award of honor.

An honorary doctorate degree certificate is a certification awarded to individuals in recognition of their life experiences, generosity, or major contributions to a school.

An online honorary degree is not necessarily an academic certificate.

Many say it’s a “Thank You” certificate for large donations to an institution.

For instance, a music legend, regardless of academic background, can be honored with a complimentary honorary doctorate in music to recognize his or her contribution to the music industry.

In the other hand, if you are a philantropist you too can be honored with this type of certificate.

A person who is not necessarily an alumnus of the school but based on their philanthropy and generous actions towards the community in which the school is located and / or the school its self, may be conffered a free honorary doctorates degree.

Individuals who have received one of the free honorary doctorates online will receive the title of Dr.

What Are Some Of The Free Honorary Doctorate Degrees That I Can Find?

Now that you’ve known what an honorary degree is, how do you apply for one?

Well, before you send in your application for an online honorary doctorate degree with a certificate, you have to know which you can apply for.

Below are some examples of honorary doctor degrees you can acquire;

  • Doctors of Laws (Awarded to professionals in the field of law)
  • Doctor of Divinity (Bestowed upon exceptional religious figures)
  • Doctor of Humane Letters (Acknowledges academic distinction)
  • The Doctor of Science (Recognizes revolutionary scientific research and discovery)
  • Doctor of Fine Arts (Conferred primarily to musicians, actors, architects, and artists.)

Are there Free Honorary Doctorate Degrees Online with Certificates?

Yes, there. That’s actually the essence of this post.

Most universities in UK, Canada, Australia, France, South Africa, etc offer free honorary doctor degrees.

The only confusing factor here is identifying them and knowing how to apply and get an honorary doctorate.

List of Free Honorary Doctorate Degrees Online

Are free honorary doctorate degrees given by universities?

Yes, they are. In this section, we will explore different notable schools offering free online honorary doctorate degree with certificates.

#1. Abide University Honorary Degree

At Abide University, interested applicants for honorary doctorate degree online will earn a certificate without study or qualifications free of charge.

But on getting the free doctorate degree, the beneficiaries will study and contribute to the university knowledge, journal, and other publications and forums.

#2. Open University International On-line Free Honorary Doctorate Degrees

Looking for how to get an honorary doctorate degree? Apply for one in Open University International.

They award these degrees to those who wish to obtain an online doctorate degree that does not need one to have a master’s degree.

In addition, the process of getting honorary doctor degrees here is fast-paced and less expensive.

#3. Berkshire University Free Doctor Degree

Individuals who have been supportive of Berkshire University are awarded this honorary doctorate degree as a way of appreciation from the school for immense contributions.

If you haven’t made any strategic contributions to the university, you can start by doing that before applying.

Also, Berkshire University has doctoral programs for academic or professional studies.

#4. Prowess University Free Honorary Doctorate Degrees

To be awarded with an honorary doctorate degree at Prowess University, you need to fulfill the criteria mapped out for the award.

Before receiving this Honorary doctorates you must have attain some level of lifelong accomplishments. you do not need to fulfill any academic prerequisites. Instead, they are offered on basis of your selfless action.

you must have outstanding achievements in cultural affairs, public service, or knowledge and academic fields,

Also, this eminent feat must be consistent with the ideals and purposes of the university.

#5. Unicaf University Free Honorary Degree with Certificate

This online honorary doctorate degree is accredited by the British Accreditation Council.

Also, they offer Ph.D. programs such as Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Doctor of Business Administration, and Doctor of Education (EdD).

Nonethelees, the university offers scholarship to individuals who want to pursue these PhD degrees.

#6. Atlantic International University (AIU) Free Doctorate Degree

Atlantic International University aims to inspire its students to define their purpose in life, mission, and legacy while integrating the 17 UNESCO 2030 goals.

Programs available at AIU include:

  • Bachelor’s Programs
  • Masters’ Programs
  • Doctorate programs

#7. Bethlehem University Honorary Doctorate

For you to get any of the honorary doctor degrees at Bethlehem University, you must be nominated by a member of the faculty of staff.

Or members of the International Board of Regents, Board of Trustees, Foundation Board, alumni, and friends of the University can also nominate.

This they must do in writing to the Vice-Chancellor.

In addition to a certificate for a free honorary doctorate degree, applicants will receive an imposition, citation, and the conferment of a diploma.

#8. Grace of Bible University Free Honorary Doctorate with Certificate

Now that you’ve known what an honorary doctorate degree is, Grace of Bible University is open to give you one.

However, the criterion is that the recipient must have contributed in an exceptional way to further the gospel and service of humankind.

This they must have done for more than 20 years.

For the records, Grace Bible University is one of the top best universities offering free honorary doctorate degree certificates online.

#9. Alliance International University Online Honorary Doctorate Degrees

The honorary doctorate online degree is free at Alliance International University. But the sad news is that it’s not for everyone.

Basically, this free doctorate degree is for people who want to be at the cutting edge of entrepreneurship.

Such honorary doctorate degrees include; Doctor of Letters, Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor of Laws, Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Science, Doctor of Humanities, etc.

#10. Newport University Honorary Doctorate Online

Newport University also grants an honorary degree too.

But Newport extends their criterion towards people who have made contributions to their nation, education, society, and scientific works.

The university keeps a complete and permanent record for each honorary title and responds quickly to validation requests if approved by the recipient.

What is an honorary doctorate degree? Apply for a free doctor degree via these online honorary doctorate degree with certificate for anyone in 2022.
21+ Free Honorary Doctorate Degrees Online For Anyone 2022

#11. Universal Degrees Honorary Online Doctorate Degrees

This free online honorary doctorate degree is affiliated with Corllins University.

Just by observing interested fellows, Universal Degrees can award honorary doctorate degrees to deserving applicants.

Once Universal degrees confer upon any recipient the free doctor degree, they can use the title ‘Dr’.

#12. Queens College Free Online Doctorate Degree with Certificate

Earn an honorary degree by applying for a doctorate at Queen’s College.

The available honorary degrees include; Degree of Doctor Divinity (D.D), Doctor of Canon Law (D.Cn.L), and Doctor of Sacred Letters (D.S.L)

Once you’re nominated, the forms will be presented to the Fall Meeting of the Corporation of Queens College.

#13. American Trinity University Free Doctorate Degree Online with Certificate.

Earn a free doctorate degree online at American Trinity University.

Peculiar to this university are honorary awards such as the Doctors of Letters (community achievements and for reconciling science and religion).

Also, they offer the Doctor of Divinity (achievements in ministry and community service).

In addition, you can get Legum Doctor in Canon Law (achievements in policymaking favoring religion, or legislature, judicial, or government success in advocating religion and community service)

#14. Evangel Christian University of America Free Honorary Doctorate Degree Online

The Evangelical Christian University of the United States is one of the universities that offer a free honorary doctorate online under certain conditions:

If possible, individuals should submit résumés and photos.

The candidate must provide three (3) letters of recommendation from someone who has known them for at least five years.

The person making this recommendation must have a professional or ministerial relationship with the candidate.

Letters of recommendation should be at least one page long and contain the name, address, and phone number of the reviewer free.

#15. University of Houston Free Honorary Doctorate Degrees

If you have an outstanding performance in society, arts and sciences, professions, business, religion, and philanthropy, then you can apply for an honorary doctorate at the University of Houston.

Also, nominations are welcome for individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the University.

#16. School of Advanced Study Free Honorary Doctorate Degree with Certificate

Knowing what an honorary doctorate degree is, is not enough to earn you a certificate.

The School of Advanced Studies aims to honor outstanding individuals in the fields of public, arts and science, religion and charity, professions, business,

At the School of Advanced Study, they are entitled to nominate persons for conferment of a University of London honorary degree.

#17. University of Berkley Free Honorary Doctorate Degree

UC Berkeley takes responsibility for recognizing and celebrating personal accomplishments.

It awards an honorary doctorate free of charge online to people who have achieved recognized outstanding achievements in the public service or in the areas of knowledge and science, culture, and culture and who is compatible with what the university stands for.

Some of the areas in which individuals are recognized are Sc Doctor of Science, Litt Doctor of Literature, LD Doctor of Laws, D Doctor of Philosophy, HL Doctor of Humane Letters, A Doctor of Art or Administration, D Doctor of Divinity, and Hm Doctor of Human Sciences

#18. University of Wisconsin system Free Doctor Degree

Earn a free honorary doctorate online at the University of Wisconsin with a certificate.

Whether you have an outstanding performance in scholarship or public service, you’re eligible to apply for an honorary doctorate.

#19. North Central Theological Seminary Free Honorary Doctorate

North Central Theological Seminary awards honorary degrees to individuals who have an in-depth knowledge of the Bible based on the results that an individual has archived during their placement test.

The North Central Theological Seminary now offers several paths to honorary doctorates:

  • Doctor of Divinity Degree (DD)
  • The Doctor of Ministry Degree
  • Doctor of Theology Degree

#20. Global Human Peace University Free Honorary Doctorate Degrees

Here, honorary doctorate degrees are offered for free for higher education programs.

Also, this honorary degree certification program comes with specified requirements from applicants.

#21. University of Mysore Free Honorary Doctorate Degree with Certificate

Visit the University of Mysore online website and earn a free honorary doctorate degree certificate.

But on the flip side, you must fulfill the conditions before you earn it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Honorary Doctorate Degree with Certificate

Do I have to be an alumnus of an institution to get an Honorary Doctorate Degree?

No, not at all.

You do not have to be an alumnus to receive a free doctor’s degree or award. As earlier stated, it’s usually based on generous contributions and philanthropic actions towards the school.

Can I Earn a Free Honorary Doctorate Degree with a Certificate without Applying?

Yes, you can.

Whether you apply for an honorary doctorate or not, you can earn a certificate for free. All you just need to do is ask some people to nominate you.

But that would mean you have fulfilled the criteria necessary for the award.

On the other hand, you might get an invitation to receive a free honorary doctorate degree with a certificate.

Although, this is on the account that you have a significant influence in a respective field,.

What are the Requirements to get an Honorary Doctorate Degree?

Such requirements might include;

  • A photo
  • Resume/CV.
  • Three letters of recommendation. This must be written by people that have personally known you for a minimum of five years. Also, the letters must be at least one page long. It must include the recommender’s name, address, and telephone number.
  • Also, you must possess a professional or ministerial relationship with the institution.
  • In addition, you must have made an outstanding contribution to the nation and society.

We do not limit the requirements to these few. Some universities might have their own specific requirements. Therefore we suggest you visit their website for details.

Are Honorary Doctorate Degrees Valid?

Well, without mincing words, some are not.

But you can count on the ones listed above. They have been verified and accredited by individual universities.

Conclusion: Free Honorary Degree with a Certificate

Remember, this is not an academic certificate. All free honorary doctorate online degrees listed above are valid and come with a certificate.

The above schools have credible honorary degree certifications too.

We wish you luck as you earn this outstanding award!!!


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