17 Easy Steps on How to Apply For Scholarship to Study Abroad 2022

how to apply for scholarship

How to Apply For Scholarship: Free college money? sounds impossible right? well, there are millions of dollars awarded in scholarships every year. sometimes most of this free money goes unclaimed. Thus, you too can be a beneficiary but all you need is to know how to apply for a scholarship.

Trust me, there are tons of them out there. And you can apply to as many as possible provided you are eligible.

One fact that plague students with the study abroad intention is “How to Apply for a scholarship to study abroad”.

I’m sure you ask the same question that’s why you clicked on this link. Well, no doubts, you are not the only one seeking an answer to the “How to do or How can I get a scholarship to study abroad” application question from providers.

Hence, the reason we scribbled this piece is to bring you answers right at your fingertips.

Studying abroad tuition fees can be alarming. Not to mention other fees like accommodation fees, feeding, book allowance, travel expenses, and many more.

However, scholarships are a way to sought your expenses just fine without robbing a bank. So “how can I get a scholarship to study abroad?”

This article brings you a step-by-step guide to apply for a scholarship effortlessly. Not to worry, it captures strategic steps regardless of the country you’re applying for. Also, high school scholarships procedures are also put into consideration.

Can I Get Scholarship to Study Abroad?

Without mincing words, yes you can get a scholarship to study abroad. However, you have to keep in mind that you’re not the only one applying.

Therefore, you should be concerned about how to apply for a scholarship to study abroad in Australia for instance.

This is so because it’s highly competitive. In other words, channel your energy on how to apply for a scholarship to study abroad.

Are Study Abroad Scholarships Available in all Countries?

Yes. Study abroad scholarships is available in many countries. Regardless of your country of residence, you can apply to any other country.

Can I Apply for the Big Scholarship to Study Abroad?

The bigger the shot, the better. Many scholars spread the negative energy that the big scholarships are out of reach.

Here’s what we know. They are highly competitive. Scholarships like MasterCard, Rhodes, and Commonwealth are highly sought.

And they’re considered out of reach. However, there’s nothing good advice cannot fix. If you play your cards well, you will land the big scholarships and have a good time sailing with the dolphins on the sea of Atlanta.

Here’s why you should apply for the big scholarship to study abroad;

  • It’s usually fully funded.
  • The bigger the shot the better the funds.
  • Also, big scholarship scholars earn a good reputation worldwide.
 Study Abroad Scholarships tips
Study Abroad Scholarships tips

How to Apply Scholarship to Study Abroad?

In a bid to answer the “How do I get a scholarship to study abroad” here’s what you can do;

#1. Prior Preparation

Early preparation is key to securing a scholarship. At the preparation stage, you need to know how to;

  • Ace scholarship interviews
  • Write topnotch cover letters.
  • Get your recommendation letter.
  • Apply and register for English language proficiency tests. (If applicable)

With these on the ground, you are set to commence your scholarship application.

#2. Have Good Grades

Although some scholarship providers base this on financial need rather than academic excellence, some take both into account. In other words, you have to be an A-grade student for the scholarship providers to consider you for a scholarship.

Over the years, it’s been under record that only the highest-achieving students get scholarships. In some cases, universities may automatically consider applicants for scholarships using high grades.

Although pushing yourself academically can be mentally exhausting, stay on the Second Class Upper Division lane at least.

#3. Add Skills and Leadership Competencies

To apply for the scholarship is a competitive and highly selective process. Add-ons are the best way to stand in the front queue. It’s crucial to stand out from the pool of applicants by demonstrating a real commitment to self-development as an individual.

How do I pull that? Have a few extracurricular activities to show off to scholarship providers. Demonstrate your passions and interests outside the classroom, as well as examples of times you volunteered with the local community.

Here’s the fact, most scholarships lookout for leadership competencies. You stand a chance to getting a scholarship if you apply to study abroad.

#4. Look Out for Scholarships!!!

An old African adage says “you get what you seek”. In other words, if you need a scholarship, you need to discover which one suits your need. The first step in landing a study abroad scholarship is to find one!

#5. Know Where to Look

It’s one thing to look out for scholarships and it’s another to seek them in the right places. So, first things first, where do you go to find full scholarships? Here are the available options;

  • Check your university of choice official website: Some institutions offer scholarship to study abroad. Most likely they offer scholarship base on degree, course of study or location. Also, they could possibly list external scholarships you could apply to on their website.
  • Furthermore, you can frequent sites like https://worldstudyportal.com. At world study there are available lists of funding opportunities in different study destinations. Also, you scholarships get to find scholarships focused on particular subjects and student groups. This is a great start on how to apply for scholarship to study abroad.
  • Newspapers & Bulletin Boards

#6. Research and Secure the Scholarship

Once you have made a choice of scholarship and institution, ensure you qualify. How do you know that? First, find out about the scholarship and its the provider. Here’s what you should discover;

  • Are they interested in applicants with leadership potential?
  • Do they look out for students with entrepreneurial flare?
  • Is there an age and country limit as to who can apply?
  • Are they looking out for students whose belief is closely rated with certain charity?
  • Is this scholarship country specific?

The list is inexhaustible. Kindly note that these facts are imperative. They’re a way to find out whether you qualify or not. Therefore, before applying for any scholarship, ensure you meet the criteria.

#7. Create a Calendar

Scholarship application time can be very dicey for study abroad programs. However, you don’t have to let the deadline sneak up on you.

Once you have made a list of scholarships to apply for to study abroad, create a calendar to tally with their deadline. We recommend an Excel sheet, alarm reminders, or a sticker note.

#8. Apply for the Scholarship to Study Abroad

Once you have done your research homework, it’s time to apply for the scholarship. Note that all the information you got will come into play at this point. Visit the scholarship website and fill the application form.

Tick off everything the scholarship provider is looking out for, and back it up with proof.

#9. Follow the Instructions to Apply for Scholarship to Study Abroad

Most scholarship applications never comes back with an email. The reason is not farfetched, the applicant’s application is not in accordance with standards. When you do not follow instructions, you will drop your chances of securing a scholarship with the scholarship provider.

  • Do not miss out on any document or information.
  • Read the application guideline carefully and repeatedly.
  • Also, do not hesitate to email the scholarship provider if you need clarification

#10. Write an Exceptional Scholarship Essay or Cover Letter

Essays and cover letters introduce you in your absence. This is not a piece of document to neglect. However, it should read “I am an exceptional student, your scholarship will aid me to help the world”. When writing you’re cover letter and essay, it should be;

  • Clear and concise
  • Formatted accurately
  • In line with the focus, theme or topic.
  • Free from spelling and grammar error.
  • Have a strong introduction that will capture the mind of the reader.
  • I’m sure you know what’s good, for this give it to a friend to aid you proofread. Also, you can give it to a mentor to ensure it’s in line

#11. Rock the Essay

Here’s the crucial part, your essay can make or break your scholarship application. Therefore, it is important to give it the time and effort it deserves. Even if you’re lacking confidence when it comes to your writing skills, following a few simple tips can help take your essay to the next level.

#12. Proof of your academic, athletic, or artistic achievements.

You will have to translate the documents if necessary — it usually is.

#13. Proof of Low Finances

Also, get official proof of your low income or nationality (for region-based scholarships). Again, a translation might be necessary.

#14. Proofread all documents

Ensure all documents are free from errors and send them to the scholarship provider.

#15. Submit

Submit the university acceptance letter (or an official document from the university proving you’ve been accepted).

#16. Follow through your Application and Be Patient!

Trust me, scholarship application to study abroad can be a patient venture. Check the status of your scholarship once you’ve submitted it to ensure you’ve included all information.

#17. Repeat Again

Just in case your scholarship application doesn’t go well, apply again. Here’s what most scholarship applicants don’t know. The chances of securing the first scholarship you apply for are slim. In that regard, we recommend you apply for more than one scholarship to study abroad at a time.


Not sure if you are eligible for a scholarship? Two words: apply anyway. In the 2018-19 school year, $ 2.6 billion in federal grants were undrawn. Students who did not apply missed an average of $ 4,000!

If you’d rather have that money in your college fund, all you have to do is fill out your FAFSA. This is the official form to apply for state and state aid.

In addition, some schools use what is known as a College Scholarship Service Profile (CSS). Similar to the FAFSA, it is an online application that gathers information for the provision of non-state assistance. If your target school uses this system, you will need to create a College Board account and complete your CSS profile.

But don’t confuse these two applications – the FAFSA is the only form used for all types of federal aid like Pell grants and federal loans, while the CSS profile is only used in some schools for institutional support.

FAFSA and CSS profiles should be completed and submitted in due time, so observe deadlines!


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