How to Become a Youtuber For A Beginner in 2022|17+ Ultimate Guide

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How to Become a Youtuber: Being a YouTuber appears to be a pleasant and rewarding job. Isn’t it just that you make films on themes you enjoy and profit from them?

However, being a well-known YouTuber is no simple task.

The question of “How to Become a YouTuber” is frequently posed, as many people aspire to be YouTube stars.

However, they aren’t always sure how to become YouTubers.

All of the most well-known YouTubers have struggled to get to where they are now behind the scenes.

Most have endured a long period of difficulty and dedication. And before they even start making their first video, they must have made certain investments, perform some processes, and so on.

It’s challenging to keep organized and on track with your attempts to become a YouTuber when there’s so much to accomplish.

It takes a lot of creativity, passion, consistency, and dedication to become a YouTube legend, but anyone can do it. That is why we have prepared this post to assist you in realizing your goals!

Bear in mind that it won’t be easy, but it won’t be impossible either.

So, if you want to become a YouTuber, this article will offer you a definitive checklist of things to complete.

Is It Hard to Become a YouTuber?

Being a YouTuber appears to be a pleasant and rewarding job. However, being a well-known YouTuber is no simple task.

Every well-known vlogger has endured a long period of difficulty and dedication.

Before you even start making your first video, you’ll need to make certain investments, perform some processes, and so on.

Anyone may easily become a Youtuber, but only a select few will become successful.

To become a YouTuber, you must first decide what type of content you will create for your videos.

Do you have any entertaining videos? What about video games? To make videos on popular stuff, it can depend on your hobbies, or what you’re skilled at, or it can also depend on the market scenario.

What Do You Need to Become a YouTuber?

YouTube has grown to become the most popular and largest platform for sharing video content on the internet.

It’s also a fantastic method for people to express their creativity, earn some additional cash, advertise themselves or their businesses, and potentially even become a huge “Internet famous” celebrity.

If you’re thinking about becoming a professional YouTuber, there are a few things you’ll need to get ready, the most significant of which is your video equipment.

It’s not as simple as it appears to make high-quality YouTube videos. Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to create videos that people will love watching—all you need is the correct tools.

You could certainly get away with just a smartphone if you have a terrific personality and truly unique and outstanding material.

Keep in mind, however, that YouTube has become a very competitive arena, and as a newbie, it’s best to put some effort into the visual quality of your films in order to obtain views and subscribers.

Many well-known YouTubers utilize a variety of sophisticated video production equipment to create their videos (some even hire professional video editors and camera operators), but you don’t have to go that far.

The following is a list of the fundamental video production equipment you’ll need to get your YouTube channel up and running:

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Tripod or Gimbal Stabilizer
  • Lighting
  • Video Editing Software

Do YouTubers Get Paid Monthly?

Yes, Youtube pays YouTubers on a monthly basis, and the payment is usually made on the 21st of the month.

YouTube will begin paying you on a monthly basis once you have earned a hundred dollars.

Advertisers only get paid if someone clicks on their ad or watches it for 30 seconds. This is why you can’t measure the value of your channel views in money. You don’t make money based on how many people see your video.

However, users must meet various criteria in order to earn money, including:

  • Reaching a local payment threshold, such as $100 for creators in the United States.
  • Complying with YouTube’s monetization guidelines.

How Do You Earn Money as a YouTuber?

By applying for and being accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, you can make money on YouTube.

Without being a member of the YouTube Partner Program, you may be eligible for Shorts bonuses through the YouTube Shorts Fund.

So, if you’re wondering how to make money on YouTube, take a look at these 7 ways to monetize your channel and creative work.

The most obvious way to make money on YouTube is through advertising. However, it is not the only—or, to be honest, the best—option.

Continue reading for 7 ways to monetize your YouTube channel, replete with step-by-step instructions;

#1. Become a member of the YouTube Partner Program.

Regular YouTubers can gain access to unique YouTube features through the YouTube Partner Program.

To make money on YouTube, you don’t need to be a partner (simply setting up an AdSense account and receiving views will be enough), but becoming a Partner makes it a lot easier.

YouTube Partners can earn money from a variety of sources, including video adverts, YouTube Premium subscription fees, and features like Super Chat, channel memberships, and the goods shelf, which directly tap into the wallets of your dedicated followers (more on these later.)

#2. Make and sell your own merchandise

Perhaps you consider yourself a content producer first and an entrepreneur second. (Keep in mind that even Drake has a t-shirt line.)

Alternatively, if you’re an entrepreneur first and a video producer second, you’ve most likely already created a product and are planning your YouTube marketing strategy to promote it.

In any case, selling items on YouTube is a practical method to make money.

#3. Create material that is sponsored

To be an influencer, you don’t have to be on Instagram. You don’t have to give YouTube a percentage of your earnings if you use the #sponcon approach. You deal with the brand directly, and they pay you directly. It’s no surprise that it’s a popular way for YouTubers to earn money.

Brands are likely to be interested in hearing from you if you have a large and/or engaged following and your material is relevant to their target market.

In the men’s lifestyle area, for example, YouTuber Aaron Marino, a.k.a. Alpha M, is a major name. How big is it? His brand partnerships are so large that even his videos explaining them have brand partners.

#4. Become an Affiliate Partner

Look for organizations that invest in affiliate marketing if your YouTube following is loyal and engaged but not quite there in terms of numbers.

Businesses’ YouTubers encourage their viewers to visit the brand’s online store or specific product pages. They get paid a portion of sales made through their affiliate links, as you might have predicted. Affiliate partnerships are similar to sponsored content deals in terms of setup and logistics, so start by following the procedures from tip #3.

#5. Make it possible for your fans to pay you directly.

Channel memberships are another common approach to monetize a channel.

Fans and followers pay a monthly subscription fee in exchange for supplementary content including badges, emoticons, exclusive videos, live chats, and other items.

This monetization function is available to YouTube partners who have reached 1,000 subscribers. Video artists can also use third-party platforms like Patreon to monetize their fan base through monthly memberships.

From audience support, top video creators can earn up to $40,000 every month.

This YouTube money-making plan comprises a few distinct revenue streams, but they all have one thing in common: you must make it simple for your followers to express their gratitude by using their credit cards.

#6. Make use of Crowdfunding

Soliciting donations via the internet has become widespread. Many YouTubers gain money through crowdfunding, whether it’s to build a steady stream of income from a pool of tiny monthly donations or to fund a personal, channel-related project.

You can choose from a list of permitted crowdfunding sites on YouTube.

Patreon is a great option for recurrent funding. Meanwhile, one-time campaigns for a new microphone, laptop, or… spleen work best on platforms like GoFundMe or Kickstarter.

Even well-known artists such as Walk Off The Earth and Veronica Mars (OK, she’s a fictional character) have used Patreon to support their projects, whether they’re music videos or full films.

#7. Make your content available to the media.

When a video becomes viral, every news organization wants a copy so that they can show it to their audience. Established media companies, on the other hand, are well aware that they must pay for what they utilize. And there you have it: another way to earn money on YouTube.

Making sure you’re easy to find as a content creator can help you license your most successful work to the media.

How Much Money Can You Make on YouTube?

Unfortunately, the answer to this age-old question is a vexing one: it depends.

As a 9-year-old YouTuber and multi-millionaire Ryan Kaji’s story demonstrates, the sky is the limit. However, climbing into the seven-digit range takes a lot of time, hard effort, and luck.

AdSense is a big part of YouTube’s revenue. YouTubers are compensated for each ad view on their channel. However, rates differ by geography, demographics, and even industry (software ads may have a higher CPM than, for example, clothing ads).

AdSense earns YouTubers between $3 and $5 per 1,000 video views on average. If your channel reaches a large number of people, this can add up to a sizable sum.

It’s not uncommon for big producers to earn up to $200,000 per month only through AdSense.

Even if your channel is trending and AdSense revenue is pouring in, keep in mind that YouTube fame is based on a variety of factors, many of which are out of your control — the YouTube algorithm, as well as your audience’s interests and requirements.

Follow these 7 guidelines and branch out to ensure that the money you generate on YouTube grows into a healthy and steady income.

Even if your AdSense earnings decline for any reason, merch, branding deals, and crowdfunding can help you make money.

How Do You Become a YouTuber in 2022?

There appears to be a consensus that launching a YouTube channel is no longer “worth it” because the site has already produced all of the billionaires.

Yes, you have a higher chance of making “fetch” happen than becoming a YouTube sensation overnight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

Because of the past success of YouTube influencers, marketers have shifted their thinking about how they may potentially reach their audience, it’s a really relevant idea to have for your own channel.

The following are the seven steps to becoming a successful YouTuber in 2022:

how to become a successful youtuber2
how to become a successful YouTuber

#1. Make a Decision on your Niche

The first step is to choose a specialty for your business. Have a good notion of the industries you’ll cover in your videos. When you’re trying to cover too many topics and niches, it’s simple for your mind to wander.

So, based on your hobbies and/or experience, pick a few of the relevant niches. A fitness YouTuber, for example, may make videos about workouts and healthy eating.

This is an excellent method to keep organized, get off to a strong start, maintain consistency, and attract a targeted audience.

You may improve your knowledge in such areas and become actual experts if you start with a firm focus on specific niches.

Furthermore, providing material in such sectors on a regular basis will make it easier to attract people who are interested in what you have to say.

If you wish to, you can diversify your niche to reach a wider audience. Andrea Ocejo, for example, began her YouTube career by making videos about health and

She’s focused on a broader range of themes now that she’s amassed 91,000 subscribers, and she’s making movies about fashion, travel, and beauty.

#2. Outline Your Channel’s Objective:

What do you hope to accomplish with your channel? Do you wish to help others by making educational videos?

Do you want to create tutorials and how-tos to show people how to do things? Or maybe you just want to entertain people by telling stories.

Outline the aim you wish to achieve with your channel so that your videos have a purpose. It will also assist you in getting off to a solid and consistent start rather than trying to cover everything at once.

Unbox Therapy’s Lewis Hilsenteger, for example, concentrates mostly on unpacking films in which he assesses product aspects.

The goal is to give his audience a realistic and unbiased opinion that will help them make informed decisions. It’s no surprise that his YouTube channel has 14 million subscribers.

Of course, you may desire to be a YouTuber only for money and fame. While focusing on this goal is absolutely okay, you should still make sure you’re giving valuable information to your audience.

You won’t be able to attract an audience, grow your community, or monetize your channel if you don’t do so.

#3. Come up with Content Ideas

The second stage is to brainstorm video ideas, which is something you should do even before you start building your channel. You won’t run out of ideas after just a few videos if you do it this way.

Examine what other YouTubers in your niche have already produced. Can you come up with something similar but unique? Is it possible for you to make something even better? Consider your target audience’s pain areas and interests. Prepare a list of topic ideas to approach them in a way that will pique their interest.

As long as you’re looking for new methods to deliver value to your audience, the possibilities are nearly unlimited. For more ideas, have a look at our wide list of YouTube video ideas.

#4. Make a Content Calendar

Maintaining consistency will be easier if you have a set timetable. It gives your subscribers the comfort that new videos will be released on the planned dates. It also provides you with a detailed timeline on which you may plan your efforts and stay on track.

So, before you even start developing a channel, figure out a publication schedule that works for you. Daily content uploads can be a terrific way to reach out to new people, but they can quickly become overwhelming, especially for a one-person operation.

Starting with a weekly timetable is the best way to go. You can gradually increase your production as you become more familiar with the timetable.

You could, for example, release two videos every other week while sticking to your weekly timetable.

#5. Make and Improve Your Channel

Now that you’ve covered the essentials, it’s time to start building your channel. If you already have one, you can still optimize it by following the steps.

Choose a channel name that is both original and memorable. If it’s more convenient for you, you can alternatively use your own name.

Make sure you explain what your channel is all about in your “About” section. Prioritize readability by splitting up long paragraphs into smaller ones.

Take a look at Maangchi’s channel description, for example. It’s descriptive while also getting right to the point. She’s also made the text simpler to read by breaking it up into short pieces.

In a natural fashion, you may incorporate certain keywords in the description.

This will make it easier for people to locate you when they use the terms you specified in their search. It’s also crucial to keep your channel’s aesthetic consistent and welcoming in order to make a good first impression on viewers.

As a result, your channel artwork is critical to establishing yourself as a credible YouTuber.

#6. Maintain your Expertise in your Field

When presenting (recording) to an audience, you want to come off as an expert in your field.

This means keeping up with the latest news in your field and among your video-making peers.

Keeping up with the latest news and events in your sector (including your competition) allows you to provide your readers with relevant and timely content.

You may notice the arguments and viewpoints that your competitors make by watching their films before making your own.

Allowing you to respond with your own counter-argument (if you want drama) or spin to make it your own.

This can also help you position yourself as a “go-to” source for anyone interested in staying current on a particular topic.

#7. Like a Boss, Run your Community

If you evaluate success by the number of subscribers, your subscribers are gold, so treat them as such.

This entails more than simply responding to and enjoying their comments. Community administration can be a full-time job in and of itself.

Hosting a YouTube live broadcast is a fantastic method to directly engage with your audience. Live video is gaining popularity because it allows you to engage directly with your viewers and provides a more candid, spontaneous presentation.

This platform is also ideal for holding Q&A sessions where your audience may obtain immediate answers to their burning queries.

You can also ask your viewers to write questions in the comments section, which you can then respond to during the session.

Although this is a YouTube piece, you should definitely participate with your audience on other social media platforms as well. It’s also a terrific method to leverage numerous media and reach new consumers.

Being active on several social media platforms demonstrates your availability and commitment to your community.

Here are a few ideas for expanding your community:

  • Always link from one social media platform to the next. A well-placed CTA in your films can assist you in achieving this goal.
  • When you release a new video, make a big deal about it on all of your other channels. Also, don’t forget to include a link to your most recent video.
  • Create a blog to keep your audience engaged.
  • To keep the debate going, create a forum.
  • Wix Email Marketing can help you advertise your weekly blog, announcements, and updates by sending out newsletters


The above steps are the most crucial steps you’ll need to follow before beginning your YouTube career. But your work isn’t done yet.

You’ll also need to increase your social media presence in order to reach a larger audience.

You may use social media to advertise and distribute your videos to those who aren’t subscribers to your channel.

Hence, to become a successful YouTuber, use this ultimate guide and lay a solid foundation.

Frequently asked questions on How to Become a Successful Youtuber

How do I start being a YouTuber?

These steps are:

  • Decide on the niche for your YouTube channel.
  • Research content ideas for your YouTube channel.
  • Examine your video-making and video editing resources.
  • Create a content schedule.
  • Outline your overall goals for your channel.
  • Begin filming your content.
  • Optimize your YouTube channel.

How do you earn money as a YouTuber?

YouTube income is generated by advertisements through AdSense, sponsorships with popular brands, and affiliate links.YouTube pays you only after you’ve earned $100 or more from placing ads on your channel and videos.

Is Youtubing a good career?

Yes, YouTube is a job. In order to succeed as a YouTuber, one needs to follow specified work hours and work under somebody else’s authority. That’s similar to any other occupation out there. Successful YouTubers also enjoy a steady paycheck, but any business can go under at any time.

Can YouTube be a full time career?

Yes, you absolutely can. If you want it to be, YouTube can become your full-time job. Thousands of creators have done just that by starting, growing, and monetizing their channels

Is being a Youtuber worth it?

Overall, YouTube is worth it. You just have to find the right monetization strategy for yourself. Some people, use YouTube to sell info products while also monetizing through ads. Ads may not make much money, but when you add up everything together the revenue number is nice.


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