17 Unkown secrets to A successful Job Interview 2021


Job interview secrets: One of the scariest moments of an average human lifespan is when he has to prepare for an exam or an interview. The latter brings more fear because of the anxiety of being rejected. Preparing for an interview might come quite easier if you learn the secrets to acing your interviews.

The whole process of job searching, submitting CV and waiting to be called requires a lot of efforts but most applicants throw this efforts away due to the way they conduct themselves during an interview. There are unspoken rules the interviewers expect you to follow even without being told.

They expect you to be familiar with this rules and anything contrary to it gives them a red flag about you. One of the best things you can do for yourself is finding out ways not to go against this rules that they won’t tell you.

In a country as ours, daily we turnout thousands of graduates, who probably be job ready and skilled too. The big question remains, what will distinguish you from the next individual to be gainfully employed in your choice company or organisation to grow. That’s why I am here to give you the 17 tips you must know before graduation so as to stand out amongst your pears.

Its important to know this because, if you don’t, you will struggle with standing out in the exams and interviews, the right polishing you need and strategies.

All these tips will be applicable to undergraduates, graduates, job applicants and seekers, transitioning careers.

secrets to A successful Job Interview 2021

In this post I will be carefully covering the very important tips you must know.

Let’s get started;

#1. Do your homework:

It’s important for everyone who has the desire to once seek for a job, to sit down and creatively, ask the WHY? Because the why question brings about the how, that’s to say, if I am graduating as a petroleum engineer, I should envision an oil producing or servicing company, I should have PowerPoint, word, excel, powerBI, Tableau. These are powerful skills for the industry, you should do your homework of what works in your field of area or transitioning area.

#2. Confidence:

This is very key, the question of confidence isn’t in standing tall, but finding your key strengths and standing strong on, working on weaknesses. Build

you must note that he or she sitting behind the desk. So be confident of yourself, they will try to attack that but stand tall.

#3. Be truthful:

In as much as it is important to present yourself as the choice one for the role, its necessary not to indulge in lies, what you don’t know or can’t do, accept it and play around what you can do. It could get you disqualified or you run into problems when you are employed.

#4. Focus on how you can help the company:

 Tell the company, how well you are the missing puzzle in their jigsaw puzzle, you shouldn’t be only about selling yourself, tell them how those relevant skills perfectly fit into the job opportunity.

#5. State your core values:

Always point out what you stand for, your core values, your stand on certain issues or cases which you find sensitive and make it very clear. It should be well spelt out. It will give the employers an opportunity to know what you really stand for.

 #6. Be willing to learn:

 for sure you don’t know it all, and obviously your interviewer in that same field may already get threatened that you could be a possible threat to him/her. Be teachable and learn, you should learn to be under tutelage, never take off like a tornado, no matter how skilled or competent you are, if any element of pride is found in you, can get you thrown out.

#7. Never get too comfortable:

Sometimes, during interviews, the individual behind the desk might try to make really comfortable to be able to see how much you relax, you might go as far as leaning back and spreading out. He/she might keep it cool but within you have lost out. No matter how comfort is presented know your limits.

#8. Dress properly:

there is a common saying that goes dress the way you will like to be addressed, look clean, neat and simple, avoid baggy or sagging clothing. Wear clothes that completely matches your role, look pecky and smart. Avoid loud makeups and too Heeley shoes for ladies. For the guys, don’t wear ear rings or artefacts for interviews.

#9. Learn the right etiquettes:

the interviewer expects that you should know how to knock, walk into the office, request for a seat, sit down and proper position to maintain throughout the process. Learn those things and keep practicing them weeks ahead of the d day.

 #10. Match your skills to the establishments core values:

 every establishment has things which they take very sensitive and don’t joke with, for example it could be acts of philanthropy, or gender equality. Whatever it maybe, match your skills to their core values.

 #11. Never enter the hall and start gossiping:

some candidates enter interviews hall and begin to point out their undoing’s, mistakes or incompetence’s. avoid such, kindly mind your business and focus entirely on why you are there till you leave the premises.

 #12. Maintain proper manners:

some interviewers intentionally keep candidates waiting to test their level of mannerisms. Some may begin grumbling, murmuring, or go as far as loitering and littering the environment. Never be found amongst that bandwagon, maintain decorum.

 #13. Blazing CV:

Most times, there are thousands of CV’s to run through and if yours isn’t properly ordered and written won’t be attended too. Avoid too colourful or ambiguous designs. Make it straight simple and nice, your handwritten cover letter should be apt and show maturity.

 #14. Make sure your emails are always active:

As a candidate, you should responsively always go through your emails, in case of feedback or enquiries, they could get back to you, requiring reply in few hours, which you could miss out on if you aren’t active on this.

 #15. Knowledge of the company:

Know every bit of the company you are applying to, how they started, date, location, years of existence, regions, sections, departments, head offices, managers, organogram of the place.

#16. Never bend for what’s wrong or rather avoid desperation:

In most case scenarios, ladies are they most regular victims. Some ladies go as far as offering their bodies in exchange for jobs. That would be there greatest undoing because every of their progress in there will be tied to their bodies. Know when to walk out, there will be better opportunities out there, males go through similar of ladies asking for sex, refute and stand on pure character. Life has much more to offer than our bodies.

 #17. Pray and trust God:

Whatever you do put God first, prepare and leave everything in his hands. Never distrust him as he will always faithfully bring to pass his plans and purposes.

In conclusion

this life race is quite personal and paths will definitely differ, always be yourself, brush up yourself properly, background is no excuse. And just because one got it before you don’t make you a failure. Rather something greater is ahead. Remain positive always, avoid bad vibes and negativity. Believe the best of every process irrespective of how it turns out, you are very unique. I wish you success always, go and shine.