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21+ Best Makeup School In Canada 2022 | Study Abroad

Best makeup school in Canada: Applying to a makeup school could be the perfect solution if you want to turn your imagination into a profession. In addition, makeup artists can earn a very lucrative livelihood on set for production.

Of course, many makeup artists are self-taught and school is not a prerequisite for a good career. Especially in this area where practice and networking are most relevant.

But there are plenty of makeup schools out there that can help you achieve your goal faster.

Do you know there is a cosmetology university in Canada?

I bet you don’t.

Make-up schools introduce you to the beauty industry and all make-up styles. It will encourage you to find out what interests you most and enter the right profession.

Hence, you will learn more than application and mixing techniques. And you’ll have your makeup portfolio created by the time you finish your course.

That being said, we bring you the best makeup schools in Canada.

We tried to include schools from all over the canada on this list inclusing best make up school in Toronto.

The list also includes different types and programs for different needs, from a 3-year diploma program to a few days of intensive courses. If you’re looking to boost your career to a high level, take a look at the 21+ Best Makeup Schools in Canada!

Without further ado, let’s dive in…

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Why Should I Go to a Makeup School in Canada?

It’s no longer news that Canadian schools have a lot that attracts international students as well as citizens. Aside from the lush green landscape and attractive sites in Canada, the country has a long history of academic excellence.

Many students go to Canada because of their best acting schools and best aviation colleges. Also, some may want to study in Canada because of the numerous Canada Scholarships.

But when it comes to makeup, schools in Canada are known to offer special effect beauty courses such as

  • Bridal makeup
  • Replications of zombies and vampires.
  • Creation of imagined fictional characters.
  • Replicating people. More like a doppelganger.
  • Representing injuries (bruises and burns) on movie casts.
  • Daytime and evening time makeup. Bet you’ve not heard of that!!!
  • Age changing (making a young person look old and vice versa just like in the famous UNCLE DREW MOVIE)

I’m sure this is Sounding interesting already. Therefore, let’s look at the best makeup school in Toronto, Canada.

How do I start a career in makeup?

If truly you enjoy experimenting with makeup and keeping up with beauty trends, a career as a makeup artist might be for you. Makeup artists work with people in different settings and use cosmetic techniques to change a person’s appearance on special occasions, in film or theater productions, or just in everyday life.

Nonetheless, if you are thinking of starting a career in makeup you need to follow these steps to the letter.

  • Get the right training.
  • Gain relevant work experience.
  • Create a portfolio.
  • Look for jobs or become a freelancer.

#1. Geting the right training.

To become a makeup artist, you must first obtain your makeup artist certification. The procedure differs from state to state. Some states allow you to specialize in and be licensed to specialize in makeup only.

Others combine artistic makeup with other cosmetics subjects that require you to acquire a full cosmetics license.

Some states do not require certification at all. However, further training is always recommended so that you can acquire the knowledge you need for your professional success.

If you want to become a makeup artist, you should check the certification requirements in your state. You can expect to spend around 300-600 hours in a makeup exercise regimen, or around 6 months. In states that require a full cosmetics license, it takes anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 hours, or about a year or two.

#2. Gain relevant work experience.

Besides formal education, you should also get some relevant work experience if you want to become a makeup artist. Some possible work you can consider includes:

  • Volunteering at a local theater production
  • Working at a beauty salon as an assistant
  • Working behind the counter at a cosmetic supply store
  • Assisting a freelance makeup artist

Performing one of these jobs will allow you to see how makeup artists operate so you can decide if this is a career path you’d like to follow. It will also help you form valuable connections within the industry and help you to improve and expand your resume for future employment.

#3. Build a portfolio.

As you continue to educate yourself and gain relevant experience, you should start building a portfolio.

When doing makeup for people, you need to take high-quality before and after photos. You can then compile photos of your best work into a portfolio.

You can also add a brief description that describes the work you did and the look you want. This portfolio will help you to find jobs in the future or to win freelance customers.

When creating your portfolio, ask permission from everyone in the photos. If you want to do a certain type of artistic makeup, e.g. Stage makeup, consider adding more photos of this type of work. However, also try to show a wide range of your work so employers know what you are capable of.

#4. Look for jobs or become a freelancer.

After you’ve completed your makeup program and created a portfolio of your best work, the next step is to decide how you want to start your career. Some people choose to find a job near them and apply to local beauty salons or theaters.

Your cosmetics school likely has a program to help new graduates find a job, so be sure to speak to them about the offers available. Working in an established company is a great way to start your career and gain the experience you need.

Others choose to become freelance makeup artists. Self-employment is a great option when you want more control over your schedule when you want to travel, and when you have strong motivation.

Freelancers have to do a lot of work, especially at the beginning, in order to win customers. New makeup artists may find it difficult to become a freelancer, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Remember that your decision is not final. You can always start in a local salon and, after gaining experience and contacts, go into business for yourself. You can also try your hand at freelancing for a while, and if that doesn’t work, you can use the portfolio you created to find a full-time position.

List Of Some of the Best Makeup Schools/Colleges in Canada.

Now we’ve established that you can go to a cosmetology university in Canada, let’s give you a list of the best beauty schools. Also know that whichever of the Canadian makeup school in Toronto you choose to attend, be sure to get the best.

The list includes;

#1. Canadian Beauty College

Location: Toronto

This is one of the best beauty schools in Canada. Peculiar to this makeup college is that the class size is small. Also, the classes come with practical application of theory and flexible schedules.

The makeup artist beauty courses in this Toronto, Canada college includes; introduction and history of cosmetics, characteristics of the face, its sanitization, and sterilization.

Also, students get to know the color theory, beauty, and bridal application. In addition, you get to know the corrective techniques for photography, and how to start a freelance business and portfolio.

#2. College of Makeup Art and Design

Location: Toronto

This cosmetology university in Canada was established in 1987. Since its establishment, this makeup college is the world’s top makeup artistry and character design school.

Also, most of her graduate students are professionals in making people up for film, fashion, television, digital and practical effects, and the performing arts.

Also, her beauty courses in Canada are Photoshop, ZBrush, and Creature Design. Basically, they last for 17 weeks.

#3. The School of Professional Makeup

Location: Danforth’s East End, Toronto

Here’s one of the best schools of professional makeup in Toronto. Also, the school offers one of the best beauty courses in Canada taught by experienced professionals in the makeup Industry.

Also, of the top-rated makeup artist courses in the Toronto college are makeup art and airbrush, Special FX Makeup, Hair works, and Prosthetics.

#4. Pro makeup Art College

Location: Toronto

This Canadian makeup school was founded in 1998. Many regard it as one of the best beauty schools in Toronto. Possibly because it’s a private makeup school.

Also one of the advantages of this makeup school in Canada is the small class size. This enables students to learn more. Also, the courses are really cost-effective. Hence the why the college enlists as one of the cheapest colleges in Canada.

And yes, students can count on working with professional models, Model work, and other modeling agencies after school. Courtesy of the school connection.

#5. Paramita Academy of Makeup Inc.

Location: Toronto

This school in Toronto trains makeup artists from scratch via courses that make them Pro. Also, this is one of the best beauty schools in Toronto that hold cheap makeup boot camps and classes.

In a bid to help students grow in this art, the school publishes edited photos of their student’s work online. And also, graduates from the makeup school can apply for the M.A.C Pro discount card.

#6. JCI’s award-winning Makeup Artistry Diploma Program

Location: Vancouver, BC 

Here makeup courses last for 10 months. And of course, it comes with an intensive and practical comprehensive study course. Also, students get to learn how to do special effects makeup.

#7. School of Makeup Art (SOMA)

Location: Toronto.

SOMA as it’s popularly known as is one of the best beauty makeup schools in Canada. At SOMA, beauty courses in Toronto last for six months. Basically, their focus and aim are on transformational makeup. Be rest assured that the courses involve practicals which include making up actual clients.

#8. Glow Academy

Location: Bloor West, Mississauga, and Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto

Makeup artistry has never been more beautiful at Glow Academy. This Canadian makeup school offers makeup artist courses from scratch to advanced level in Toronto. Also, manicure services, brow clean up and facials are valuable additions.

#9. The School of Makeup and Esthetics; George Brown College

Location: Toronto

In addition to this cosmetology universities in Canada are hairstyling, spa, and specialized studios. Here students gain hands-on experience on all-around makeup which at the end comes with certificates. Also, students get to work on actual clients on the course of the training in the makeup school in Canada.

#10. Eventbrite Spring Professional Masterclass

Location: Toronto

The program offers both makeup and fashion courses. It’s a spring course. With extensive studies, the courses cover multiple areas of makeup, hairdressing, and fashion.

The program offers courses taught by established makeup professionals in the industry. These courses include training on day makeup application, evening makeup application, bridal makeup, hair styling, practical makeup application, practical makeup application, and a photoshoot for the Wallet.

They offer these courses at a very affordable price with a discount for early registrations. At the end of the programs, they will issue certification after the courses.

#11. Vancouver Film School

Location: Vancouver

Basically, this makeup school in Vancouver, Canada has focused on movie makeup artistry. Just so you know this school is responsible for a lot of crazy blockbuster film makeups in Canada. Making it one of the best makeup schools in Canada.

Basically, it’s a one-year program. But in addition, you will receive a Makeup Design for Film and TV diploma in 2 months and a detailed portfolio. Also, you get access to the alumni list and career boards.

21+ Best Makeup School In Canada 2022 | Study Abroad
21+ Best Makeup School In Canada 2022 | Study Abroad

#12. Blanche MacDonald Center for Applied Design

Location: Vancouver

Here at Blanche MacDonald Center, the school believes that makeup is beyond creativity. In addition to facial transformations, this best make-up school in Vancouver, Canada is into fashion, nails, and hair.

#13. Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

Location: Fort Lauderdale

Cosmix is not a Cosmetology university in Canada. Rather it’s a specialized makeup school with over 20 years of practical experience. The makeup school in Canada prides itself on training thousands of students from around the world.

#14. The Salon Professional Academy

Location: Onalaska

Here at the best makeup school in Canada, tutors believe that cosmetology goes beyond passing the state board exam. At the end of your study at the cosmetology university in Canada, students will be salon-ready. Making them effective in any makeup artist.

#15. Seneca College

Location: Toronto

At Seneca College, the makeup program tutors students to become professionals in the use of cosmetics. In addition to that, students learn via demonstration as hands-on instructions from tutors. Also, students get to take their glamorous designs on stage, on television, and in films.

#16. Centennial College

Location: Toronto

Here the makeup courses are often to referred to as ESTH-223. Students get to go through 6 hours of lab practicals per week. Basically, this best makeup school in Canada focuses on color theory, its major characteristics, and its use on the face.

#17. Micheal Vincent Academy

Location: Los Angeles

This is a cosmetology university or academy that tops most makeup schools in Canada. Many regard it as a change-maker brand in the beauty and production industry in Hollywood. Here the students learn in a functioning studio setting on actual models and clients.

#18. Institute of Makeup Artistry

Location: Online

Here’s one of the Canadian makeup schools that take is makeup courses in Canada online. Here, students get to learn at their own pace at the comfort of their homes. Without doubts, it’s one of the best beauty schools in Canada.

#19. Academy of Freelance Makeup

Location: London, Paris, New York, Belfast, Dubai, and Online

At AOF, students get to choose to go to the makeup school outlet in Canada, Paris, or its online school. Peculiar to this cosmetology university is the opportunity to do jobs with high-profile magazines, film festivals, and fashion week. But you must have completed your beauty courses with them in Canada.

#20. The Makeup for Ever Academy

Location: Paris

Here at the cosmetology academy, students get to choose from the 2days to 6+ months master classes. Whether you are interested in beauty, fashion, television & film or stage, or creative makeup, you will certainly find a hand for yourself.

#21. EI School of Professional Makeup

Location: Los Angeles, California

Actually, EI is the first school with makeup programs in the world. El does everything makeup. And the makeup school holds from 6 classes to a one-year program called Artistry of Makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Makeup Schools in Canada.

Where can a Makeup Artist work After Taking Courses in Toronto, Canada.?

Just like every other profession, there are places of work expressions. For a makeup artist that just concluded her courses in Toronto, you have a handful of places you can choose to work in. The list includes;

  • Theaters.
  • Fashion houses
  • Film and television
  • Modeling Agencies
  • Multimedia houses
  • Photography or cinema houses.
  • Makeup department store retail

What are the Basic Makeup Beauty Courses Students Take in Canada?

Beauty courses in Canada have a lot of variety. Basically, your choice depends on your interest. Therefore, we advise that you choose the one suitable for your personal skill. However, here’s a list of beauty courses in Canada;

  • Zbrush
  • Airbrush
  • Digital Fx
  • Avant-Garde
  • Bridal Make-up
  • Studio Make-up
  • Beauty Makeup
  • Beauty Essentials
  • Character Makeup
  • Prosthetic Makeup
  • Special Effects Makeup
  • Advanced Beauty Theory
  • Sketch & Paint Techniques
  • Creature Maquette Sculpting
  • High Fashion Make-up Trends
  • The Advanced Lab Techniques
  • Sculpture Course For Make-up Artistry

How much money does a makeup artist make in Canada?

The average pay for a Makeup Artist is $42,886 a year and $21 an hour in Canada. The average salary range for a Makeup Artist is between $32,634 and $51,351.

How do I become a medical esthetician in Canada?

To become an esthetician in Canada, you should understand your area’s licensing requirements, research and choose an approved training program, and complete the required training coursework and hands-on training hours. Some parts of Canada require an esthetician to complete a test to gain licensure.

What does cosmetology school cost?

The cost of beauty school varies from school to school. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere between $5,000 and $20,000, depending on the quality of the school, where you are located and the program you are enrolling in.

How can I attract clients as a freelance makeup artist?

There are several ways to attract clients when starting a career as a freelance makeup artist. It’s best to start with family and friends.

Let them know about the services you offer and ask them to recommend you to their family and friends. You can also network with anyone you met from previous jobs or in beauty school.

You can finally sell yourself online. Get active on social networks to promote your services. You can also develop a website where potential clients can see your previous work.

What additional skills should a makeup artist have?

Makeup artists need to work on skills that will enable them to better interact with customers and run a business. Strong communication skills are great to develop. It would also be beneficial to develop basic math and computer skills so that you can, for example, invoice customers and market your services online.

Conclusion: Best Makeup School in Canada

Whether you’re looking out for how to turn someone into a zombie using colors then the best makeup school in Canada is a great start. Canada houses the best beauty courses as well as most beauty schools in Toronto.

We hope this article helps you find what you’re seeking. Good luck with your application to the best makeup school in Toronto!!!


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