MasterCard scholarships-All you need to know in 2023

MasterCard scholarships-All you need to know in 2021-2022
MasterCard scholarships-All you need to know in 2021-2022

Is the Mastercard scholarship still open? Yes! You may now apply to receive a fully funded Master Card Foundation Scholarship for the 2023 academic year. The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Programs are available at a variety of international schools and provide an excellent opportunity for economically disadvantaged and intellectually exceptional individuals.

International students can study at MasterCard partner universities and apply for scholarships in undergrad or postgrad courses. Mastercard offers a fully funded scholarship to students who have exceptional leadership potential, are hardworking, and want to give back to their communities by applying their knowledge and talents.

Do you want to be a MasterCard scholar? Then there are opportunities for you if you can apply and win one of the numerous MasterCard scholarships.

We all know that One of the hindrances to study abroad programs and education, in general, is finance.

Little wonder most international students seek scholarships and grants to sponsor their education.

This article will clearly guide you on how to apply for and win a MasterCard scholarship.

What you Need to Know About MasterCard Scholarships.

MasterCard Scholarships is a financial aid schema sponsored by Mastercard Foundation.

The Foundation was founded in 2006 in Toronto, Canada. It’s a non-governmental organization that works with different institutions and non-governmental organizations to provide greater access to education, training, and financial services to economically disadvantaged people, primarily in Africa.

Since its inception to date, MasterCard foundation scholarships remain one of the world’s most popularly applied scholarships.

This scholarship scheme works based on partnership. In other words, the foundation works with partner institutions to manage the recruitment and selection of Mastercard Foundation Scholars.

Therefore, if you are interested in becoming a Scholar, you must apply through the university of your choice. (Not to worry, you will find the participating institutions below!!!)

Kindly note that the scholarship program provides financial, social, and academic support to Scholars.

However, the financial support is not limited to, tuition fees, accommodation, books, and other scholastic materials.

Participating in Institutions for MasterCard Scholarships

As earlier stated, MasterCard runs its scholarship scheme through partner universities.

Kindly note that this scholarship scheme extends to high school scholarships to study abroad for international students’ education.

Below is a list of universities categorized according to programs that are MasterCard partners. They include;

Secondary Education

Camfed International

CAMFED is an acronym for Campaign For Female Education. It is an international non-profit organization working to tackle the scourge of poverty and the huge disparity in girl-child education in Africa. And yes! MasterCard Foundation supports these girls via scholarships.

Equity Group Foundation

Equity Group Foundation seeks to champion the social and economic transformation of the African youth. And through the MasterCard Foundation, these African youths are sponsored in education, work, and leadership to make Africa better.

Undergraduate Programs

Master’s Programs

Interestingly, these schools are among the best colleges for study abroad programs. Also, if you’re considering the best colleges with exchange programs for international students, check those as well!!!

Who is Eligible to Apply for MasterCard Scholarships?

MasterCard Scholarships.
MasterCard Scholarship scholars

Depending on the program you are applying for the scholarship, the criteria might differ.

Also, each participating university for the MasterCard scholarships has its eligibility criteria.

Therefore, before applying carefully review the institution’s application criteria. Aside from that, here is a general eligibility criterion for this scholarship scheme;

  • Candidates for the bachelor’s degree program must not be above 29 at the time of application. However, Master’s degree program candidates must not be above 35 years.
  • Applicants must have demonstrated a commitment to making a difference in the community as well as being academically strong.
  • Proof of English language proficiency. Either IELTS or TOEFL. (Optional)
  • High academic standards
  • Leadership skills and passion to make our communities better.

When is the Application Deadline for MasterCard Scholarships?

Well, application deadlines differ with universities. Partner institutions for MasterCard Scholarships have their own deadlines and admission fees.

Therefore, visit the university website to ascertain if the application is ongoing or not.

Kindly note that for schools that require application fees as part of the admissions process, the fees will be refunded if you get selected for the Scholars Program.

How to Apply for MasterCard Scholarship Program 2022?

Before being considered for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarships Program, every candidate must first meet the admissions requirements of the university.

Just like scholarship applications, there is a process. And the process is peculiar to the university of choice.

For the purpose of clarity, we have outlined the processes you need to undergo before and during your application.

Here’s how to apply for a MasterCard scholarship:

Before you apply

  • Carefully scout the MasterCard scholarships 2022 website to know the eligibility criteria, requirements, deadlines, and other application instructions for each university.
  • Then, make a choice of the institution and program to apply to. Kindly note that there is no limit to the number of schools you can apply to. However, it takes a great deal of effort and tenacity to complete the application process.
  • Proceed to prepare the necessary documents to submit. Each institution requests different requirements and documents as part of the application process. If you fail to submit before the application deadline, it will result in an incomplete application.
  • If required, take the required tests prior to starting your application. For some partner universities, tests such as SAT, TOEFL or IELTS are part of the standard requirements for all international students. And to other university partners, these requirements are not needed.

You will need a referee to endorse your application. Therefore, ask for references and recommendation letters. What this means is that you will need either your teacher, mentor, or community leader, to support or endorse you.

Also, note that some partners will require you to submit the recommendation online. In this case, follow up with your referee to ensure the online submission is done as and when due.

When applying

  • Visit the MasterCard scholarships 2022 official website here
  • Once the application is open, follow the instructions on the university program. Kindly note that some partners accept only online applications whereas others require paper-based applications. Therefore, you apply base on the university preference.
  • Go through your application profile and ensure it’s error-free. And also, ensure that the required documents are submitted as required by the university.
  • Take note of the deadline and avoid waiting until the last day to submit your application. A late or incomplete application will not be considered for the Scholars Program. (That would be sad!!! Ensure you submit)

Kindly note that an email from the university solidifies your application. With this, you get the answer to “how to apply for a MasterCard scholarship”.

Do MasterCard Scholarships for 2023 Require Admission Fees?

Depending on the partner university, admission fees might be required. However, it’s required by most MasterCard partners as part of the application process.

However, the fee is reimbursed once you get selected as a MasterCard scholar.

Is TOEFL a Requirement for MasterCard Application?

It’s partner university dependent. American universities require proof of English language proficiency either TOEFL and/or SAT scores as part of their application process for international students.

But if you are confident that you can fulfill the requirements of the SAT and TOEFL, ask your counselor or principal to make available to you a letter of support or similar documentation that expresses their confidence in your academic achievements.

Share your story and your letters of support with the admissions office of the university to which you are applying. (You might just be lucky to get a waiver for the English language proficiency document)

What’s in for Me as a MasterCard Scholar?

No scholarship comes without advantages. Just like most scholarship schemes, MasterCard foundation scholarships come with a lot of benefits that interest students.

Little wonder the foundation receives over 40,000 applications each year. Here’s what you get from being a MasterCard Scholar;

  • Supports financially disadvantaged, but highly intelligent students to pursue their academic goals.
  • MasterCard scholarships prod applicants to develop highly sought-after skill sets in areas such as IT and Communications, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Critical thinking.
  • Also, the foundation gives you an opportunity as a MasterCard scholar to give back to society through works of charity, community services, and volunteer jobs.
  • Furthermore, the foundation provides a platform for graduates, undergraduates, and high school students alike to interact, network, and consult on various forums, seminars, and workshops to help each other realize their individual aspirations.
  • Also, MasterCard scholars get ample opportunities to interact with mentors, life coaches, and leadership experts. (It’s a rare opportunity!!!)
  • Last but not the least, MasterCard scholars achieve a smooth transition from secondary to tertiary institutions. All bills on MasterCard foundation!!!


The MasterCard Foundation has made available a commitment of $500 million to educate 15,000 African Scholars. This is open to secondary, undergraduate, and Masters’s degree levels.

However, you must be committed to giving back to their communities and contributing to the social development and economic growth in your country of origin.

Also, scholarships are available to study in USA, Spain, Australia, and other parts of the world.

We hope you found the how to apply for a MasterCard scholarship guide enlightening.

Also, note that MasterCard scholarships are included in Australian scholarships as well as scholarships for engineering students.


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