Ongoing MTN Scholarships for Undergraduate students 2021-2022


MTN Scholarships for Undergraduate: The MTN Foundation is glad to announce that Applications are currently ongoing for the MTN Scholarships for Undergraduate 2021-2022.

This year MTN foundation scholarship 2021-2022 is open to all Nigerian students or international students resident in Nigeria.

Also, You must be attending one of the tetiary institutions in the country, which could be university, polytechnic or colleges of education.

The MTN foundation scholarship is awarded to high performing students in other to recognise their top accademic prowess.

This undergraduate scholarship is a need-based scholarship.

Therefore, it is awarded to students with financial need, who cant afford to pay for their fees through the university years.

The world study portal team have put together a full detail article,

about the Ongoing MTN Scholarships for Undergraduate students 2021-2022 , Explaining;

  • Who is Eligible to apply for the MTN Scholarships for Undergraduate 2021-2022
  • MTN Scholarships for Undergraduate Worth
  • How to Appy for MTN Scholarships for Undergraduate 2021-2022 and
  • The MTN scholarship application 2021-2022 deadline

That being said, let’s dive right in…

What you Need To know About MTN Foundation scholarship

The MTN foundation scholarship was born out of the need to give back to the Nigerian society by Telecommunication company.

Thus, this scholarship is a part of the annual youth development program of the MTN foundation.

Every year the foundation awards deserving students from Nigerian tetiary institutions the opportunity to complete their school without financial hinges.

Thus, the scholarship is divided into the following categories:

  • #1. MTN Science and Technology Scholarship
  • #2. MTN Scholarship for Blind Students
  • #3. Top 10 UTME Scholarship

#1. MTN Science and Technology Scholarship

This year scholarship is the 12th edition of the MTN Science and Technology Scholarship.

This category the MTN foundation scholarship is open to 300 level students that are studying courses related to science and technology in any of the Nigerian public tertiary institutions (Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education).

#2. MTN Scholarship for Blind Students

This category of the foundation scholarship is focused on 200level tertiary students that are blind but maintain high academic grades in various departments.

This is the 10th edition of the MTN Scholarship for Blind Students.

The scholarship open to all course of study at any of the higher institutions in Nigeria (Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education). 

#3. Top 10 UTME Scholarship

Started in 2020, this MTN foundation scholarship is open to JAMBITE(students who are about to write their UTME exams).

Thus, It is a scholarship awarded to the top 10 UTME candidates as annonced by JAMB yearly.

These students automatically qualify for the MTN top 10 UTME scholarships worth N200,000.00.

As long as the awardees maintain the given grades, the are entitled to this from their 100level to final year.

More so, the scholarship is awarded irrecpective of the student course of study.

Who is Eligible to apply for the MTN Scholarships for Undergraduate 2021-2022

To qualify for MTN Scholarships, you must meet the following criteria:

MTN Foundation scholarship 2021-2022 Application Requirements

Ensure that the information provided here is true, as they will be varified and successful candidate will be invited for an aptitude test.

Thus, on the exam day candidate will be required to come with their recent passport photograph(2 copies) and the following documents( photocopy and originals).

  • The valid Student ID card
  • Proof of CGPA(For undergraduate students)
  • Any other means of identification (National ID card, International passport or Driver’s license)
  • Admission letter from JAMB and institution of study
  • Admission letter for the HND programs (For Polytechnic students only)

How to Apply for MTN Foundation Scholarship 2021-2022

Now, you know waht it takes to apply for for MTN undergraduate scholarship 2021.

MTN Scholarships for Undergraduate
MTN Scholarships for Undergraduate

Let’s discuss the step by step application process, starting from the mtn foundation scholarship login portal.

Hence, To apply for MTN Foundation Scholarship successfully, follow the procedures below.

STEP1: Login into the mtn foundation scholarship portal. MTN scholarship official website and select a form for eligible category.

STEP 2: Fill the form for the category you select (The Scholarship Application form Contains over 5 Sections which include; personal information, UTME Information, Course Information, and Family Background)

STEP 3: Start with your personal information(Your surname, First Name, Middle Name, Gender, date of birth, and others)

STEP 4: The second section covers Personal Address, email, phone number, and passport upload. Make sure you follow all instructions written in each field of the form.

STEP 5: Once you’re done filling the form, Click on “SUBMIT” Please review the form before you submit to affirm all information are correct.

MTN Foundation Scholarship 2021-2022 Application Deadline

The deadline for this scholarship is August 15, 2021.

What to Do Applying for MTN Scholarship

Once you’ve completed the scholarship application, next is to wait for your name to be shortlisted, and then you proceed for the screening/interview.

Frequently Asked Questions About MTN Foundation Scholarship 2021

Can Polytechnic OND and HND Students Apply for the MTN Scholarships?

Yes! they are Eligible to Apply for the Scholarship. The Applicant must be in his/her ND2. The Scholarship applicant must be in the above-specified field of Study for the Application to be considered.

How many students are Awarded the MTN Scholarship Annually?

500 MTN Scholars are named annually. The MTN Scholarship Shortlist is pasted on national dailies, Official Social Media Handles, and emails are sent to winners.

I sat for WAEC/SSCE Examination Twice can I Still Apply?

Yes! you can apply as there are provisions for you to insert those results accordingly

When will the MTN Scholarship Results be Out?

The results are always released in September annually based on the trends we have followed thus far. This question is always popping up on Google search. We have taken time to study the MTN Foundation Scholars Award Trends and we can say that 80% of the results released have been in September.

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