21 Scholarships to Study Abroad in Japan 2022 | An Updated Guide

21 Scholarships to Study Abroad in Japan 2022 | An Updated Guide

Scholarships to Study Abroad in Japan: Seeking Japan study abroad scholarships? Then you just clicked on the right link. This piece enlightens you about how to get into Japan as a student via the Japanese study abroad scholarships.

All thanks to the ambitious reforms in Japan, students from all nations can have more funding for education. In other words, there are scholarships available to study in Japan. This ranges from government scholarships to grants and loan schemes open to outstanding international students.

In a bid to make the study abroad Japan scholarship search easier, we have put together a comprehensive list of scholarships in Japan for international students. However, keep in mind that they can be partial and fully funded.

Why Do I Need Study Abroad Japan Scholarships?

Just like most needs, there must be a “Why“. Reasons, why you need scholarships, differ by individuals. In other words, there is no one size fit reason as to why you need a Japanese scholarship. However, if you go through these questions, you might find one that lets you let out the “Yes” word in response to why you need the scholarship to study in Japan. Here are some;

  • You’re interested in studying abroad in Japan.
  • Need to improve your Japanese language skills through an immersive experience at a Japanese school.
  • Or you want to attend school for free.
  • Also, let’s say you’d like to have money to live in Japan while studying in school.
  • You want to travel but want to have a larger purpose or objective while doing so.
  • Furthermore, you want to learn more about Japanese modern culture and meet Japanese people.

So which one makes you want to fly to Japan to study abroad on scholarships? First, let’s take a look at the Japan study abroad scholarships below!!!

21 Scholarships to Study Abroad in Japan

#1. University of Tokyo Global Science Course Scholarship

This scholarship to study in Japan is open to transfer students who have accepted the Global Science Course (GSC) Undergraduate Transfer Program These students automatically gain the “School of Science Scholarship for Transfer Students”.

UTokyo’s global science scholarships for transfer students help students offset part of the cost of studying the Global Science Course at the university. 

Deadline: 7th April

Duration: Up to two years

Value: 150,000 Japanese yen per month

#2. Rotary Yoneyama Foundation Scholarships for International Students

This study in Japan scholarship is open to students interested in Japanese universities or graduate schools. Guess who supports that? Rotarians throughout Japan.

Deadline: 16th October.

Duration: the period of study

Value: Undergraduates: 100,000, Masters: 140,000 and Doctoral students: 140,000 yen per month.

#3. Government of Japan (MEXT) Scholarships for Research Students

This is one of the prominent Japanese study abroad scholarships. Japanese Government’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) is offering scholarships. However, this is open to master’s, doctoral, or professional graduates. Also, students who are conducting research in a specialized field at an undergraduate level can also apply.

Deadline: 5th January. (Kindly note that deadline varies with countries)

Duration: period of study

Value: Allowance: 143,000yen-145,000yen per month, transport to and fro Japan and Tuition.

4 . The Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students

This study in Japan scholarship is sponsored by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). The monetary returns are not as large as other scholarships on this list. However, students can sometimes apply for this scholarship in addition to other scholarships.

Deadline: Late March to May.

Duration: One year

Value: ¥48,000 monthly

#5. Student Exchange Support Program

This is a Japanese scholarship for short-term study in Japan. Also, JASSO sponsors this Japan scholarship. Junior College, College of Technology, Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral Students can apply.

Deadline: Not Specified. However, we recommend you apply at the time of submitting your application to the Japanese host school.

Duration: 8 days to 12 months

Value: ¥80,000 monthly

#6. Mie Prefectural Scholarship for Foreign Students

Mie is open to students under the age of 40. Also, this Japan study abroad scholarship is sponsored by the Mie International Exchange Foundation. In addition, this scholarship is open to Junior College, Undergraduate, Master’s, and Doctoral Students.

Deadline: Not Specified

Duration: Period of study

Value: ¥600,000 per year

#7. Future Development Scholarship for International Students (Fukuoka City)

Study Abroad in Japan via this scholarship open to undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students.

This scholarship is for international students who wish to work in Fukuoka. It comes with work experience opportunities at a local company.

It is provided by businesses, organizations, and individuals, and allows the scholarship providers to meet the students face to face.

Deadline: Not Specified

Duration: Individual dependent

Value: ¥300,000 – ¥500,000 per year

#8. ITO Foundation for International Education Exchange Scholarships

The Foundation announces scholarship awards for Japanese students intending to study abroad at a master’s course of a graduate school.

Open to foreign students preferably under 30. However, this is a study abroad Master’s Scholarship in Japan. Also, this is a privately sponsored scholarship.

Therefore, before you apply for it, you must obtain current application guidelines for each applicable year to be assured of your eligibility and other information such as deadline, application materials, and so on.

Deadline: Not Specified

Duration: 1 Year

Value: ¥180,000 per month

#9. Kashiyama Scholarship Foundation

Open to Masters students under 30 and Doctoral students under 35. In other words, this scholarship to study in Japan is not available to undergraduates. The deal-breaker here is that the Kashiyama Scholarship Foundation website is in Japanese. However, you can use the translate button.

Deadline: Not Specified

Duration: One year for masters and 2 years for doctoral students.

Value: ¥120,000 per month

#10. Kato Asao International Scholarship Foundation

Studying in Japan via this scholarship is a plus. All program levels can apply. However, students should not be more than 30 years for undergraduate and master’s students. While doctoral students should be under 35.

Duration: Undergraduate (Year 3-4); Master’s (Year 1-2); Doctoral (Year 1-3, or Year 1-4 for 4-year programs such as medicine)

Value: Undergraduate: ¥120,000, Master’s: ¥130,000 and Doctoral: ¥150,000 per month

Other Japan Study Scholarships include;

#11. International Kyowa Scholarship Foundation

Applications for this Japanese scholarship are accepted through its partner universities. Also, it’s open to all programs in addition to Technical Colleges and Professional Training students.

Value: ¥120,000 per month

#12. Kobayashi International Scholarship Foundation

The stipend for Kobayashi scholar vary. However, they’re quite a considerable sum. For the application, students under or 35 years can apply. Also, all program levels can apply. However, only 3rd or 4th-year undergraduate students can send in their applications.

Value: Undergraduate: ¥150,000, Master’s and Doctoral: ¥180,000 per month

Duration: Undergraduate: 2 years, Masters: 2 years, and Doctoral: 3 years

#13. Sato Yo International Scholarship Foundation

Sato Yo scholarship is for students studying in Japan. Also, it welcomes scholarship applications from students from all program levels.

Value: Undergraduate: ¥150,000, Master’s and Doctoral: ¥180,000 per month

Scholarships to Study Abroad in Japan
Scholarships to Study Abroad in Japan

#14. Tokyu Foundation for Foreign Students

These Japan study abroad scholarships is for master’s students under 30 and doctoral students under 35. Also, it’s important you know that this scholarship is not open to undergraduate students.

Value: ¥180,000 per month

#15. Tokio Marine Kagami Memorial Foundation

These study abroad scholarships in Japan is basically for ASEAN students. Open to Masters students under or 30 years old. Also, doctoral students must be under 35 years.

Enhance your academic and professional prospects by participating in the Tokyo Marine Kagami Memorial Foundation Scholarship of Tsukuba University in Japan for the 2021-2022 academic session.

The educational program aims to support talented and deserving students who wish to pursue a Master’s or Ph.D. program at Tsukuba University.

Duration: until completion of degree

Value: ¥180,000 per month

#16. Japan Educational Exchanges and Services

These Japan study abroad scholarships is sponsored by the Mitsubishi Corporation International Scholarship (JEES Sponsor-Crowned Scholarship). Only undergraduates in years 3 – 4 and Master’s; Doctoral students can apply.

Duration: until completion of degree

Value: Undergraduate: ¥100,000, Master’s and Doctoral: ¥150,000 per month

#17. NOMURA Foundation

This scholarship is open to Master’s and doctoral students under 35 years.

The Nomura Foundation awards scholarships to foreign students studying humanities or social sciences at Japanese universities.

The scholarship is currently only open to students from six universities, namely Tokyo, Hitotsubashi, Kyoto, Osaka, Waseda, and Keio.

Good Japanese communication skills are required to apply for a scholarship.
We have application guidelines in Japanese only, and applications must also be in Japanese unless otherwise stated.

Value: ¥200,000 per month

#18. Honjo International Scholarship Foundation

The Honjo International Scholarship Foundation provides scholarships to students in every academic field from every country and region around the world with the potential to become outstanding leaders who contribute to the peaceful development of global society.

This is like MasterCard Scholarships however it’s only open to Masters and Doctoral students.

Value: Master’s: ¥200,000, Doctoral (3 years): ¥180,000 and Doctoral (4 – 5 years): ¥150,000 per month.

#19. Rohm Music Foundation

This is a Japan study abroad scholarship that is also a high school scholarship. However, this Japanese scholarship is open to High school Doctoral students. Also, it is designated to students who are into music.

In order to develop the music culture, the Rohm Music Foundation supports young musicians who shape the future of music in order to realize their dreams, and the musicians involved becomes “Rohm Music Friends”

Value: ¥300,000 per month

Duration: 1 year or up to the completion of degree

#20. INOAC International Education and Scholarship Foundation

The foundation’s goals are to provide scholarships to Japanese nationals for higher education abroad and foreign nationals to study at Japanese universities, to promote mutual understanding between Japan and other countries, and to contribute to the development of human resources that can have a positive impact In the world.

The INOAC Japanese scholarship is open to countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Therefore, if your country is not qualified, do not apply!!!!

Duration: 2 years

Value: ¥170,000 per month + travel expenses

#21. The Bridging Scholarship

The Bridging Project offers scholarships for US students participating in study abroad programs in Japan.

The United States-Japan Bridging Foundation funds scholarships through the AATJ to help students study abroad in Japan for a semester or academic year.

This scholarship is open to undergraduate learners in any field of study as long as they can provide evidence that they will receive college credit for their courses upon their return to the U.S. Also, students in summer programs are not eligible to apply.

Value: $2,500 USD – $4,500 USD for year-long programs.

Requirements to Apply for Japan Study Scholarships

Different Japanese scholarships have their own application process. Just like Australian scholarships have a strategic application process so do Japanese scholarships. However, this section will guide you on the requirements you need to apply for Japan study abroad scholarships. They include;

  • Applicant must have a valid Japanese student visa (International students inclusive)
  • You must meet the age requirement specified for each scholarship they’re applying for.
  • MEXT applicants must have completed 12 years of schooling in countries other than Japan.
  • In addition, applicants must be willing to learn Japanese
  • JASSO scholarship applicants must not be receiving the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) scholarship or any Foreign Government Scholarship. This will result to disqualification.
  • You must present a health certificate in the prescribed format signed by a physician.
  • Also, when applying for study abroad Japan scholarships you must have a GPA of 2.30 or more at a graduate or undergraduate level.
  • If the student has a financial supporter in Japan, his/her annual income must be less than 5 million yen
  • Also, allowance (excluding enrollment fee, tuition fee, etc.) received by the student must not exceed an average of 90,000 yen per month.
  • For JASSO applicants, students must adhere to JASSO’s language requirements (JLPT N2/200 points in the EJU/ CEFR B2


So you are planning to study abroad in the island nation of Japan? This is an incredible opportunity for a student of all ages and disciplines! You will definitely enjoy this next adventure on your learning journey. And if you want to use all the resources available to you

In terms of access, there are myriad of overseas scholarship programs in Japan, from extensive support from the Japanese government to highly specialized programs for specific study programs.