How to Get Student Visa for Singapore | 2022 Requirements

How to Get Student Visa for Singapore
How to Get Student Visa for Singapore

Student Visa to Singapore: Singapore, commonly known as the “Lion City,” is a popular tourist destination in Asia as well as a preferred choice for international students seeking world-class education and a refined lifestyle.

It is a first-world country with some of the largest and most powerful economies, financial hubs, and ports in the world.

It also has a number of internationally recognized universities that attract thousands of students from all over the world.

If you want to study at a university in Singapore, you must first prepare as an international student in Lion City.

A student visa is an important document that allows you to study in Singapore.

Our comprehensive guide below will show you how to obtain a student visa for Singapore.

What is a Singapore Student Visa?

A student visa is referred to as a “Student Pass” in Singapore, and universities are referred to as Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL).

You must apply for this student permit if you are an international student in Singapore and plan to attend any academic program that lasts more than 30 days.

The Student’s Pass Online Application and Registration (SOLAR) system, the country’s official registration system, receive your visa or pass application.

Student pass applications for applicants under the age of 19 who intend to attend a private institution are processed directly by the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

While students over the age of 20 who are interested in pursuing vocational, commercial, language, or fine arts studies may be required to attend an interview.

Is Singapore giving Student Visa?

Before beginning the visa application procedure, an applicant must first decide on a course and compile a list of universities that offer that degree.

Singapore’s universities provide a diverse range of courses, including diplomas, certificate programs, and bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in sectors like business, tourism, and healthcare, as well as information technology, education, and psychology.

With its enormous research environment and well-developed education system, Singapore is home to some of Asia’s greatest universities.

When to Apply For a Singapore Student Visa

After getting a formal, written invitation to join an IHL, you can begin applying for your student visa to Singapore. Study visa applications in Singapore are normally processed quickly.

If you meet all of the Singapore study visa requirements, you should receive your visa between 15 days to a month.

However, immigration agents may want more information at times. They may request that students attend an embassy interview.

In such circumstances, the processing of the student pass can take up to four months.

Universities usually require that you submit your visa application at least a month before the start of your course, academic year, or semester.

However, it is preferable to begin the visa application procedure at least two months in advance.

What are the Types of Student Visas for International Students and their Validity?

The student pass is Singapore’s only study visa. This pass is accepted at all 34 International Houses of Learning (IHLs) in Singapore that admit international students.

There are, however, variations of the pass:

#1. Students Pass

In Singapore, full-time courses are normally awarded a student visa known as a student pass.

To be eligible to apply for a student visa, the student must first earn admission to the preferred university and accept the offer letter.

The student pass is valid for the entire term of the course chosen by the international student.

#2. Short-term visit pass 

It’s also given to students who want to take Singapore short-term courses. The course must, however, last at least 30 days and no more than that.

Meanwhile, the Singapore Student Pass is not available to students who are enrolled in short-term or part-time courses.

However, one can get the Singapore Student Pass but the short course you’re taking must include the following:

  • Must be completed within 30 days of the pass’s expiration date, whichever comes first.
  • The Student’s Pass scheme excludes courses with multiple program modules since they are not full and stand-alone modules.
  • Not included are hands-on practical vocational training and/or industrial attachments that entail engaging with walk-in clients or are held on business premises (such as a hair or beauty salon).

Depending on the sort of educational institution where you plan to study, the requirements and processes for a Student’s Pass change slightly. We’ll discuss the types below.

Both types of student passes have the same registration and issuance fees. Aside from this, Singapore provides students with the following passes:

Type of PassRequirement
Training Employment PassForeign professionals who earn at least SGD 3000 per month and are undergoing practical training in Singapore are eligible to apply.
Work Holiday PassStudents/graduates between the ages of 18 and 25 who plan to work and vacation in Singapore.
Training Work PermitStudents/semi-skilled trainees undergoing up to six months of practical training.

How Much Does Singapore Student Visa Cost?

The cost of obtaining a Singapore student permit can be divided into three categories:

#1. The Visa Application Fee

A visa processing cost of SGD 30 is required. It is a non-refundable advance charge that must be paid when submitting your application to the Singapore ICA.

If you opt to use the SOLAR system to submit your student pass application, you must pay the processing charge using your online banking account or a debit/credit card.

#2.The Visa Issuance Fee

You must also pay an SGD 60 visa issuance fee for each student pass issued in your name.

In addition, if you want to leave and return to Singapore throughout your academic program, you must pay a multiple-entry fee of SGD 30.

When you get your diploma, you must pay the issuance and multi-entry fees.

Meanwhile, when an applicant applies for a visa through authorized agents appointed by Singapore missions in China, they must pay this fee after receiving an In-Principle Approval letter from the authority. The list of Authorized Visa Agents can be found HERE.

#3. Security Deposit

Students must additionally pay a Security Deposit, as described in the IPA letter, which is recoverable if the applicant does not violate the Security Bond’s terms and conditions.

The sum is S$5,000 in the form of a Banker’s Guarantee or a Cashier’s Order from any established bank in Singapore.

If the following conditions are met, the applicant is free from paying the security deposit if he/she:

  • is a Malaysian or Bruneian national.
  • is under the age of 16 at the time of applying for a student pass.
  • Has a long-term visit pass or a work permit.
  • is an international student enrolled full-time at an EduTrust-accredited PEI.
  • is a foreign student engaged full-time in an EduTrust-certified provisional PEI program (except for the University of London)


If a security deposit (SD) is necessary, the student will pay it in Singapore and ICA will collect it from them.

How Long Does it Take to Get Singapore Student Visa?

The processing of your Singapore study visa application can take up to 10 business days.

If you apply in July-August, however, you should be aware that it may take longer because this is a busy period when most universities in Singapore resume classes.

For cases that require interviews, the processing duration ranges from 2 to 4 months.

No questions about the interview’s outcome will be answered.

Documents Required to Apply for Singapore Student Visa

Following the step-by-step procedure for applying for a Singapore Student Pass once the paperwork is ready is the next step.

The following are the various documents needed to complete the visa application process:

  • A valid passport is required.
  • Certificate of Birth (if applicable)
  • Application for a Student Visa (filled)
  • Offer letter issued by the respective Institute of Higher Learning
  • A passport size photograph
  • Bank statement affirming your financial status
  • Fixed Deposit receipts (if necessary)
  • Personal information of the applicant’s educational background, countries/locations where he or she has previously resided, and so on.
  • TOEFL, GRF, GMAT, and other test scores
  • Singapore’s residential address and contact information
  • Email address
  • Medical certificate (if applicable)

Please be aware that at the Embassy interview, the student may be asked to produce extra documents.

Before submitting, all regional language documents should be translated into English.

Applicants under the age of 12 must submit to the Health Promotion Board with their immunization records (HPB).

How to Apply for the Singapore Student Visa

You must be accepted into an approved full-time course in Singapore to apply for a Student’s Pass. Part-time courses, as well as evening and weekend classes, are not eligible.

You will need to submit a new application if you desire to move to another school after your application has been granted but you have not yet received your Student’s Pass.

Between one and two months before the start of your course, you must submit a student pass application.

The following are the processes to take while applying for a student visa in Singapore:

How to Get Student Visa for Singapore
How to Get Student Visa for Singapore

Step 1: Receive an Offer Letter

Only after receiving an offer letter from the particular institute may a student apply for a visa.

An offer letter is a legal document that states the objective of your visit as well as any other information needed to support your visa application.

Step 2: Confirm your Institution Registered you with ICA

Following the application for a student pass, it is the obligation of the involved university to register the student with the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) and give all relevant information, such as the course’s start date.

Step 3: On your behalf, the IHL submits an application on the SOLAR website.

Check if your preferred IHL in Singapore is registered with the SOLAR system by obtaining an admission letter from them.

SOLAR receives your information from the IHL, which includes your name, country, date of birth, gender, and course information.

The IHL will also provide you with an application reference number, which you can use to log into SOLAR and begin the visa application process.

Step 4: Get Login Access to SOLAR

The university will provide the student with login details and a SOLAR reference number after registration is completed, allowing them to access the Student’s Pass Online Application and Registration (SOLAR) System and fill out the e-Form 16 after logging in.

Step 5: Fill Up and Submit Forms 16 and V36.

Then, to submit e-Form 16, you must first log on to the SOLAR website. Before you log in, make sure you have the following information:

  • The IHL provides a registration acknowledgment message as well as login information.
  • Your passport number and date of expiration are required.
  • In Singapore, your address and contact information. If you don’t have these details, you can submit your IHL’s registered address.
  • Your electronic mail address
  • a passport-size image taken recently

Step 6: Provide Passport Information

A student will be required to provide information about his or her passport as well as his or her Singapore address.

If the applicant is unsure about the lodging, the university’s address can be used.

Step 7: Make a Payment for the Application Fee

Review the form before paying the SGD 30 application processing charge.

Step 8: Make a payment for the Issuance Fee

After paying the application fee, the applicant must wait for final approval before paying the issuance fee.

Step 9: Get an IPA Letter

An In-Principle Approval (IPA) is given to the applicant, which can be used as confirmation of the visa approval.

The IPA letter permits the student to travel to Singapore, however, the student is only awarded a student pass/student visa after crossing the country’s boundaries.


  • Upon arrival, the student will be required to present his or her passport, original copy of the IPA letter, and Disembarkation/Embarkation card (which is given on the plane or can be found at the Airport’s Immigration Checkpoint).
  • To obtain a student pass, the student must book an appointment and visit the ICA’s Visitor’s Office in Singapore with the above-mentioned documentation. Please make sure you pick up the student pass before the IPA letter expires.
  • An international student’s student pass application to study in a Private Education Institution (PEI) in Singapore will only be recognized if the PEI is EduTrust-certified.

Singapore Student Pass Renewal Process

Using the e-service, you can renew your student pass.

However, if a student wishes to pursue a different course of study at a different institution, a new application for a new student permit must be submitted.

Also, if a student wants to amend any information on their student pass or if their current pass is destroyed or defaced for some reason, he or she can ask for a replacement.

The request for a replacement must be made at the Visitor Services Centre, ICA Building, Singapore, within seven days.

A valid travel document, a current passport-sized photograph, a letter from the educational institution as verification of enrolment, and an authentic police report concerning the same are all required of the student.

Note: Once the course is completed or the student decides to stop studying, the student must cancel or surrender the student pass within 7 days.

The STP cancellation form, accompanied by a valid travel document and the STP card, can be sent to the Visitor Services Centre, IPA Building, Singapore.

Alternatively, before leaving the country, the student can relinquish the pass to the ICA office at the Checkpoint.

Can I work in Singapore with Student Visa?

International students are permitted to work 16 hours per week during the academic year and full-time during the holidays.

Internships are available at Singapore’s universities for foreign students enrolled in full-time university programs (except for the University of London).

Students can apply for a variety of job passes, including the Training Employment Pass, Work Holiday Pass, and Training Work Permit, each of which has its own set of requirements.

If students intend to work after finishing the course, they can apply for a one-year visit pass with the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoint Authority.

Additional Information Singapore Student Visa

  • Because visa applications often take 2-6 weeks to process, it is best to start the process 40-45 days before your travel date.
  • Different colleges have different supplementary requirements, so familiarize yourself with the prerequisites before applying.
  • After completing the course, the student must ask for cancellation and return the student pass.
  • Student pass holders must utilize the student pass holder lane, and authorization must be obtained before traveling to Singapore.
  • Check to see if the medical certificate is current and not more than three months old.
  • Without an IPA letter, the student will not be allowed to enter Singapore.
  • In Singapore, chewing gum and littering are punishable by fines. The student must ensure that he or she does not break any rules.
  • To make the application process go as smoothly as possible, make sure you have all of the necessary documentation on hand.


How can I apply to study at a Singapore University?

The majority of Singapore’s universities, particularly those run by the government, have an online presence. You can apply straight to a Singapore university’s website to study there.

What is the standard duration for Bachelor’s and Master’s courses in Singapore’s universities?

A typical Bachelor’s degree program can span anywhere from three to four years. Several colleges also offer 2- to 2.5-year fast-track programs. A Master’s degree might take anywhere from 1.5 to 2 years to complete.

Is IELTS required for Singapore student visa?

If your chosen university has mentioned it, language competence tests like IELTS or TOEFL may be necessary (though not always) for a Singapore Student Visa.

How long does it take to process the Singapore study visa?

The processing of your Singapore study visa application can take up to 10 business days. If you apply in July-August, however, you should be aware that it may take longer because this is a busy period when most universities in Singapore resume classes.

Is it possible to work in Singapore while on a student visa?

Yes, Singapore’s Ministry of Education allows students to work part-time. Your student pass allows you to work for a maximum of 16 hours per week.

Is it possible to convert my student pass into a work permit?

You must convert your student pass into a visit pass if you wish to stay in Singapore and hunt for work. The visit pass is only valid for a year, during which time you must find work in the country.


You’ve taken the first step toward your study abroad experience in Singapore.

You only need to finish a few minor details, such as lodging arrangements and scholarship opportunities, and you’ll be set to go!

We hope that this blog has given you all of the information you need to apply for a Singapore Student Visa.


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