Study Abroad For Engineering Students|A complete Guide 2022

Study Abroad For Engineering Students: Do you dream of fixing a faucet in Thailand? If you desire to rebuild the London bridge that fell in the poems, then you supposedly love engineering.

Are you an engineering student seeking for study abroad program? Are you looking for study abroad scholarships peculiar to engineering students?

If yes, then here is a piece on study abroad programs for engineering university and majors. Peculiar to this post is all you need to know about study abroad.

Also, we covered the major questions that come with studying abroad (high school scholarships inclusive).

What does it look like to Study Abroad for Engineering Students?

When you refer to STEM, we refer to a group of the prestigious subject combo – standing for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This group of subjects is making waves in the world today with the ever-increasing diverse range of skills. Of course, engineering is no exception. Engineering is at the point of major streamline where you no longer mechanical engineering aa a core but have a diversion such as Mechatronics Engineering, Aeronautics Engineering, etc.

On the contrary, this move with tides is popularly found abroad. This move called for study abroad engineering programs. However, just like most abroad programs, studying engineering is an interesting feat. Most students prefer to do study abroad programs for engineering majors because of the availability of scholarships. Also, it’s a way to mingle with the outside world. Take a look at some of the reasons you should consider an academic adventure abroad in engineering:

#1. Prepares you for an International Career

One of the limitations of home degrees is the viability of credibility in another country. However, when you get a certificate from an international university, it’s regarded as more credible. Also, most engineering firms have global operations – so having an international degree certificate can go a long way in convincing your employers that you are a good fit for the job. In other words, it makes you an “every employers spec“!!!

#2. Aids you Develop Key Life Skills

Choosing to do your engineering programs abroad sets you up for much learning. In addition, studying overseas is an amazing way to develop the key skills that are so valuable for employment and beyond. Also, students get to develop their language and communication skills. In addition, you will take part in discussions and debates, and write clear and concise essays. What this means is that you will drop laziness and get brushed up.

#3. Improves your Employability

Like earlier stated, most managers want to recruit professionals with the “study abroad touch”. Therefore, if you’re hoping to practice engineering after you graduate, a degree in engineering at a high-ranking university is already a great way to boost your employability. The “study abroad touch” provides an array of additional skills that employers will notice, such as showing initiative. Also, engineering programs abroad show that you are open to a challenge and can put yourself out of your comfort zone.

#4. Gain a Global Perspective

Students who study abroad gain global exposure. Also, this aids them to adapt to cultural diversity. Since engineering is practical, students will work on projects with other international and domestic students. This will happen from your perspective as you will be working as a team to tackle complex engineering problems.

#5. Create an international network

One of the most important parts of any university experience is the connections you make. Engineering programs abroad aid students network with fellow students as well as international bodies. Also, it gives students plenty of opportunities to take their work all over the world.

Available Study Abroad Engineering Programs

Depending on the country of choice, there are many engineering programs for engineering students abroad. Below is a list of the most popular ones;

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Aeronautics Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biomechanical Engineering

Are there Study Abroad Scholarships for Engineering Students?

Of course, there are study abroad scholarships for engineering students. Scholarships have proven to aid international students to fund their programs. To get any of these study abroad scholarships for engineering students, you have to apply. Most top-ranking universities, Government, and private institutions offer scholarships to students. Click on the link below to discover them!!! However, you can apply for Study Abroad Loans for US students.

What’s the Requirements for Engineering Studies Abroad?

study engineering
Engineer working with circuits. A woman engineer solders circuits sitting at a table. Microchip production factory. Assembling the PCB board. Girl repairing electronic device on the circuit board.

Traditionally, you require to be a geek in science and math to do well in engineering. In that regard, study abroad programs for engineering majors have stringent requirements. However, it may look, there’s nothing an expert’s advice cannot fix.

The requirement you need will differ from the university. Therefore, we suggest you make a choice of the university first then find out about their requirements.

Top Universities For Engineering Programs

No doubt, some universities do great in engineering programs than others. Therefore, before you make that decision to study engineering abroad, consider the following top-rated engineering universities;

#1. Copenhagen University College of Engineering

Accepts just 30 students from peculiar U.S. universities. Copenhagen is known to do best in Electronics and Computer Engineering, Engineering Design, and Industrial Innovation. Also, they offer Information and Communications Technology, and Building and Civil Engineering. Interestingly all courses are in English. In addition to the great academic experience, you get to your Denmark.

#2. KTH-Royal Institute of Technology

Known as one of the world’s leading technical universities, KTH-Royal accepts students regardless of nationality. For the records, they teach all courses in English. Therefore, KTH-Royal would be an amazing experience for any technical-minded American student. In other words, you’re welcome to Sweden.

#3. Budapest University of Technology

Located in Hungary is a top-ranking engineering university. If you are seeking study abroad engineering programs, here’s a start. Budapest offers Architectural, Civil Engineering, Chemical, and Bio-engineering. Also, Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Mechanical Engineering, and Transportation Engineering are her majors. Here’s the catch, Budapest program is one of the cheapest abroad engineering programs. options available to those thinking of studying abroad in Europe.


#5. Middle East Technical University

You can find this study abroad engineering university in Turkey. As it’s popularly called, METU is the leading technical university in the Middle East. Also, it is known to have the best study abroad programs for engineers. However, for exchange programs, the university has agreements with over 40 U.S. universities.

#6. University of Leeds

If you desire to study in Great Britain, then this is for you. The University of Leeds offers extensive science, math, and engineering programs. Also, they have opportunities for research programs.

The university pride itself in their strength of academic expertise combined with the breadth of disciplines which provides their students with a wealth of opportunities 

#7. University of Melbourne

If you want to study abroad for engineering, you have a variety of engineering courses to choose from at the University of Melbourne.

Melbourne is known for providing students with an experience that is far more than just structured learning. Parkville’s main campus is close to transportation, cafes, shops, arts and sports venues, and accommodations.

Degrees at the University of Melbourne stand out for being modeled on those from top institutions overseas.

#8. University of New South Wales

Also in Australia is the University of New South Wales. If you want to mix engineering with fun, then here’s your university of choice. You get to enjoy an array of summer programs!!!

The university pride itself in the fact that they are leading when it comes to research and teaching and they have a strong international reputation.

UNSW can link you with potential employers and help you develop the skills you need for your career beyond the classroom.


#9. Handong Global University

If you want to go study abroad for engineering students, check out Handong in South Asia. 30 to 35 percent of courses are in English. Located on the east coast of South Korea, is a private and highly regarded, and competitive university in South Korea. Pohang City is a great base for cheap travel across Asia.

For an additional charge, the university also organizes get-away weekends and trips for study abroad students.

#10. Tohoku University, School of Engineering

This is one of the leading engineering universities in Tokyo, Japan. Interestingly, you don’t need to learn Japanese (Although it wouldn’t be bad). All lectures are given in English.

The university prefers and gives preference to students who apply to take two semesters (one year) at Tohoku, because some classes are designed for a whole year. However, a few students can be admitted for a single semester (six months). Students stay in residential dorms and are a part of the large international student community at the school.

#11. Nanyang Technological University

Here’s a short description of Nanyang: a top-rated research university with extensive Science, Math, and Engineering faculties. Although they have a stringent entry application process, if you shoot your shot well, you will get admission. Also, Nanyang accepts students exchange programs.


Aside from these universities, you can do your study abroad programs for engineering majors on an island! Yeah, you heard that. Where? Brazil of course!!! ISA’s program in Florianópolis, Brazil is one of the best study abroad programs for engineering majors. But you have to apply to the study abroad engineering university: Fundação Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina (UNISUL)

These are some of the best colleges for study abroad programs with a major in engineering.

What are the Best Places to Study Abroad Programs for Engineering Majors

The top countries for engineering students include;

  • UK
  • USA
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Canada
  • India
  • China
  • France
  • New Zealand

From the list above, Study Abroad in US for International students is usually top ranking when it comes to engineering.


I hope we’ve been able to dispel the myth and eliminate the roadblocks on how to go abroad for engineering students. Good luck with your applications!!! Do share with friends and family.


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