21 Study Abroad Jobs for International students 2022

Study Abroad Jobs for International students: We conducted research on the best jobs study abroad programs for international students guess what we found out? International students’ study programs can be juggled up with many jobs.

However, you have to go to the director of study abroad jobs to get a license to do so.

Jobs study abroad programs is a global way for students to meet up with their financial need if need be.

Therefore, we have carefully scribbled out the top 21 jobs students can work in while studying in an international university.

Kindly note that any student can obtain this license as long as they apply. Therefore, if you’re wondering what to do to join this financial relief process, then you just got started on the right foot. Keep reading to discover more!!!

What Should I Consider When Looking for Jobs Study Programs as an International Student?

As a rule of thumb, here’s what to consider before deciding on a good job as an international student;

  • Will this job fit with my student lifestyle?
  • Will it leave me enough time for my course and studying?
  • Will it help me develop enhanced language skills?
  • Will it assist me in integrating more quickly into this new culture?
  • Will it help me meet new friends?
  • Will the work experience be beneficial and open up future opportunities for me?

If the answers to these questions are 70% “Yes” then it’s a go-ahead!!! Consider the following study abroad jobs while doing your programs!!!

21 International Jobs for Study Abroad Programs

Research from OneShift shows that the following abroad jobs are global for international students. Therefore, below you will find the best match for you. Here is the result of our research as well as a brief summary of each one. Of course, this applies for study abroad in USA or study abroad in Australia or any other country!!!

#1.Retail Sales Assistant

Here you work as a customer aid in a store. Also, the retail sales assistant deals with cleaning and taking stock of the goods. However, you need a good command of English or the country’s language for easy and effective communication.


  • As you student, you get flexible working conditions. Most stores allow you to close at 5.30pm (You have enough time to have a good time yourself)


  • Let’s just say the pay is not encouraging.
  • Secondly, you get to start work early in the morning.
  • You can sustain sore feet from standing all day

#2. Administrative Assistant

Well, the name describes the role perfectly. This international jobs for study abroad programs involves making coffees, sorting and writing emails, managing calendars, making copies and more. Kindly note that most of the task are repetitive and simple.


  • This role is synonymous to an entry-level position in an office environment.
  • The work is easy and comes with an amazing pay rate.
  • This is one of the global abroad jobs that have good working hours (9am-5pm)


  • Work is repetitive, boring and hugely monotonous. If you seek an interactive work environment, don’t go for this!!!

#3. Waiter

Otherwise known as the “typical student job”. According to the director of study abroad jobs, most students work as a waiter/waitress. What do they do? It’s in the job description of a waiter to wait tables in a restaurant to ensure hungry diners leave satisfied. This requires elegance and style as well as good customer service.


  • Amazing pay rate plus tips!!!
  • Waiting tables is not boring. In addition, you might just meet your heartthrob while waiting tables!!!


  • There is a huge tendency of working long hours. In other words, there is little or no flexibility in working hours.
  • Sadly, you might have to deal with crazy chefs and nagging customers each day.
  • Well, some days come with no tipping.

#4. Kitchen Hand

Without mincing words, this is a physically demanding international study abroad programs jobs. Consequently, you get to do the dishes, prepare foods and scrubbing pots. (That doesn’t sound exciting!!)


  • This global study abroad jobs comes with an amazing pay.
  • You have no need to go for roadside exercise, the work is enough exercise!!!


  • This work is exhausting. (Here’s some advice, unless you don’t have a choice “Don’t go for this”)
  • Meeting people is usually not guaranteed

#5. Bartender

If you love parties and talking to strangers then here’s the perfect job fix for you. You task include; making and serving cocktails. However, you have to be drink tolerant to work in this role. Also, you have to posses a strong work ethic to get along with customers and fellow staff.


  • The job comes with a lot of fun and great dancing.
  • Trust me when I say the pay is worth the long working hours.
  • Meeting new people is a surety working as a bartender.


  • You get to work into the night and sometimes can be boring.
  • You have to deal with drunk people all the time.

#6. Call Centre Staff

Your job is to be on the phones all the time, either selling something or helping people through customer service.


  • Excellent pay with amazing flexibility in working hours.
  • Fun is the best description working as a call center staff.


  • Can be hugely monotonous, same conversation a million times a day.

#7. Customer Services Officer

Your job description is to deal with customers complaints, requests, specifications, issues and more.


  • The pay rate is good


  • The job can be stressful.

#8. Cleaner

If you’re a reserved person who have little or no attraction for people Interaction then you need to go for this. Your job is to clean as assigned.


  • Does not require lots of communication.
  • Depending on where you work, the pay can be encouraging and comes with flexible working hours.


  • Cleaners are easily exploited.

#9. Receptionist

Here’s what you are to do; welcome guests, assist with administrative duties, book flights, prepare meeting rooms and more. You are often a company’s first interaction with walk-in guests, so you need to be very professional and punctual.


  • Great pay rate with flexible working hours.
  • Meeting new people is a surety working as a receptionist. And sometimes it comes with tipping!!!


  • Tasks can be boring and stressful.
  • Difficulty in managing work load as staff members keep giving you work.

Other Jobs Study Abroad Include

#10. Sales Representatives

Okay, don’t go for this job if you don’t have great marketing skill. Most times payment comes base on commission which is not recommended.


  • Possibility of earning a high salary if you can close sales.
  • Comes with a lot of interactions with people.


  • Comes with a lot of rejection and working on the streets.
  • Most times you’re paid just on commission (which means you don’t get paid unless you sell).


Here’s one of the best global study abroad jobs. Students get to work in a company relevant to your field of study.


  • There is a huge possibility of getting employment after school with the company.
  • Also, students get to learn and practice their course of work while interning.


Sometimes, it comes without payment.

#12. Volunteering

Volunteering though not a “study abroad programs jobs” can fetch you some financial assistance. It boosts your CV and as well gives you a tangible work experience.


  • Most times you get to choose the role you like.
  • Students gain hands-on experience on some tangible life and work experience.


Sometimes, it’s a free yet demanding task. Therefore, this work opportunity cannot help you pay for additional social activities or save some money.

#13. Language Instructor

Depending on the country you are, you can take up the teaching job. Most international students like you are do not know how to speak the country’s language. Get some cash out of them by being their tutor. However, you may need a certificate for this jobs study abroad.

#14. Hospitality and Tourism

Restaurants, hotels, and resorts need employees around the clock to cater to their guests. Whether for hosting, dining, event coordination, or accommodation assistance, service jobs are always in demand. You can fit perfectly for this role because the pay is mouthwatering. Also, you get free accommodation and meals in exchange for work.

#15. Au Pair

Wondering what that is? It’s babysitting. Since many parents are working class and need someone to take care of their babies, it might just be you. This role will fit perfectly if you love children and is unmarried. Get started by visiting websites who pair babysitters with families. Start with AuPairWorld.

This includes wine making, farming and diary product productions.

#17. Tour Guide

Most students grab the tour guide opportunity and show visitors and tourists round. You don’t necessarily have to be a citizen of the country to be a tour guide.

#18. Librarian

Yes, of the international jobs study abroad programs recommend by the director is becoming a librarian. You can go to the country library or the university library. Either ways both pays incredibly well.

#19. Computer Centres

Working in the computer centre is a great job. All you need is to be computer literate. On the other hand, it can be demanding.

#20. Students Unions

Working in a Students’ Union will improve your professionality and aid you deliver first-class services and activities.

#21. Cook

If you love cooking why don’t you join a cafeteria and make money from that skill. Although it can be demanding and requires a lot of hard work. However you need approval of the director of study abroad jobs for this!!!


We hope you find a perfect fit in any of the international jobs study abroad programs as stated by the director after a global research.

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