Study Abroad to Australia for International Students | A Complete Guide 2022

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Study Abroad to Australia: Are seeking opportunities for Study Abroad to Australia? Well, Clicking on this link suggests that you want to study abroad. If that’s the case, Australia will be a good study destination.

Despite being one of the most sorts after study destinations, studying abroad for a semester, summer, or academic year in Australia can be one of the best experiences any student can have.

Filled with natural wonders, unique wildlife, and some of the best universities in the world, you’ll get a fantastic education in and out of the classroom when you choose a Study Abroad to Australia program.

Students studying abroad in Australia can expect to be immersed in diverse cultures, rich traditions, and innovative ideas.

Whether you’re visiting an art gallery in one of Australia’s bustling cities or wandering the bush through the Australian outback, there is an adventure for any student looking to try something new.

Thus, the world study portal has put together great this piece to enlighten you on how to achieve that Aussie dream.

We bring you a piece on study abroad college programs and scholarships in Australia.

Therefore, if you are wondering “why study abroad in Australia?” Or “how much money do I need to study abroad in Australia”. You’ve got your answer within these pages. Let’s explore these opportunities together!!!

What’s Study in Australia Like?

Aside from the quality education and top-rated universities, Australia has a lot to offer a total stranger.

The country Australia promotes innovation, creativity, and independent thinking across its universities.

Although it’s known as one of the best abroad destinations for international students, Australia boasts of amazing postcard beaches and buzzing cities.

Also, if you’ve never seen a koala bear, you have an opportunity to see them on a regular. (Luckily you’d see one with a graduation cap!) Here are some reasons you should study in Australia;

  • A surety of high-quality education
  • Australia has huge cultural diversity
  • Enough beaches and recreation sites.
  • Also, Australia is home to some amazing food.
  • There are thousands of study abroad Australia scholarships available.
  • The population is small. This insinuates a less busy and congested society.
  • Furthermore, universities in Australia houses a lot of study abroad programs.
  • Here’s the interesting part, students have numerous job opportunities after graduation. (Who doesn’t like that!!!)
  • Also, Australia is an English-speaking country. What this means is that you don’t have to be worried about language barriers.

In that regard, you will agree with me that studying in Australia is not just challenging, but fun, and rewarding. With that been said, one reason Australia might not be a good choice is “cost”. Without mincing words, Australia is expensive. However, you can help with the cost by securing any of the study abroad Australia college scholarships!

What’s the Cost of Studying Abroad in Australia?

The first question in the mind of students seeking study in Australia is ” how much money do I need to study abroad in Australia?” Well, that’s a good question because Australia is expensive.

In addition, the key to success is to budget and plan ahead of time to secure financial assistance.

Now once you have verified your costs, the next step is to affirm how to pay for the fees. In that regard, we have outlined the average cost of tuition in Australia.

Australian tuition fees vary due to many factors. Factors such as the course of study, degree level, and The kind of university affect tuition costs in Australia. However, here’s what to expect;

  • Bachelor’s degrees 20,000 – 45,000 AUD
  • Master’s and PhD degrees 22,000 – 50,000 AUD

Kindly note that this is just the tuition fees. Other charges may apply depending on the university and program of study.

study abroad in Australia
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What are best cities to study abroad in Australia

If you have chosen your study abroad programs to Australia, one thing you should have in mind is that Australia’s cosmopolitan cities (often located on the beach!) Offer the perfect setting for an unforgettable study abroad.

Melbourne and Sydney are both in the top 10 best student cities in the world. Australia is a nation of diversity – from its multicultural peoples to its diverse landscapes, this country has it all! Here are the best locations in Australia for study abroad students.

#1. Sydney:

Sydney, Australia’s largest city, is one the best places any study abroad student will want to spend their time.

The city of Sydney, better known as Harbor City, is an Australian icon and a global destination for international students.

Choosing to study abroad in Australia in one of the many excellent universities found in the city of Sydney such as Macquarie University, the University of New South Wales, and the University of Sydney.

Sydney shines as the culmination of its warm and friendly character, accented by the Sydney Opera House, nearby beaches, historical tours, and exciting nightlife.

Australia has something for almost every international student with study abroad programs in subjects ranging from business administration to biology to the performing arts.

And on weekends, Sydney is just a few hours flight from the rugged beauty of the Blue Mountains to the west or a couple of hours flight from the Great Barrier Reef to the north! The city’s mild weather means there is no “bad time” to visit, so enjoy the Sydney sunshine!

#2. Melbourne

This yet another top study abroad destination located in Australia.

Melbourne is arguably Sydney’s older and more mature brother and brings a whole new twist to the Australian barbecue.

The Yarra River flows through the city’s streets, lined with verdant trees and ornate Victorian architecture, hinting at the area’s early history.

Melbourne is known as the cultural capital of Australia and is a major contributor to the local art, coffee, and music scene.

Students can choose to study abroad at renowned institutions such as the University of Melbourne, Monash University, and RMIT University.

#3. Gold Coast

Many students coming to Australia study abroad in the major cities of the Southeast.

But you can stay one step ahead of the game and study where all of these students will go for vacation:


ThIS Gold Coast is located on some of the best beaches in the world and is close to many World Heritage Sites (including rainforests!).

Surf in the morning, study at Griffith University or Bond University during the day, and sample fresh seafood and a vibrant nightlife in the evening.

Explore the country’s geological diversity and see for yourself why Australia’s diverse landscapes are truly its precious gem.

How to Choose a Study Abroad Program in Australia

Australia may be the smallest continent in the world, but it’s the sixth largest nation in the world (it spans three time zones!). No matter which Australian study abroad you choose, you are sure to get a feel for the infamous laid-back demeanor, appreciation for nature and the infectious general good mood.

When deciding to study abroad in Australia there are a number of factors to consider, including credit transfer, subjects relevant to your specialty, and location.

#1. Student Housing in Australia:

The first thing any international students need to consider studying abroad is their accomodation after paying for tuition fees.

When choosing a study abroad program in Australia, consider the different types of accommodation available.

Regardless of whether you opt for student dormitories, private accommodation or a host family, you have to choose a program in which your living situation is ultimately comfortable for you.

To get a real feel for the university life of a typical Australian student, it is best to choose a study abroad program where you can live in a dorm or university apartment. Being surrounded by local or international students can enhance your experience than living with other students from your home country.

IFSA-Butler’s study abroad programs focus on integrating Australian students into all of their accommodation options. AustraLearn guarantees you “prepared accommodation that fits YOUR lifestyle” so that you will find what you are looking for with every cup of tea!

#2. Immersion & Cultural Activities:

Some program providers include additional fun weekend activities in their program fees.

These cultural activities are meant to add that extra level of excitement to your stay abroad in Australia – why worry about where to go when someone is doing all of the planning for you ?!

The Education Abroad Network offers its students the opportunity to take part in any number of additional excursions in Australia.

With options like “Alternative Spring Break” in Thailand or weekends on New Zealand’s South Island, Education Abroad is happy to organize affordable sightseeing tours to give their students even more unforgettable experiences in New Zealand.

Conversely, the CIEE Perth program automatically includes a surf lesson, an Australian soccer game, an Aboriginal heritage tour and a visit to the wildlife park.

#3. Language

Since the English language ET used in everyday life is the language of instruction in educational institutions, your language barriers will be quite limited while studying abroad in Australia.

Your biggest concern will be mastering that cute Australian accent and understanding the slang (and if you’re feeling brave, try learning the language of love for Vegemite).

Study in an Australia College

Australia boasts of over 100 Australian colleges. Therefore, there is a variety of study abroad programs in any of the Australian colleges. However, cost differentiates each. Below is a list of some affordable universities in Australia;

  • Victoria University – 21,800 AUD
  • Flinders University – 10,350 AUD
  • IPAG Business School – 13,000 AUD
  • University of Wollongong – 18,800 AUD
  • The University of New England – 19,100 AUD
  • University of Sydney – 36,000 – 57,000 AUD
  • The University of Queensland – 2,500 – 46,000 AUD
  • Australian National University – 28,000 – 48,500 AUD

However, tuition fees for students who want to study Business and Medicine programs abroad in any of the Australian colleges are over 60,000 AUD/year. With this, you can estimate “how much money do I need to study abroad in Australia”.

Other study abroad Australia colleges include;

  • Edith Cowan University
  • Monash University, Melbourne
  • University of Canberra (Canberra)
  • Charles Darwin University (Darwin)
  • Western Sydney University (Sydney)
  • Southern Cross University (Lismore).
  • University of Newcastle, Callaghan
  • The University of Adelaide, South Australia
  • Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.
  • University of the Sunshine Coast (Sunshine Coast)
  • The University of Southern Queensland (Toowoomba)
  • Australian Catholic University (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra)

Are there Scholarships to Study in Australia?

Yes! Australia has many scholarship offers for international students and citizens. Interestingly, the Australian Government supports most of the study abroad Australia scholarships. However, there are individual or scholarships organizations sponsors. Therefore, whether private or Government-sponsored scholarships, you can study in Australia on scholarships!!! Consider the available study abroad Australia scholarships below;

#1. Australia Awards

The Australia Awards are prestigious international scholarships and short courses that provide the next generation of global leaders with the opportunity to study, research and develop in Australia.

This government-funded scholarship covers full tuition fees, travel expenses, and part of the monthly living costs.


#2. Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship Program

This fellowship is only open to female researchers who come from APEC economies seeking to pursue a research program in an Australian university.

The Australian APEC Women in Research Fellowships are open to high-performing women researchers from APEC economies to receive research opportunities in partnership with Australian educational and research institutions.

The grants aim to support the economic empowerment of women in the APEC region and to raise the profile of female role models in science, technology, engineering and math.

#3. Destination Australia Program (DAP)

Sponsored by the Australian government. Also, it’s open to both local and international students.

Destination Australia program supports regional and remote Australian higher education providers by promoting activities that contribute to growth and sustainability

They offer students from Australia and overseas the opportunity to enjoy quality education, training, and research and experience life in regional and remote Australia

This program ensures that the regions share the social, cultural, and economic benefits of international students.


#4. Endeavour Postgraduate Leadership Awards

Fully paid Scholarship open to postgraduate students. The Endeavor Postgraduate Leadership Award provides international applicants with financial support for a postgraduate degree at the Masters or PhD level, either through coursework or research in any field in Australia for up to 2 years for the Masters degree and 4 years for the PhD.

#5. Adelaide Scholarships International

The University of Adelaide is committed to providing educational opportunities to international students by providing scholarships in 2021.

The University of Adelaide (International) Global Academic Excellence Scholarship 2021-2025 (International) is a highly competitive award recognizing international entry-level and PhD students who have demonstrated academic excellence in their previous studies.

#6. University of Sydney International Research Scholarships

Whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate coursework student or a postgraduate researcher, there is an array of scholarships that could be right for you.

How to apply for scholarships in Australia

To secure a scholarship, you have to know the ropes to pull. In that regard, we bring you the criteria for applying for scholarships to study abroad in Australia. Also, it’s important that you know that the requirements differ depending on the program or university you wish to study. The list includes;

  • Strong academic base because scholarships are based on academic merit.
  • Proof of English language proficiency in form of IELTS or TOEFL are generally accepted.
  • Proof of your citizenship via a passport but in some cases, they might require a birth certificate.
  • Apply for a student visa.

How Can I Study in Australia for Free?

Securing study abroad scholarships in Australia can be a Herculean task. However, there are many ways to get your Australian degree certificate without spending a dime of your own. So just in case you didn’t land a scholarship, here is how to study for free in Australia;

Work while studying: Yes, many students opt for this option. Australian students are allowed to work 20 hours a week to raise funds for education.

Secure a loan: loans are a great way to study for free in Australia. Just like the USA makes provision for study abroad loans for US students, Australia makes that provision too. Yes, you can pay later!!

List of Study Abroad Programs to Australia

In Australia, there are a variety of programs available to students who study abroad. However, some courses thrive better than others, some include;

  • Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Planning and Architecture
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Information Technology and Information System

When Does University Start In Australia?

In the UK, studies run from September to June whereas in Australia it runs from February to November, split into two semesters. What this means is, if you’re studying in Australia for a year, you’ll start at beginning of the semester in July/August and finish at the end of semester one in June/July. You’ll get a big chunk of time off around December and January (Australian summer).


Studying in Australia is a fun and educative venture. Therefore apply for scholarships and loans to solve the puzzle “how much money do i need to study abroad in Australia”. We wish you luck in this process!!!