Why study engineering in Canada? – Top 41 Engineering Universities in Canada for You

why you should study engineering in Canada in any of the top Canadian universities in Ontario
why you should study engineering in Canada in any of the top Canadian universities in Ontario

Why study engineering in Canada? I believe this question is best answered by people who have been there and done what you are about to do.

Truth be told, all of them will tell that there is numerous advantage that comes with studying in Canada as an international student. let alone choosing engineering as a field of study.

Canada is home to nearly half a million international students and produces large numbers of engineering graduates each year. International engineering students in Canada have the best opportunities to study at colleges accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

It’s no longer news that engineering is the interior part of the world today. Regardless of which engineering specialization, it’s a marketable course that will stand the test of time just like a Degree in Nursing.

Why study engineering in Canada?

I will give you this assurance, Your study abroad experiences in Canada will shape your life, whether you choose to study in one of the big, bustling cities or on a small campus in a warm, united community.

Studying here gives you access to the country’s four beautiful seasons, the great outdoors, abundant wildlife, multicultural diversity, a clean environment, and incredible quality of life.

Three major cities – Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver – are widely recognized as one of the best cities in the world for international students studying engineering in Canada based on the quality of education, lifestyle, and cost of living in the country. While Canada has some of the highest quality of education and living standards in the world, the cost of living and tuition fees for international students are generally lower than in other countries.

We understand that making a choice of university can be a herculean task. That’s why we put together this piece to guide your choice. So, if you want to study abroad in Canada, Ontario, then have a good read!.

What should I expect if I study Engineering in Canada?

Canadian universities are known for their exceptional research. In engineering courses such as mechanics, electrical engineering and electronics, students have to complete many research projects, and international students have the opportunity to take part in exciting projects and experiences.

Many international students hesitate to study engineering in Canada because they think it is too expensive. Whatever your budget, you will find something that suits you.

The cost can range from C $ 7,000 to C $ 50,000 per year. As an international student, you should find out about the funding programs at these universities.

For qualified students, schools can offer reduced tuition fees, payment plans, or even grants and scholarships. Meanwhile, we have over 100+ fully funded scholarships for international students to study abroad.

What you stand to Gain if you Choose to study Engineering in Canada

Students have the opportunity to complete internships and research projects at well-known companies and thus promote their careers.

Moreso, Studying at any of the prestigious colleges and universities in Canada would help students develop professional relationships with experts in the field.

Many are also associated with well-known companies and institutions at home and abroad.

In this way, you can develop innovative technological solutions that meet the requirements of a changing global market and at the same time gain practical experience.

All international students in Canada have the opportunity to work full-time for up to 20 hours per week during their semester and during the summer and winter holidays.

You do not need an additional work permit for work on campus or as an intern in a company, as your study visa is sufficient for looking for a part-time job.

Fun Fact About studying Engineering in Canada

Canadian universities and colleges offers admission three times in year: fall, winter, and summer.

The University of Toronto, University of Alberta, Carleton University, McMaster University, University of Ottawa, and Ryerson University are well-known institutions for engineering studies in Canada.

Acquiring a degree from these colleges would be a prestigious factor for the students. Your qualification is recognized worldwide and very valuable.

Meanwhile, Canadian institutions have their own unique student mentoring practices that enable them to thrive and stand out from the crowd.

By studying in Canada, students acquire not only academic knowledge, but also ethical and moral values, which ultimately all count. This is how they become good people.

The best engineering courses on offer include:

  • Civil engineering
  • Material engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Automotive engineering
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Pharmaceutical engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Game designing and Technology 

Top 21 Canadian Engineering Universities

Our research on the top engineering universities in Canada is based on QS World University Rankings 2021. Universities from Canada have a long history and reputation in terms of academic performance and high graduate employability rate. In fact, many of the Canadian higher educational institutions compete with leading and famous universities from the U.S. and the UK.

That being said, check out these universities you can study engineering;

#1. University of Toronto, Toronto Ontario

Popularly called U of T, the University of Toronto is one of the reputable Engineering universities in Ontario. Although the university ranks exceptionally high in terms of its research output, it’s also known for engineering.

Its 11 colleges house major undergraduate and graduate engineering programs. Engineering programs such as Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Materials, Mineral, Computer, Aerospace and Biomedical Systems Engineering.

If you have a competitive spirit, engineering at U of T Ontario might be your best bet.

#2. University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC.

UBC is basically a center for teaching and research. Over the years, the University of British Columbia consistently has a spot in the 40 top universities in the world.

Aside from research enthusiasts, UBC is one of the top Canadian engineering universities in Ontario. It’s the 51st top engineering university in the world and 2nd in Ontario. Also, it’s home to Western Canada’s largest engineering school and engineering co-op program.

#3. McGill University, Montreal

Why study engineering at McGill University, Montreal Ontario? First, it has this adorable leafy portion on the Mount Royal climb. Secondly, it is located in proximity to any kind of entertainment you could think about.

Studying engineering abroad in Ontario in McGill is very rewarding and absolutely stress-free. McGill ranks 71 for engineering. McGill’s Engineering Faculty houses 9 undergraduate and 8 graduate engineering programs.

Also, students get hands-on experience with different summer programs and co-op placements.

#4. University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario

When you consider top technological innovations in Canada, think the University of Waterloo. The school prides on students from over 120 countries. Recently, it’s ranked amidst the top 50 engineering schools globally and it’s the largest engineering school, with over 9,500 students enrolled in 2016.

Most basic to the University of Waterloo, is the fact you study a term and work a period. In a study program like engineering in Ontario, that’s a huge plus.

#5. University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

Alberta is known as Canada’s second-largest Engineering Co-op Program, the Faculty provides 21 engineering programs. The faculty of Engineering in Alberta has about 4,000 undergraduate and about 1,400 graduate students.

Also, the university ranks 115 in the world of engineering university. Another plus is that it has good connections to Alberta’s energy sector. In other words, if you want to study engineering in any of the universities in Ontario, Alberta is a good choice.

#6. University of Montreal, Montreal, QC

This is one of the Canadian engineering universities which tops the chart in ranking with the number 6 and 127 globally.

However, the only challenge is that UdeM is in a French-speaking province. Therefore, it will require a little knowledge of French for a start.

For UdeM’s engineering school, it’s called Polytechnique Montréal. It offers students education in chemical, electrical, computer, and other fields of engineering.

#7. McMaster University

Why study engineering at McMaster University in Canada? Because it’s one of Canada’s top engineering universities with a track record of over 100 years. Also, it ranks eight in global rankings in the QS subject rankings as a study destination for engineering and technology.

Interestingly, McMaster’s Faculty of Engineering is vast and made up of seven world-class core departments and an extensive engineering array. McMaster has two schools for engineering: the School of Engineering Practice and Technology (W Booth) and the McMaster School of Biomedical Engineering.

#8. Queen’s University

Engineering in Ontario gets more interesting around the four walls of Queen’s University. Its Faculty of Engineering, and Applied Science boasts an employment rate of 94% within two years of graduating for its Engineering graduates. You can be sure to practicalize all the engineering theories.

#9. The University of Western Ontario

This is one of the top Canadian engineering universities. Known for best research universities in neuroscience, health sciences, wind engineering, and lots more. Her engineering faculty offers nine study programs with an “Accelerated Master’s Program.”

Western University has aimed at giving each of its students “The Western Experience”. Its 12 faculties and three affiliated university colleges offer its more than 36,000 students a choice of 400 study programmes. It was previously known as the University of Western Ontario, but went through a rebranding process in 2012, becoming commonly known as Western University.

why you should study engineering in Canada in any of the top Canadian universities in Ontario
why you should study engineering in Canada in any of the top Canadian universities in Ontario

#10. University of Calgary

This is the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary, Alberta’s “engineering capital of Canada. It offers eight undergraduate and twenty-four graduate engineering programs.

Also, this is one of the Canadian engineering universities that offer distinctive engineering programs such as Mechatronics, Petroleum Engineering, and chemical engineering.

#11. Concordia University

Concordia stands tops in the list of best engineering universities in Canada. In 2021, it ranks 180 in Canada’s list of engineering and 670 in the best global universities.

Also, Studying engineering at this University in Canada offers students an array of engineering programs both at undergraduate and graduate levels.

#12. University of Ontario Institute Technology

This Canadian engineering university is located in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. It’s basically known for engineering and research. This is one of the engineering universities in Ontario that has stood the test of time in Canada.

It ranks 231 in the global Best Universities for Engineering. And also, it ranks 1,098 In Best Global Universities.

#13. University of Ottawa

This is Ontario’s most popular study abroad destination. Located in Ottawa, the four walls of the university broods students on research, medicine and engineering.

It tops the chart in Best Universities for Engineering as number 273 and number 192 in Best Global Universities.

#14. University of Victoria

The University of Victoria ranks number 308 in Best Universities for Engineering and 301 in Best Global Universities. Also, the University boasts over 21,317 enrollment each session.

You can be sure you will enjoy the best engineering experience at the University of Victoria. So, consider the University of Victoria when you think of why you should study engineering in Canada.

#15. Ryerson University

Engineering in Ontario comes with flexible practicals and wholesome assignments at Ryerson University. This University is located in Toronto, alongside the University of Toronto.

In the ranking of the global best universities for engineering, it ranks 312 and 965 in Best Global Universities.

#16. University of Manitoba

Studying engineering in Manitoba as it’s popularly called will lead you to live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It’s one of the Canadian engineering universities ranking 386 In Best Universities for Engineering and 390 in Best Global Universities.

Also, the university boasts of an enrollment of about 28,786 candidates.

#17. York University

Known as Canada’s top engineering university, York ranks 403 In Best Universities for Engineering and 432 in Best Global Universities. Over the years, the university has produced engineers from different fields.

Every year, 49,354 students enroll to study chemical, electrical, mechatronics as well as other engineering disciplines at York University.

#18. Carleton University

Carleton is an amazing University to study engineering in Ontario. It’s known for its reputable feats and technological innovations. Over the years, it tops the chart in rank as 425 in Best Universities for Engineering and 471 in Best Global Universities.

Carleton doesn’t just give students a degree certificate in engineering. But students get hands-on experience in most engineering matters.

#19. University of Guelph

The University of Guelph ranks 574 In Best Universities for Engineering and 483 in Best Global Universities. Every year, the University enrolls over 22,384 candidates inti engineering.

In other words it’s a good place for international students to thrive well.

#20. Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN)

Studying engineering in Canada at Memorial University comes with many engineering tasks which gives students the opportunity to explore theories.

Memorial University occupies a unique position in the harsh marine environment of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Memorial’s faculty members are global experts in the fields of ocean engineering and science, offshore industry and policy, and technology. 

Their work is supported by world-class research and facilities, as well as strong public partnerships with the people, industries and organizations who live and work here.

Over 40% of Memorial University’s research involves the ocean (68% in the Faculty of Science only).

If there is marine research in the North Atlantic, Memorial is likely involved.

Also, the university ranks 578 globally in the list of Best Universities for Engineering and 703 in Best Global Universities.

Just in case this suits your fancy, locate the university in St John’s, Newfoundland, and Labrador.

#21. University of New Brunswick

To satisfy your curiosity on why you should study engineering in Ontario, Canada, you might want to consider the University of Brunswick. The reputable university is found in Fredericton, Canada.

Also, it’s. prowess consistently ranks it 959 In Best Universities for Engineering and 959 in Best Global Universities. It’s a popular study destination for international students willing to study in Canada with an enrollment of about 8,570 candidates.

FAQs on the Canadian Engineering Universities

Is Ontario a Good Place to Study Engineering?

Ontario is a city that attracts international students. And recently, there has been a major increase in the number of international students that enroll to study engineering in Canada.

Interestingly, we could trace this to a wide-scale investment in the countries education policy.

Also, Canada gives the best to students who intend to pursue a degree in engineering. So you can count on quality engineering education as well as a great study abroad experience in Ontario.

How Many Years does it take to Become an Engineer in Canada?

Basically, a B. Eng certificate in Ontario takes 3-4 years. Therefore, undergraduate students who wish to study engineering in Ontario can count on 4 years max to get certified.

Which Engineering has the Highest Salary?

When it comes to studying engineering in Canada, you can rest assured that the pay is usually mouthwatering. Little wonder many students want to be engineers. However, depending on which engineering program you choose, the pay differs as well as the tasks. Below is a list of engineering programs that have the highest pay;

  • Nuclear Engineer.
  • Systems Engineer.
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer.
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Aerospace Engineer.
  • Electrical Engineer.
  • Biomedical Engineer.
  • Environmental Engineer.
  • Computer Hardware Engineer.

What Engineering is the Hardest in Ontario, Canada?

No course is actually hard. However, each one comes with its own task. It only takes an expert to fix the problems that come which each course. Studying engineering in Canada will be less hard considering the practicals and tasks students get. However, the engineering fields considered to be tough include;

  • Industrial Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering.
  • Chemical Engineering.
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering

Which Engineering Field is Most in Demand?

Considering the technological wave in society today, below is a list of engineering that is in demand after graduation.

  • Mining Engineer
  • Civil Engineering
  • Project Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Alternative Energy Engineer.
  • Data Science & Machine Learning
  • Automation & Robotics Engineer


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