Which Country is Best for Study Abroad 2022- Get a Complete Guide

cheapest multi country best country should I study in abroad programs
which country is best for study abroad

which country is best for study abroad: It’s okay if you’re posed with the challenge of which country to consider best for study abroad programs. However, there’s nothing an expert’s advice cannot fix. This guide will enlighten you on things to consider when making a choice.

For instance, you need to check if the country has multi study abroad programs. Also, we list the cheapest country to study abroad.

Without further Ado let’s dive in!!!


If you are one student who desires to study as well as have fun, Italy would serve the purpose and more. And in addition, you get a taste of excellent wine!

However, if you’re seeking to study in a university or college of ancient repute, England suits your fancy. You might finally get to study in the same Abraham Lincoln studied.

Because making a choice of a study abroad location can be difficult, we’ve highlighted important factors associated with each country. This guide will educate you on the average cost of living, tuition costs, and popular subjects in each country.

We base our compilation according to popularity and reviews. Also, we considered the outstanding things that make each country shine. Therefore, we bring you answers to the “What country should I study abroad in”.

Welcome aboard, scholar!!!

Which Country is Best for Study Abroad?

cheapest multi country best country should I study in abroad programs
the best country should I study in abroad programs

This largely depends on what you are looking for. According to QS World University Ranking for 2022, we have classified study abroad destinations base on what they are prominently known for. Below is the first checkmate list on which country is best for study abroad;

Countries and what they’re Best Known For

  • Sweden: Sustainability
  • Japan: International Students
  • Spain: Language Learning
  • Ireland: Arts and Culture
  • See: World-class Education
  • Australia: Active Lifestyle
  • New Zealand: Outdoor Exploration
  • Thailand: Affordable Cost of Living
  • UAE: Diversity
  • Countries that support virtual studies: Convenience


When considering what country to study abroad in, take a look at Japan. Japan is one of the most popular study abroad destinations for international students.

Also, characterized by the great scenery and welcoming nature of the residents. The beauty of nature lurks around the scenic landscape of a deep blue winding river cutting through cliffs.

Also, International students don’t have to worry about their safety because Japan is a hospitable society.

Talking about education, Japan is home to technological innovations. Which makes it a major attraction for students in engineering, technology, or IT-related programs. If you seek to study in one of Japanese best universities, consider;

  • Kyoto University (ranks 33rd in the world)
  • University of Tokyo (ranks 23rd in the world)
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology (ranks 56th in the world)

The average cost of tuition for a semester range between $3,000 to $7,000. In view of this, Japan is one of the cheapest country to study abroad. Also, the average cost of living, excluding rent is $1,102.


If you’re interested in fields such as geology, wildlife, and biological studies, Australia is a good fit. Australia is home to breathtaking backdrops, rare animals such as the kangaroo, and some of the most amazing coastlines in the world. Nature rewards Australia with great landscapes such as the Great Barrier Reef.

Studying abroad in a country such as Australia comes with dual advantages. Most of the Australian universities top the chart in QS World University Rankings. Here is a list of some Australian top universities;

  • Australian National University (27th)
  • University of Melbourne (37th),
  • University of Sydney (38th)

From reviews, Australia is not one of the cheapest country to study abroad. However, you can find a tuition cost fit for you. A semester in Australia costs between $7,500 and $17,000 with living costs of about $994.

Also, Australia is home to multi country study abroad programs. Programs such as architecture, music, communications, anthropology, and physical education thrive well in Australia. At the end of your stay, you might end up becoming a Pro in scuba diving!!!


Spain is one of the most popular study abroad destination for international students. Most students go for this option when they consider the “Which country is best to study abroad” question. With great and expansive history, sporting attractions, and cultural sites to visit, Spain offers a lot to international students.

Spain is majorly known for business, finance, marketing, artistic and linguistic studies. Therefore, study abroad participants will have no shortage of opportunities to practice.

Top universities in Spain include;

  • University of Barcelona (168th)
  • Autonomous University of Madrid (207th)
  • Autonomous University of Barcelona (209th)

Tuition per semester in Spaniard universities ranges between $450 and $2,375. If you are considering one of the cheapest country to study abroad, then Spain should be on your checklist. Also, the average monthly cost of living, excluding rent, is $726.


If you’re a fan of Viking and such stories, studying in Ireland brings the story to reality. Blessed with stunning locations and world-class universities. The tuition per semester in Ireland ranges between $5,850 and $26,750 and living costs $990 per month. Ireland’s top universities include;

  • Trinity College Dublin (101st)
  • University College Dublin (173rd)
  • The National University of Ireland, Galway (258th)

Ireland is best known for geology, English literature, and a hub for international research in fields like technology, chemistry, and pharmaceuticals.


There’s no need to reiterate that England is home to world-class universities. International students seeking an answer to the “Which country is best for study abroad” question should consider England. Known for renowned academic institutions such as:

  • University of Oxford (2nd)
  • University of Cambridge (3rd)
  • Imperial College London (7th)

If you seek a cheap study abroad destination, England shouldn’t be on your list. The average cost of tuition per semester range between $7,000 and $14,000. And considerably, the living cost is well above $900 excluding rent.

However, if you seek class and the best in research and innovation, England suits your needs.

New Zealand

New Zealand is blessed with awe-inspiring and beautiful natural scenery. It’s a great country for study abroad with distinctive study options such as Maori studies and zoology.

Also, students don’t have to worry about theft and crimes because the country stands out with a low crime rate and excellent health benefits. Considering top universities in New Zealand, look out for;

  • University of Auckland (85th)
  • University of Otago (194th),
  • Victoria University of Wellington (236th)

Tuition costs about $7,450 and $10,850 per semester and a living cost of $925 excluding rent.


Sweden is one of the cheapest country to study abroad programs. Most of her program tuition costs between $4,450 and $14,875. Also, excluding rent, students get to spend $957 on living expenses

In addition, students choose Sweden because it’s safe and presents the opportunity for work-life balance. However, the standard of living and commitment to innovation is high.

Sweden is a great option for students with an interest in sustainable living, combating environmental issues, and academic excellence.

Top universities in Sweden include;

  • Lund University (87th)
  • KTH – Royal Institute of Technology (98th)
  • Uppsala University (124th)


Popularly known as the “Land of Smiles”. Who wouldn’t want to study in the smiley land with sunshine smiles? Students go to Thailand because the environment is student-friendly. Also, this East Asia country is known for its hospitality, bustling cities, and beautiful beaches.

Interestingly, the vibrant country is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. Of course, the white sandy beaches and affordable accommodations spice up the environment. Studying in Thailand usually is an exceptional experience. Also, it tops the cheapest country to study abroad in.

Tuition costs about $500 and $2,000 and a living cost of $570 monthly.

Top universities in Thailand include;

  • Chulalongkorn University (215th)
  • Mahidol University (255th)

United Arab Emirates

If you want to be mesmerized by the over-the-top architecture and luxurious lifestyle, then UAE beckons. UAE offers an incredible opportunity for students. Recently, it eased up on its long-term visa requirements, making it a viable option for more students. Interestingly, 80% of the UAE population are international workers and students,

UAE prides itself in universities such as;

  • Khalifa University (183rd)
  • United Arab Emirates University (288th)
  • American University of Sharjah (383rd)

However, the average cost of tuition per semester range between $3,000 and $16,500. Excluding rent, the cost-of-living cost about $850. Popular study abroad subjects in the region include business, computer science, and architecture.

Other Best Country for Study Abroad

  • France
  • United States
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Taiwan
  • Argentina
  • South Korea
  • United Kingdom
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Mexico
  • India
  • Argentina
  • Poland
  • Malaysia
  • South Africa
  • Italy
  • China
  • Costa Rica
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland

What are Multi Country Study Abroad Programs?

Multi country study abroad programs come in different formats. These programs allow the candidate to travel to two to four countries during both summer and semester. Also, it allows students to spend four to five weeks in each of three countries.

Not all countries support multi country study abroad programs. However, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and some universities in USA support multi country study abroad programs.


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